Kimber Lee Presents… Jerk And Pee

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“So, guys. Now we’re in my bathroom,” is what you’ll hear after about nine minutes of watching beautiful Kimberlee stroking her huge, stiff uncut cock! You’ll see her in a POV perspective looking down as she lets loose a long stream of pee past her pedicured toes in the tub. Circling back to the beginning of this video, the Bavarian stunner introduces herself, announcing that she’s shooting in Germany.

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She looks amazing in a one-piece swimsuit and open toe pumps, but I think you know that already. Next comes a leg admirer and foot lover display with the crotch panel of her garment not quite doing its job of covering up Kimberlee’s goodies. She bares her large bosom by just parting the top of her swimsuit a bit. She then lays down in profile to show of the shape of her sexy ass and flips over again to tease us with her bulge. It looks so big when she lays on her back, allowing one smoothly shaven ball to escape.

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Sitting upward, she talks dirty while developing the deepest cleavage possible. She wants you to tittie fuck her. Then she tosses her gorgeous legs up in the air and exposes her tiny starfish! She rubs it and considers how nice your dick would feel inside her tightness. She’s frenzied with horniness at this point! Kimberlee finger bangs herself with two fingers and also makes herself gape.

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Then she finally withdraws her semi-erect cock and asks if you want to see her get it hard for you. We’re almost at the midway point as Kimberlee’s masturbation goes deeper and deeper and she gets her big schlong harder and harder.

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Kimber Lee – Kimber Cumming on a Call

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Description: With Kimberlee working from home, this busty, dark-haired MILF is trying to focus on building her empire, but Dante Colle cant stop teasing her. Kissing her from her feet to her crotch, this stud knows how to get her riled up, even during a business call. With Kimberlee still on the phone, Dante sucks her tgirl cock with genuine enthusiasm before diving his tongue deep in her juicy ass! Bending his busty lover over on the kitchen counter, Dante stretches Kimberlee out wide as he pounds her tight hole for some early morning anal! Kimberlee lovingly takes a full load on her face as she finishes herself off. Working from home has never been hotter!

Hi, from Caramel. I’m not even going to suggest that I can write a more enticing scene description than that one from! First let’s begin with Dante Colle who will never get as much exposure in MTF trans erotic simply because he’s male. He’s so good looking and studly however, he could win awards in the transgender category at awards ceremonies some day if he keeps turning out performances like this!

As for Kimberlee, this Bavarian beauty is one of my all-time favorites. I can’t rave about her enough. Kimberlee’s acting abilities, as well as Dante’s, are quite natural. It doesn’t look like there’s any more need left for thespian talents one her big cock is getting sucked however.

Director Tom Moore made sure to deliver one of 2018’s most well-shot bareback hardcore films and I know he’s got so much more up his sleeve to present in the future. The talents involved here on are as big as the actor’s final cum shots. And that’s big! For more of the trans goddess, join

Kimber Lee Fucked To The Max

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This slender, busty, super hung trans adult superstar based in Graz/Austria is one of the most blogged about talents on my sites. is her website and her hardcore scene with alpha male Max brings out the primal glory of Kimberlee’s classic beauty in action.

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The video opens with the model ready to burst out of her bra top. She gives you a peek at her panty bulge before sinking to her knees, knowing that Max is going to place his crotch level with her pretty face.

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She pulls his underwear down to allow his huge cock to swing up and down in the air. Kimberlee wastes no time giving Max what looks like a phenomenal blowjob! She bares her big tits and starts playing with her own cock while giving head.


Once the left-handed fox is fully erect, she stands up and Max jerks their cocks together rapidly and firmly. He then turns her around, works her panties down and devours her sweet ass as she bends over a dresser. Moments later, he works his big boner inside of Kimberlee’s tight ass! I love the way this man fucks like a savage. He drills Kimberlee literally out of her shoes doggy style and then side saddle on the floor.

For a few sequences you almost can’t tell if Kimberlee is shouting in pleasure or from pain. But her large erection while she’s getting pummeled clears that up. Kimberlee has a powerful climax shooting streams of creamy white cum before taking her partner’s load on her tongue and making a big erotic show of savoring it.

TransAngels: Cocked Behind Bars

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Description: The voluptuous Kimberlee is behind bars and officer Chanel Santini is the only one who has the key! When locked up Kimberlee starts flashing her big tits, Chanel takes the law into her own hands and gives this bad girl just what she wants – a taste of her tgirl dick! Uncuffing her pretty prisoner, Chanel bends Kimberlee over, filling her with every inch of her hard cock for a thorough anal pounding! As soon as Kimberlee exhausts her jailer’s cock of all its cum, she cuffs up Chanel – it was a prison break and Chanel fell for it and the sexy felon!

