Tyra Scott Fucks Her Yoga Instructor

In February of 2016, the beautiful hostess of tyrascottxxx.com presented the second installment of What Happens In Vegas with Tyra and Rob Yaeger. Their chemistry was explosive in that set and I think it’s just as present if not more so in this single scene. I know Rob Yaeger aka “Yaegerman” is a self-described “omnisexual porn guy” and a masculine seeder and breeder. I know Tyra as one of the finest adult industry performers ever and a total sweetie pie. When the instructor tells his skeptical student that he’s been a Yoga expert for a decade and has also studied in India, she almost takes his word for it, but they’ve been meditating for a half hour already and Tyra is still stressed out. He replies with some esoteric mumbo jumbo and their meditation continues. It’s not working, but what works for me is great comical acting in this scene. I don’t usually go for acting in porn unless it’s done at a high level like this and with humor.

Just stretching isn’t doing it either, so the Yoga Master positions himself behind his student to help her relax with a massage. Things get hilariously weird when he stands up and places his crotch against the back of her head, adding that there’s an actual name for this secret, ancient method. Tyra is familiar with the sensation of her pants being pulled down and her ass worshipped, but not as a method of Yoga practice. It feels so good however that she goes with the flow.

A few moments later, her instructor’s cock head is right in front of her mouth, pressing against it. Luckily she’s familiar with the practice of taking a nice dick inside her mouth and sucking on it masterfully. She looks gorgeous sucking the ginger stud’s prick and it doesn’t hurt that Master Yaeger has the type of body that blends well with the theme of this scene. He lays back on the bed and gets kissed before the cock sucking resumes. Then he tosses her salad again in preparation to ease his erection inside Tyra’s hot, tight ass BAREBACK.

I don’t know if this actor really practices Yoga, but he certainly knows how to fuck. A doggystyle railing evolves into a side saddle banging. I can tell how much Tyra is enjoying this by her moans and gasps and they way she lays face down on the bed while getting fucked next. This is one powerful pounding that has to eventually come to an end. When it does, Tyra lays back and strokes her cock furiously while Yaegerman does the same while hovering above her. Tyra convulses in orgasm wildly as the swollen head of her cock shoots a load of creamy white cum across her tummy. Rob lays beside her and jerks off for a few moments. Then he starts fucking Tyra again! This railing is in the missionary position and goes on until Rob withdraws and gives Tyra a huge creampie. Naturally, the student is completely relaxed.

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Kylie Maria & Tyra Scott on Pure-TS

The superstars in “Superstar Snow Bunnies Crave Butt Sex” both have their own fantastic individual websites because well, they are indeed superstars. In alphabetical order, they’re kyliemaria.xxx and tyrascottxxx.com. The prolific porn king Christian XXX of Pure-TS gives us the set-up on his site as “Kylie Maria and Tyra Scott are watching a movie on a cold night while Christian is asleep, of course. As they warm each other up, they start to get horny. As things heat up, they both crave cock, so they wake Christian up and he dicks them both down properly.” The chemistry between Kylie and Tyra as they cuddle and kiss is magical. When they wake Christian up, he’s not only unexpectly not grumpy, but he’s already sporting a huge boner. “It looks like somebody’s been having a good dream,” purrs Tyra while he devours her big tits. Meanwhile, Kylie grabs the base of his erection and Tyra swoops down on it face first. If you didn’t already think that this is the luckiest man in porn, wait until you see both girls sharing his massive dick. After sucking Kylie’s cock hard and getting a handjob/blowjob from Tyra, Kylie settles down on Christian’s member. Tyra spanks Kylie’s bouncing butt and plays with herself while patiently awaiting her turn to get railed bareback. If you’re hoping for more transbian action in this threesome, you’re going to get it. Tyra sucks Kylie’s stiff rod while jousting up and down on Christian’s big dick and the kissing is also an immense pleasure to watch. I don’t know how anyone who loves transsexual porn could resist joining Pure-TS to see this. This is as good as it gets.

