Caramel’s UK-TGirls Review of Naturally Alina Wang!

Alina Wang poses in London for Kalin.

Alina Wang was one of the 2019 Ms. Unique nominees for the Transgender Erotica Awards sponsored by June 27, 2019 marks the release of Alina’s mega-site debut shot by Kalin of London. In my March 14, 2016 interview with Alina, she said, “I remember one time, the parcel delivery man came knocking our door and I was dressed in a mini sexy dress at home. I opened the door, turned around and bent forward, pretending to pick up something so my lace knickers and my whole legs in stockings were in front of him.”

Alina Wang has removed her outerwear for her photo shoot.

She added, “The man didn’t say anything, but I could see that his face turned so red. I sometimes went out during the night too just to walk around on the street. Yes, it was dangerous and I remember one time in the night a lorry driver stopped to the roadside and grabbed me into his lorry.” You should read the rest of our interview to find out how the rest of that story plays out and more.

In “Naturally Alina Wang” the stunning Chinese model walks down a corridor of a ritzy hotel somewhere in London in an animal print jumpsuit and matching high heels. She runs into off-screen, Kalin, playing a photographer trying to build his portfolio. Alina poses for him inside her room, remarking that she’s an animal like her outfit suggests. Kalin has picked up that she’s trans and it dawns on her that he’s been following her around since she first checked into the hotel.

Alina Wang is in her bra and pantyhose ready to provide foot fetish fun.

This discussion occurs while Alina moves her top downward to reveal her animal print brassiere, trim mid-section and pantyhose tops. She asks if Kalin would like to see more and she pushes her pants down while bending over the chair. She settles down full frontal for the camera and there just happens to be a big purple sex toy on the table beside her.

The outline of Alina’s bulge is visible through her pantyhose as she starts buzzing the large vibrator across it. Alina removes one of her pricey pumps and asks Kalin to take a look at her hosed foot. She wiggles her pedicured toes around, informing him that she has a lot of fans who are crazy about her feet.

Alina Wang bares her sexy feet before she exposes her stiff cock!

Something else many of them love is the small, perky breasts and nipples she exposes when she removes her bra. Alina looks absolutely stunning in just her glossy pantyhose and there’s plenty of full body footage and foot fetish oriented views to come. There’s also Alina using anal beads in the most advantageous method and the exposure of her uncut cock. She also gives a little barefoot action and jerks her penis to a full erection! Watch Alina’s Free Scene Trailer and see More Photos on the mega-site!

UK-TGirls Review: Introducing Kelsey Cuckoo

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“Hey guys, I’m here!” announces MEGA-SITE newbie, Kelsey Cuckoo. “I might be cleaning up your apartment like a good girl, but I am dirtier than ever. Join me while I slip off my French maid’s outfit, and get nice and comfy. Playing, and wishing this dildo was your cock. Watch me suck, fuck, and play thinking of you!”

Description: Young, genuine and British. Kelsey cuckoo is in London for a Grooby shoot. She brought with her various toys and show us how to use them.

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It took no time at all for me to recall producer Kalin’s debut and encore photo and video shoots from 2017 on Femout. As an American kinkster who is always curious about the BDSM lifestyle around the world, I loved seeing Kelsey’s take on the lifestyle. A lot of studios seem to feel that since trans porn is already a sub-niche, combining it with the fetish and S&M worlds is redundant. I don’t feel that way since trans porn is not a fetish, so I’m really excited about this production and the previous collaborations from Kelsey and Kalin.

In this MEGA-SITE Kelsey Cuckoo update, she’s dressed as a French maid in what I normally think of in a submissive role. I’m thinking that most models would think this type of outfit is incomplete without a pair of full-fashioned seamed stockings. Technically, that might be so, but not if your an admirer of bare, pretty feet. Kelsey removes her tall pumps for a bit of foot fetish content when her scene opens.

Then she gets down to the business of stroking her cock and later, lowering her top to expose her breasts and to tweak her nipples. Kalin provides tight closeups during her masturbation sequence. You’ll want to pay particular attention to the way she jacks off if you’re curious about some of the same things I am. For example, I always notice the way she leaves her cock head exposed enough to receive a blowjob while pumping her swollen shaft.

The next tight closeup is on her pretty face while she sucks a big dildo, obviously fantasizing that it’s a huge, live cock instead. A girl can dream, can’t she? What comes next is Kelsey’s super horny dildo insertion – fucking her tight ass with it! Her commentary is delightfully naughty, too.

UK-TGirls: Hey It’s Carly Belle!

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Scene Description: Carly Belle is one hot and all natural doll who loves to show off her cute tits and hot trimmed cock as she strips and goes naked. Carly is definitely hotter than sun!

There was a lot of social media buzz about this gorgeous new trans model produced by Kalin. It makes one with they could be in London to get an insider’s view. But wait, that’s exactly what where getting with this shoot including 105 Photos – 16:59 Minutes HD Video on with the Carly Belle debut!