Leave it to to present another hardcore video and photo set with two of the most beautiful adult trans performers on the Net of all time. It’s pointless to compare Kimberlee and Chanel Santini so let’s just talk about what’s going on here.

Chanel plays her role like a pro as either a jailer who’s never had a trans lesbian experience, someone committed to her job, or both. But Kimberlee’s striptease seduction on the other side of the bars is too powerful for her to resist.

It seems like Chanel has her almost completely topless prisoner under control after cuffing her to the bars. But when Kimberlee drops to her knees level to Chanel’s hidden night stick, it’s obvious that it’s going down within moments. Chanel’s big cock is already raging hard when she exposes it to her captive!

I’m convinced that Kimberlee can give better head and a more pleasurable rimjob with her wrists bound than most can offer free-handed. Chanel returns the salad tossing favor on Kimberlee’s sexy little ass and next comes a passionate sequence of French kissing. The fully nude pairing of Chanel and Kimberlee at about eleven minutes in makes me consider how professional veteran director Tom Moore must be to continue filming.

“Oh yeah, put it in,” are the words you hear from Kimberlee as Latinx Chanel is easing her bare hardon inside her tight Kimberlee’s tight Bavarian ass. Every time I think I’ve seen the best possible video ever, another one comes along to claim the top spot in my personal erotic ranking system.

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Kimber Lee Presents… Vanity Chair

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This new update on heats up quickly with Kimber exposing her large breasts early in the shoot. The Bavarian beauty welcomes you while seated in a luxurious red dress. She then stands up next to the vanity and begins to undress. Her legs are bare and every now and then you’ll get a peek between her legs, but it’s hard to see what’s going on under there. The focus is on Kimber caressing her knockers and nipples first. A few moments later, she stands up, turning her back to you and she lowers her dress past the full round curves of her derriere. If you’re looking closely in the right area, you’ll see a hint of cock head peeking out from the backs of Kimber’s thighs. After she lets the dress drop, she turns in a full frontal view and her torso is nude.

Scene Trailer

Kimber’s cock hangs between her thighs looking massive and it’s not even fully erect yet. She straddles the vanity chair in only her pricey red bottom designer pumps and she thrusts her lovely bottom outward. She plays with her enticing ass for a bit before settling back in her chair and taking hold of her big, uncut penis.

Then a long and tantalizing fap session takes place. Kimber uses lubricant to wet her big tits and enormous schlong with about midway into her masturbating glory. She’s stroking her hard shaft rapidly and then she suddenly stops. Big gobs of creamy white cum emerge from her swollen cock head to land just below her belly button. The rest of it slides down her member and across her fingers.

Kimber milks her big cock completely dry and makes an erotic show of taking her cum as so many subscribers would love to be able to do. Also check out and for previews of all the stunning contract stars.

TransAngels: Dinner Party Delight

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Kimberlee’s husband is as boring as she is hot, and tonight’s hired help, Damien Stone, is a buff stud with a huge cock. While he’s whipping up some cream in the kitchen, Kimberlee throws caution to the wind and starts sucking Damien’s cock just feet from her husband and his friends! Damien drops to his knees to get a taste of this busty housewife’s t-girl dick before bending her over the kitchen counter for some deep anal pounding. After making sure to lick up every drop of Damien’s cum off her big tits, Kimberly treats her husband’s friends to some fresh cream, in the nude!

How’s that for a description? It sounds pretty much perfect to me. As if I needed more reason to check out this update for myself. Here we go again with the high productions this site has become well known for. Producer/Director pulled out all the stops for gorgeous Kimberlee and handsome Damien with a cinematic set-up and a plot that’s really not so far-fetched. Would it really be beyond the realm of possibility for a chef to fall in lust with a fox like Kimberlee.

Not only do these actors not embarrass themselves, they’re really quite good in their performances. The one thing I find ironic about that is as a huge fan of who never missed and update, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her talents this deeply explored. Don’t get me wrong, she’s always animated in her scenes and there are plot-driven scenes there. This scenario is more fleshed out like a special feature film. That’s because it pretty much is one!

Now about the sex. It’s fantastic as it always is with Kimberlee. But Damien is who I’m impressed with for the first time. Damien is a Bay Area male dancer new to trans porn and he’s the perfect beefy, masculine counterpart to Kimberlee’s soft femininity. As far as porn and ALL the new porn in the year 2018, this scene is amongst the best of the best.

