TGirls.Porn: Julia Genesis & Trixxy Von Tease

When I raved about “Meet Kinky Blue Haired Julia Genesis!” on November 4th here and “Heritage Model #31 – Trixxy Von Tease Jacks Off!” on November 7th here, I knew these shoots were leading up to a torrid transbian tryst between the hot young stars on TGirls.Porn. Now it’s time to have fun talking about it. 

As it turns out, I love the 4K scene produced by Omar Wax that includes outdoor footage where the theme develops. Some of the best sex you may well have had has been anger sex and that’s the basis of this scene. The owner and operator of and the live webcam performer on do a magnificent job of making the sexual tension and result of it seem real.

Julia: “Touching Trixxy’s soft tattooed skin was such a turn on and making out with her immediately got me hard. I loved eating her ass as an appetizer before I fucked her. Trixxy’s ass wrapped itself around my cock the moment I put it in there. She plowed my ass hard in return and it was wicked sore the whole next day. I was rewarded at the end by a thick hot blast of her cum all over my pretty little mermaid face.”

Trixxy: “Coming back from the fetish nightclub and kicked out by Grooby Newbie Julia Genesis over some misunderstanding, our argument turns into hot sexual tension in a cock swallowing, ass eating, cum playing adventure! Julia got me wet inside and made my cock throb inside my panties, making it hard to contain myself, wanting to taste those blue lips of lust and feeling her grade A all natural hormone tits!”

Heritage Model #31 – Trixxy Von Tease Jacks Off!

In her 9th photo and video set on entitled, “Trixxy Von Tease Jacks Off!” the hostess of shoots a big wad of creamy white cum across a glass table.

If you saw or saved her Omar Wax produced scene from October 17th, 2016 on Shemale Yum, she stroked her big hard dick for so long, you may have cum even though she didn’t. Trixxy was stripped down to a pair of orange panties pushed to the side and the coolest pair of gladiator sandals.

She was raging hard down there but stood up and left us the last time before having one of her tremendous climaxes. This time around, Heritage Model #31 really gets going once she’s got her cock fully erect while jerking off sitting and standing.

At one point she lies of the floor finger banging her killer ass furiously! Her hardon is smashed between her tightly closed thighs and the swollen head is moist with pre-cum.

Trixxy stands up again and Omar captures awesome footage from ground lever with her boner in closeup as she moans loudly.

She sits down and her rapid stroking continues as her orgasm approaches. Trixxy rises from her chair and gives us one more view of her sexy before moving before the table beating her meat above its surface.

Then she releases streams of jizz that splatter across the glass surface. I don’t think that Trixxy Von Tease needs to cum every time she does a scene, but the cum shot in this one is too hot not to mention.

You can watch Trixxy's Free Trailer on

You can watch Trixxy’s Free Trailer on 

For more of this tremendous performer’s work, visit

Tiffany, Nikki, Trixxy & Morena Super Fuckin’ Orgy

Spoiler Alert: This review comes with not only trailers and a sample photo gallery, but a full description of the action. These TEA nominees and winners are involved in an annual orgy that goes down during the awards ceremony and after party events. Some of the players change each year, but the orgies are always torrid hardcore sexual events. The newest guests are Morena Black and the hostess of who can be seen in the “Skippin’ School” scene on Trixxy’s official website. The “Tiffany, Nikki, Trixxy & Morena Super Fuckin’ Orgy” can also be streamed or downloaded from Tiffany Starr XXX and Nikki Montero’s Latina Tranny website. Ecstatic, the producer of several Up Network sites including Piladyboy films the action that begins with the four babes introducing themselves in various states of undress. They wag their cocks around and some are already hard and the other ones are catching up. Everyone does their fair share of cock sucking. The fuckers are Tiffany, Trixxy and Nikki. The fuckees are Trixxy and Morena who gets a bukkake blast at the end. Nikki cums on her pretty face and in her mouth followed by one of Tiffany’s trademark cum showers. Trixxy is not to be outdone with her creamy white cum blast and after spunk-laden closing remarks, it’s a wrap until 2017.

Trixxy Von Tease on Pure-TS

Should I rave about all three videos with Trixxy Von Tease on Pure-TS? As wordy as I am, let’s narrow it down to the last two scenes. I’ll start with the hardcore scene in which the gorgeous hostess of is wearing a pink dress when Christian enters their Las Vegas hotel room. He lost at gambling again, but Trixxy makes him feel better by greeting him with a kiss. He greets her big tits with their pierced nipples and she sinks to her knees to greet his huge cock. There’s actually some great POV footage in their last hardcore, bareback fucking video. The schoolgirl scene is hot, but if you want to see Trixxy more gloriously nude, check out the one before the recent blowjob scene first. Trixxy grabs her thick boner while getting railed in the missionary position first. Her body looks incredible with the wide-angle footage of their doggy style fucking. Trixxy is very vocal, especially when getting her hair pulled by the prolific porn king. Perhaps you’ll love watching her bountiful boobs jiggling and her dick swinging and flopping around while riding Christian’s huge “daddy dick” as she calls it. Cowgirl or reverse? You’ll see both. Trixxy’s cock shoots so much creamy white cum while she’s getting pounded side saddle. Her ass looks fine as fuck when she gets a big creampie. If you’re more into full-on POV Pure-TS video, Trixxy looks gorgeous entering the room in a scene tailor made for you – a horny dude laying down with a hardon. She’s in a sexy bra and panty set and rubs “your” cock against her butt before exposing her boobs and playing with her own cock. She first lubes up your dick and gives you a handjob. Then she alternates between stroking and sucking. She makes an erotic show of taking your cum on her tongue and sucking you dry before waving goodbye. Don’t forget to check out her awesome website, too!