Carly says she’s from Northern Ireland when her video begins. She’s wearing lingerie beneath her play clothes and Kalin directs her to remove her top quickly. She bares a lovely set of breasts with dark nipples and serious tan lines. Carly removes her boots and is barefoot next. There’s a few moments of foot fetish content and then Carly rapidly strips completely nude!

Within four minutes, Carly is stroking her well-lubricated cock and she hasn’t been shy about showing off her ass. She kicks things up a notch by penetrating her tight butt with a rather large sex toy. I love the way Carly thoroughly loses herself in pleasure in this blazing hot debut!

UK-TGirls: Oh My Vanessa Jhons!

The “Meet Superstar Vanessa Jhons!” debut released in November of 2017 on blew members away. After an encore performance, London producer Kalin brought Vanessa back for an intense hardcore scene with Aaron Richards. Then came another beautiful solo set and here we are with her 5th erotic experience on this amazing website.

Vanessa looks like she’s gazing out the window looking for a guest to arrive when this update begins. Her large breasts are bursting from her brassiere and there’s a tell-tale upright bulge in her matching panties.

This is a pretty straightforward striptease, yet it’s painfully slow. That’s a good thing. Vanessa also makes so much creative poses on the bed as she rubs herself.

Eventually, she exposes her massive bosom and removes her tall heels to indulge in some foot fetish action. Once she removes her panties, she’s left in only a pair of stay-up (or as they say in the UK hold-up) stockings.

I don’t know how anyone with a stiff cock looking at Vanessa in the missionary position isn’t thinking about penetrating her balls deep! Her ass is incredible and she’s soon stroking her big uncut cock rapidly!

This is not the way someone faps when their intention is not to reach orgasm. Vanessa is so into it, the only question is how tumultuous will her climax be. When her big thick dick finally shoots, thick rivulets of creamy white cum pool across the bedding. Vanessa grabs a taste of it before this update sadly must come to an end.

Ms. Snow Fucks Her Yummy Ass!

I love being able to go back to the 2015 PornOCD interview here on TS Dreamland with Alicia Snow. It gives me a chance to feel like I’m getting to know her all over again. Every time I read it I get a new take on her life altogether. That interview goes much deeper than Alicia’s adult industry work.

But since we’re talking sexually here, let’s move on to “Ms. Snow Fucks Her Yummy Ass!” which is Alicia’s eight incredible update. When Alicia crawls across the bed and asks what you think of her lingerie, you might find it hard to stop wanting her to take it off. It’s beautiful but so is her body.

She heats things up by firmly caressing one of her breasts through her brassiere and then she raises one curvy stocking leg in the air. Alicia proceeds to dangle the tall platform pump from her dainty foot.

After removing the high heel, Alicia repeats the process with her other leg and shoe. A toe wiggling and sole stretching follows and she asks what you think of her pretty little ballerina feet. If you have a thing for feet and your cock is in your hand, just go ahead and cum now. Get back to this update later.

If feet and legs don’t drive you mad with lust, continue to watch as Alicia bypasses the bulge downstairs to remove her brassiere. Sh handles her pretty hormone boobs rather roughly. She then twists her boy around to lower her panties. Soon her tiny wrinkled rosebud is staring directly at you.

Then her body is facing you again and her uncut cock is clearly visible. It’s flaccid now with the head just peeking through its fleshy hood. But Alicia has brought along her “big black friend” as she calls a huge dildo. She licks the head and then goes down on the shaft deeply.

Just after the midway point of this torrid update by Kalin, Alicia is driving the big black toy in and out of her tight, pale white ass. She wails her passion as she fucks herself in a variety of positions. Then she runs a Hitachi vibrator along the surface of the underside of her lovely cock. The black phallus is embedded deeply inside her. Alicia then jerks off furiously. She whimpers and lets out a series of high-pitched yelps as her cock head shoots a torrent of cum! You must see this update!

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Cece Adams Rocks Her Meaty Cock! synopsis: Cece Adams is natural hot girl with very long legs and killer look. She knows how to deliver, she knows how to tease and to make you want her. She looks enticing wearing her pair of black lingerie with heels and stockings and her gorgeous body can tell that she can give every man the total happiness and thrill he is looking for. Boy! How lovely to see that big round tits, hot ass and that meaty cock between her legs that she’s playing with her toy in front of the camera.

Cece introduces herself at the beginning of her new video shot once again by Kalin. It’s a straightforward striptease in a nice hotel room. Cece strips down to an incredibly original lingerie set and her lovely uncut cock is beginning to swell before she removes her brassiere.

She then masturbates intently until she develops a hardon. She runs a vibrator across her taut nipples and along the surface of her dick. As it hardens her cock head emerges from its sheath.

Soon the glossy head is so visible I would think Cece’s big penis was circumcised if I hadn’t seen it flaccid. Cece jerks off firmly but that buzzing black vibrator seems to be becoming her new best friend.

Cece does some ass play also in this super sexy update. Those bright penetrating blue eyes of hers go right through you the whole time.