TS Kimber Lee: Kimberlee and Eric

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The Bavarian beauty Kimberlee makes a killer hardcore scene with my personal favorite TGirls Network male model ever. I don’t even normally find buff guys to be my type. I’m more into twinks and femboys and this man is one of the exceptions to that rule. He’s build like a 300 film CGI character come to life. When you put that together with the petite yet busty frame of the gorgeous model behind, what you have is a dual display of anatomical excellence! “Baby, are you sleeping?” Kimberly asks the man in bed she spent the night with. She hops on the bed in a matching bra and panty set and tall pumps playfully and the man begins to stir.

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Kimberlee gives us a conspiratory signal to be quiet as she awakens him. Her pretty face and full breasts are a pleasure to see and fondle as he gets his bearings. Kimberlee throws back the sheets and the Adonis is sporting a big morning erection. Kimberlee says good morning to the cock also and gives it a few firm shakes. After getting some help in removing her bra, Kimberlee kicks off her shoes and stretches out to give the stud a blowjob. Kimberlee’s full lips look like they were simply made for sucking cock. She also uses her small hand to pump the thick shaft and then she takes a brief break to remove her panties.

Scene Trailer

If you haven’t read any of my numerous raves about her or visited, you might not know that she’s tremendously well hung. Once she’s gloriously nude, her cock begins to swell. Finally the man’s red condom-sheathed prick is easing inside her from behind. Doggystyle sex follows a side saddle railing. It’s a rough ride but Kimberlee manages to jack her hips back hard against the big man’s powerful lunges!

The another position change follows and Kimberlee ride’s her lover’s dick with her own big sex organ slapping against his abs. Kimberlee also gets fucked in the missionary position. There was no way I was going to miss this super sexy update!

TS Kimber Lee: Cum On The Couch

MP4 Trailer

Sometimes I spell one of the world’s sexiest trans model’s name Kimber Lee and Kimberlee at other times. I just do whatever it takes to get my friends to witness all the updates on TS-Kimberlee. I love the two new Pink Door 2 and Cum On The Couch updates, but I find that the later is slightly hotter – just slightly! Perhaps it’s because Coco Cola an iconic symbol and also because she looks phenomenal in red.

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This solo masturbation scene involves Kimberlee stripping to a cool soundtrack in a sparsely yet tastefully living room area. Everything about the Bavarian beauty is petite except for her tits and dick. The first sequence is breast exposure and caressing. Kimberlee is standing when she pops the snaps loose on the lower panel of her swimsuit to let her cock and balls spill out. The couch is really a chair but who cares about details in cases like these? Kimberlee keeps you distracted from titles to stroke her massive prick furiously!

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She pauses to present her lovely bottom and proceeds with a finger banging show. Kimberly is a notoriously heavy cummer and she strikes again her with her artillery by shooting a big bead of creamy white cum. She rubs out the rest of her nectar slowly and some of it gets on her swimsuit and one of her bare feet. Kimberlee uses her left hand to scoop up some of her cream for a taste and a bit of it spills across her bosom.

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KimberLee & Trevor

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I couldn’t resist throwing in a scene trailer of beautiful Bavarian KimberLee stroking her massive member in that Sexy Suit update. But today’s focus is on her latest hardcore scene with handsome Trevor Brooks. You may have seen them in the amazing performance, “The Red Light” from January 2017. Their sucking and fucking in that torrid scene was so nice, we wanted to see it twice – but in an all new setting. KimberLee gives Trevor a call to get more of what she got their first time while wearing see-through lingerie and a mischievous look on her face. “Did you like my big clit last time,” she asks once he’s inside her place. From what I remember he absolutely loved it! After kissing her full lips, he moves downward to devour her big breasts. Trevor’s big cock is semi-erect when KimberLee withdraws it from his jeans. A good sucking makes it raging hard. There’s POV footage of this blowjob also that frame KimberLee’s lovely face wonderfully. When she rises, Kimberly helps her shed all of her clothing and she perches her hot body on a table. It might as well be the dinners table with KimberLee’s sexy bottom as the main coarse. A bit later, Kimberlee props an ankle on Trevor’s shoulder and gets a tremendous railing while laying back on the table. She gets fucked doggy style also while standing! I’ll let you see how this all plays out on with something to think about. If the name Brooks sounds familiar to you or the sexy stud that KimberLee gets pounded by, he shares his last name and several torrid hardcore scenes with another hot star on the tgirl-network. That’s something to consider when you subscribe.

