TSPOV – Natalie Mars Naughty Schoolgirl Blows Her Stepdad

MP4 Scene Trailer

Natalie Mars is a very naughty schoolgirl that comes home to find a hard cock waiting for her. It’s her stepdad’s cock, but she loves sucking it all the same. This slutty angel wants your cock AND your cum! This is Natalie’s 4th appearance on TSPOV.com not to be confused with her spectacular appearances on Pure-TS.com. Christian produces and owns both sites but this one is all about the model and YOU. When Natalie enters the bedroom area with her books held against her bosom she’s shocked to see you masturbating. “Oh my God, Daddy! What are you doing?!” she exclaims. “Why are you just laying here naked with your big cock out?”

Notice the way she notices the size of your dick? That’s a good sign she won’t be scared off. She calls you incorrigible like she’s the parent! Your sexy trans stepdaughter asks if there’s something she can do after putting her books and backpack down. “Incorrigible” is the new word Natalie learned at school today. By the way, those boys are so gross – not like you, Daddy.

Just looking at your cock is getting her excited and she can’t help rubbing herself through her skirt. While kneeling before your thighs, Natalie confesses that she learns a lot more from you than she does from school. Now she’s going to learn how to pleasure you beginning with a handjob. All day long she sat there thinking about you.

Her dick was getting hard in class and now she’s using not one but both hands to jerk you off. Then she begins sucking your cock, bobbing her pretty head up and down rapidly. She’s got the sniffles which makes her blowjob as cute as it is erotic.

Then she announces that she wants to take off her panties. She stands up and shows you her cock after removing them. Then she turns to show you the ass she knows you love looking at.

Now she sinks her lovely bottom on your erection, rubbing between her butt cheeks. She wishes she could let you put it in but hopes you’ll be happy settling for just a blowjob.  This certainly does not mean that all TSPOV.com girls don’t fuck!

Natalie will let you shoot your load right across her tongue and before your arousal dissipates, she’s going to jerk off for you! This means she’s going to have a toe-wiggling climax and her cock is going to spurt! You’ve got to see the latest Natalie Mars TSPOV.com update!

TSPOV: Morena Black

TSPOV is the kid sister of Pure-TS by Christian XXX and it’s where the co-stars really take the leading role. Although Christian is always in the act, he’s a mystery man and this allows you to concentrate more on the actress. This update, Morena Wants More of Your Cock in The Morning, is the followup scene of Busty Amazon Morena Enjoys Getting Dicked Down. The gorgeous Puerto Rican and Brazilian model was also in Amazon Beauty Morena Black Gets Fucked & Creampied on Pure-TS.com. I love these self-explanatory titles and Morena was interviewed here exclusively on TS Dreamland. It might happen again someday because we’re real life friends.

In the new TSPOV.com update, Morena is asleep in bed naked with her shapely ass facing you as you sit across from her. This is POV so just go with me here. “We had fun last night, didn’t we,” she asks while pushing the comforter down lower to reveal more of her body. She goes on to recall how amazing it was that you fucked her and that she fucked you and then she takes hold of her cock to bring it back to life. Morena also starts caressing and squeezing one full breast as she gets more immersed in jerking off. She takes some of the lube from the nightstand to fap with and then crawls toward you on the floor. Her destination is between your thighs with the lubricant in tow to apply to your erection. Her handjobs on both you and herself evolve into actually giving you head. She knows when you’re ready to have her sit on your cock, but she asks rhetorically anyway.

Morena then slides her gorgeous ass down your bare shaft and hoists herself up and down. When you’re ready to fuck her doggy style, you give her upturned derriere a liberal coating of lube and then ease your boner in slowly. You can bang her faster and even clasp her arms behind her back before giving it to her in bed. She rides you in the cowgirl position next with her big cock and tits bouncing and swinging wildly. See how she takes a powerful missionary position railing – a rough one! This is another instant classic on TSPOV.com but don’t forget to check out the updates on Pure-TS.com.

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