Tyra Scott in Hot For Transsexuals

Las Vegas beauty Tyra Scott opens her Hot For Transsexuals hardcore scene solo by glamour modeling in a sparkly dress and tall platform heels. It transforms from glam to purely sexual pretty quickly however. Her full breasts are exposed with the first two minutes and she disgards her dress soon after. She lays back stroking her cock and it’s almost fully erect when tanned, muscular Brock Avery enters the room to join her. I’m sure he was watching Tyra the whole time off camera because he’s rock hard as soon as he comes in. Naturally Tyra doesn’t even have to ask him to suck on her big dick, yet she’s not one to just lay there silently when receiving so much pleasure. Keep in mind that she’s a major award-winning adult entertainent actress with her own TyraScottXXX.com website running very successfully. She knows how to please not only Brock, but thousands of fans, too. Tyra sucks on his raging hard cock and gets her amazing ass totally worshipped in return. With three-quarter left of this scene to go, Tyra gets railed hard doggy style and Brock’s slapping hand leaves red marks on her porcelain bottom. I mentioned that this started out like a glamour shoot. It does have that HD glam quality, yet there’s a Domination / submission element to this scene, minus the usual BDSM trappings. Brock fucks Tyra more like a dominant master than a lover. She gets banged bareback clear out of her pumps with all the position changes. Watch or download this torrid Evil Angel film today.

Tyra Scott XXX Transerotica Masturbation Lesson

The “Masturbation Lesson” video is like the film version of the type of taboo fiction story you’d find on Literotica or Nifty in the naughtiest categories they have. Cousins Tyra Scott and Holly Parker are trying to work out Holly’s teen personal issues. Her issues are raging hormones which are something Holly’s mom has neglected to tell her about. Tyra tries to explain how Holly can satisfy these urges verbally, but it’s no use. Tyra encourages Holly to withdraw her “clit” so she can teach her how to jerk off. Tyra is such a good cousin, she allows Holly to kiss her clit, also. Soon it’s rock hard and huge, yet Holly somehow manages to suck it all the way down to the base. Since Holly has never had hers sucked on, Tyra returns the favor. Then the girls sit side by side and stroke themselves together! All the sudden, Holly’s mom Robbi Racks enters the room and they’re busted! Robbi thinks it’s time for “The Talk” and she whips out her own sex organ to give them both a lesson. Mother sits between the girls and I’ve just described the first half of this kinky scene. You can stream or download the full length movie and save the Zip photo set from Tyra Scott XXX and/or Transerotica.

Tyra Scott XXX Black Lace Facial

Black Lace Facial is yet another smoldering solo video on TyraScottXXX. Her more recent cam shows are amazingly HD, but this older find is not to be missed. At the point where the video begins, Tyra is almost fully nude and soon she’s on her side on the bed, stroking her big cock. She humps a fuck toy with her dick, bangs her tight ass with a dildo and has an absolutely acrobatic climax. Selfie Facial is a fantastic stroke scene and the title photo on her website fully describes the action. Tyra doesn’t need to talk much in this one. The sounds she makes while fingering herself and stroking her big cock are more than enough. But she does ask if you want to fuck her ass before fucking herself with a long dildo. Tyra is increasingly more vocal until she cums on her face. I’ve already spoken about the sizzling sex with Tyra and Delia-TS. Cam Show fun is clearly shot and Tyra looks amazing in her black and white lingerie before stripping totally nude. This scene gives you a good idea of what it’s like to cum with Tyra live. In Handjob POV, it’s your point-of-view of Tyra stroking your cock with two hands until you blow your load. Her dirty talk could probably work you into a frenzy even if you’re not watching the video. The cum-spurting cock was provided by Christian XXX of Pure-TS. I love the way she licked her cream-coated finger clean at the end. In Takin’ It POV, Tyra is horny as fuck stunning in a blue and black bra and panty set. Christian gives her an aggressive bareback fucking and this is one of my favorite videos on her site. The latest of my faves is All Tied Up with gorgeous Venus-Lux and a cute guy named Robbie. Venus is her Mistress and Robbie is ordered to get Tyra’s cock hard. I don’t think Tyra or Venus would want me to describe all the action in this one, but it’s another must-watch scene. I hope you’ll watch it on TyraScottXXX!

Tyra Scott Returns To Wendy Williams XXX

My favorite adult transsexual promoter and legendary porn star Wendy Williams brings back one of my all-time favorite performers and gal pals, Tyra Scott of Las Vegas! She’s been featured three times on WendyWilliamsXXX and has two solo and one hardcore performance on Interracial TGirl Sex! If you join one of these sites, you get the other for FREE! Gorgeous Tyra strokes her big cock until she cums hard in her latest scene! Click on Each Image for Video and Photo Gallery Previews! 


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