Scene Trailer 

Kimberlee & Trevor in Red Light District

MP4 Scene Trailer

There’s a sizzling hot new hardcore scene on that begins with the arrival of the gorgeous star’s guest. She’s made a booty call, but he’s not aware of why she requested his presence until her gets to her place. This is the Red Light photo set and Red Light District video with Trevor Brooks, the fiance of Jonelle of Trevor proceeds the the stairs to find Kimberlee dressed in sheer black lingerie. After receiving a sweet compliment, she informs him that she’s trans. He wasn’t aware, but no less enthralled with her upon finding out. They kiss while standing and then Kimberlee sinks to her knees to find out what’s going on beneath his jeans and designer briefs. What she finds is a nice cock that’s already stiffening.

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Kimberlee gives it a few firm strokes and swallows the bulbous head and first few inches of the shaft. This looks like a blowjob to die for and soon it’s Trevor’s turn to return the favor. He exposes Kimberlee’s cock and when she says, “Come on, suck that big clit,” he wastes no time fulfilling her needs. She removes her brassiere, exposing her big tits while he sucks her extra-long dick fully erect. Kimberly is completely naked when Trevor sucks her off and cups her balls while she lays back on the sofa.

When they stand again to get Trevor out of his tank top, his big boner arcs upward until Kimberlee pushes him to the couch. While his cute ass is turned up, Kimberlee arranges herself right behind him and proceeds to fuck him doggy style! Trevor grasps and strokes his hardon as Kimberlee pummels him from behind furiously. The fully nude footage of this fantastic looking pair is exquisite and Kimberlee drills Trevor while he’s on his back next.

The side and rear views allow you to drink in this torrid fucking with amazing clarity. Trevor allows Kimberlee’s pumping hips to take a break when he gives her a rimjob. Kimberlee pumps away at her huge erection while her salad gets tossed. Her legs are thrust high in the air while Trevor prepares to sink his big cock inside her. I’m thinking it would have been enough just to see Kimberlee fucking the hell out of Trevor. Seeing them fucking each other is like the icing on the proverbial cake! Both partners release big, creamy white cumshots before this stunning performance ends.

Find out who climaxes first on or on The I never miss a thing that ravishing Kimberlee does whether it’s with cisgender males, females or other beautiful transwomen. The new element here for me is that I always thought of Trevor before as Jonelle’s prolific porn star. Now I see him as just a tremendous star in his own right.

Twitter: @tscaramel

Kimberlee and Martin in The Cheat

MP4 Trailers 

“The Cheat” a shared masterpiece scene between, and the site with a plethora of fabulous SMC Productions stars.

Sample Photo Gallery 

It’s a story-driven two-part set actually, and it begins with Kimberlee chatting with her friend Eva and Eva’s boyfriend Martin. However, the story isn’t very complicated and it doesn’t distract from the action that unfolds early in the scene. Eva has a business appointment and a photo shoot and jokingly warns Kimberlee not to mess around with Martin. But as soon as Eva leaves, Kimberlee makes her move on Martin anyway.

Flash Trailer 

She coaxes him into giving her a tour of the house that begins with the bedroom. She hops on the bed while he faces her standing and they kiss. Martin doesn’t hesitate to expose Kimberlee’s huge breasts from her dress which is all she has on. Her dress is quickly removed and her big cock is already raging hard as she lays back on the bed. Martin goes straight for it face first and gives the swollen head and long shaft a deep sucking. After a rather forceful skull-fucking, Martin hops off the bed to remove his briefs and gets his hardon sucked by Kimberlee. She strokes her massive dick while giving head until she’s ready to fuck. She then rails Martin doggy style. I’ve been raving about this incredible trans star for quite some time because she’s absolutely stunning, but so masterfully verse. 

Kimberlee is terrific when she bottoms, but she can also lay pipe with the best of them. She fucks Martin hard and fast while he’s on his back also. Then she releases a torrent of creamy white cum across his face and neck! I’ll be back to briefly describe some of what happens in the second part of this incredible series. You can stream or download from Kimberlee’s free-standing website or Eva’s or get all the best from the entire lineup of trans stars by subscribing to

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TS KimberLee

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TS-Kimberlee looks exquisite entering the bathing area naked and alone. She tests the water and slips into the tub. Kimbelee’s full breasts are exposed above the sudsy water as she runs her hands across her body. She stands up to dry herself off with a thirsty towel and emerges from the tub. Then she steps into a skimpy panty and fastens on a brassiere. Kimberlee enters the bedroom next and kisses Mark who’s sleeping in the bed. He’s wearing briefs and his bulge swells as she rubs his bulge. Mark’s cock is raging hard soon after Kimberlee begins giving him a blowjob. See makes an exemplary show of cock sucking and when Mark awakens, he helps Kimberlee remove her bra. They kiss passionatley and she goes back to sucking his big dick. Then she lies back on the bed to remove her panties. She resumes sucking him and soon she’s on her hands and knees on the bed. I can’t remember Kimberlee ever taking such a hard pounding. While fucking in the missionary position, Kimberlee strokes her big hard cock and Mark takes time to help with that while railing her. There’s reverse cowgirl riding and more doggy ramming. But if you are the jealous type, you might prefer seeing Kimberlee’s “Wall” solo masturbation scene first. This model is so gorgeous, you might actually feel physical pain while watching her in motion. On top of being painfully pretty, she’s also hung like nobody’s business. All of the action in the wall video displays Kimberlee masturbation on a beige leather chaise. Once she’s fully aroused, she makes her big dance within three minutes of this scene in a way that I would have thought impossible. It happens again in tight closeup footage about two miuntes later. I noticed she’s a lefty when she jerked her erection frantically until warm jets of creamy white cum exploded from her swollen cockhead. Upon first sight long ago, I assumed that TS-Kimberlee might be an ice queen because she’s so goodlooking. Ever since, all I’ve heard from industry insiders is that she’s a really sweet girl. You can subscribe to her free-standing site or to the TGirl Network.

TS Kimberlee in My Furry Bed

TS-Kimberlee in “My Furry Bed” begins with the German porn star introducing herself and asking if we want to see her playing. She’s topless and her cock and balls have managed to escape her panties. She’s also wearing sheer black stockings and no heels this time. Kimberlee develops a huge hardon fast. She wastes no time stroking it since this scene runs only just under 10 minutes. It’s easy to see what turns her on the fastest. She obviously likes her nipples pinched a little and her rosebud penetrated. That’s a given, of course but it’s interesting to see exactly how Kimberlee likes having her big dick stroked. Judging by the sheer force of her creamy white cumshot, I think she must have saved up this climax for quite some time. I first saw this München, Germany native under her second pseudonym Kimberly Jordan. She’s truly magnificent in hardcore scenes, too! Take the TS-Kimberlee tour to see more of her.

TS Kimber Lee

When it comes to TS-Kimber Lee, I love her solo performances as much as her hardcore scenes. “The Lady Boss” for instance is labeled a softcore video because it’s a solo performance, but to me it’s anything but soft. She’s just called a subordinate who hasn’t been doing well in his job and she’s frustrated. She’s not just frustrated with her underling, but sexually frustrated at the moment, also. That’s nothing a little masturbation session can’t temporarily fix. So she exposes and caresses her large, firm breasts, hikes up her skirt and we see that she’s going commando today. I don’t know if she could actually get away with going around like that in public because of the size of her cock. Even flaccid, it would creat a tell-tale bulge. As she sites in her office stroking it, we see it expand to massive proportions. Kimber Lee’s cock almost looks out of proportion to her petite form. The wide angle footage is as incredible as the HD closeup views of this sex kitten from München, Bayern. If you haven’t seen Kimber Lee jacking her big dick up and down until a huge load of creamy white cum spurts from the head, it ought to be on yout To Do List. If you’re not the jealous type, there’s also a hardcore scene I’d like to mention. “Hey baby, wanna come over and fuck me?” Kimber Lee asks Wolf Hudson on her cell phone. A moment later, he’s at her place getting his big cock sucked. The German beauty gives the best deep throat sucking she can manage. That means about the upper third of Wolf’s dick. Within three minutes, Kimber Lee is riding it in the cowgirl position. Next, Wolf rails her tight little ass on the sofa doggy style. Watching this babe from is best when you’ve got the sound turned way up. She makes the most exquisite sounds when she’s getting laid. You get the best view of her incredible body when she’s bouncing up and down on Wolf’s monster cock in the reverse cowgirl position. Kimber Lee’s big uncut-cock flops around all over the place. At the end of the scene, she removes the condom from her mate’s member and takes a big load of cum on her tongue and pretty face. She even laps some of it up and licks her fingers when Wolf’s mission is accomplished. This is far from the first TS-Kimber Lee hardcore sessions I’ve seen. But if it were my first, I’d be sold on her from that point on.