Transsensual Review: No More Chances

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Description: Kendall Penny catches her husband cheating on her once again. She’s had it with him and it’s time for her to enjoy herself too. When gorgeous delivery boy Michael Del Ray stops by to deliver her groceries, the only thing she will have in her mouth is his massive cock! Who needs a pathetic husband when you can have a younger man this hot!

Review: I know gorgeous Kendall Penny mainly from her magnificent performances. Her profile reads: Looking for males to cam with…. Known as “The Voice,” I am a Dominant switch who enjoys being a little rough. I love degrading males. I may play innocent at first but that is only to lure you in so that I may devour you whole. Always looking for new males to use and abuse on film.

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Review: I know gorgeous Kendall Penny mainly from her magnificent performances. Her profile reads: Looking for males to cam with…. Known as “The Voice,” I am a Dominant switch who enjoys being a little rough. I love degrading males. I may play innocent at first but that is only to lure you in so that I may devour you whole. Always looking for new males to use and abuse on film.

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This Southern Belle who’s relocated to Portland, Oregon gives a remarkable performance of a young lady who’s cheated on and is out for revenge in this scorching hot scene. The first guy she lays eyes on after a blow up over the phone happens to be her hot delivery man, Michael Del Ray. Within moments of his entrance, she’s on her knees lowering his jeans and Versace briefs to get at his big cock! Michael clasps a bunch of Kendall’s pretty hair as she sucks his large dick deeply. Kendall is still fully dressed while giving him head. She eventually rises from the sofa to remove her dress, tall wedges and panties. Transsensual usually tends to steer away from the, “Oh my God, you have a cock!” themes and that’s also the case with this scene.

Micheal sees Kendall’s lovely cock and begins to suck on it – simple as that. He receives another intense blowjob next, and then he proceeds to fuck Kendall’s tight ass! He takes her doggy style first, then she rides him in the cowgirl position. A missionary position pounding comes next and it’s the final one this hot looking pair end up in before we move to the next torrid scene. I half expected to turn the tables on Michael at some point, but she’s remains in the passive role after her initial come on in the beginning. It’s a bit of a change for me seeing Kendall as a total bottom but, as a fan, I can be as versatile as she is!

Transsensual: Lena Kelly & Smith

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“You Move Me” is the title of this update. The official scene description from the website reads: Smith reveals that he and his gorgeous wife Lena Kelly must join a witness protection program, which will move them to the Midwest and leave their luxurious life in Beverly Hills behind. Lena loves her older, distinguished husband Smith, but this is asking a lot. Smith know the best way to convince her. Smith takes Lena in his arms and makes out with her, sucking on her pouty lips. Lena drops to her knees and takes Smith’s cock into her mouth, working up and down the shaft craving a taste of his thick member. Smith simply cannot wait to fuck Lena’s tight ass. Lena spreads her firm ass cheeks, welcoming Smith into her ass. Smith works feverishly, pumping in and out of Lena’s ass as she begs for more. After fucking her in a frenzy Smith unloads his hot cum on Lena, and they both collapse into each other arms to consider their future.

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That’s a hot and horny synopsis. I’d like to add a few thoughts about what makes this scene work so well. Lena Kelly is one of the most successful talents in the industry due to her amazing looks and her actual acting ability. Smith is a veteran actor and any trans woman working with him could easily be made to look silly if her acting chops aren’t up to par. I don’t even care too much for a lot of acting in porn, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary, especially here when is part of a full movie.

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Even though Kelly is still fully dressed right before she wraps her lips around Smith’s cock, he’s already hard. Don’t be surprised if yours is too. The excitement about the impending sex between these two is highly contagious! Then there’s the image of Kelly giving head with her own cock head peeking beneath the hem of her form-fitting skirt.

Her lovely legs are bare and her small feet are clad in tall, sexy sandals. Her dick soon finds its way inside Smith’s mouth while he’s jerking off and he then treats Kelly to a rimjob. Not long after the midway point of this scene, Kelly is riding Smith’s boner in the cowgirl position. The side saddle and missionary railings that follow are absolutely magnificent! And so is!

TS Taboo Vol. 2: My Boss’s Wife…Feels So Good!

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Description: Hot, statuesque blonde Aubrey Kate can’t get enough of sexy, muscular stud Sgt. Miles. She grabs hold of his giant cock and stuffs it into her mouth, causing him to moan with desire. Not to be outdone, he grabs Aubrey and sucks her off as well, caressing her perfect tits and massaging them with his nimble fingers. Sgt Miles wastes little time working her into a frenzy rimming her tight hole till she’s ready for his thick cock. Soon it’s time to insert his thick, veiny cock into Aubrey’s inviting asshole. He fucks her in several positions before streaming his thick, custardy load all over her beautiful face.

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Review: When I began playing the first scene of TS Taboo Vol. 2: My Boss’s Wife on, I wasn’t aware that this would be what I consider to be Dana Vespoli’s finest work to date. I’ve reviewed a lot of her films, but this one is particularly well polished and cinematic.
Without giving away too much of the story line, brief nude solo footage that’s out of this world leads to beautiful Aubrey Kate giving Sgt. Miles head. The fact that this occurs outdoors enhances the hung actor’s lumberjack-like studliness and accentuates Aubrey Kate’s sense of high style and glamorous presentation.

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The actual fucking is hard and fast. Cumshots in MTF trans films are always  appreciated from the male actors, but when the girl has a big climax, it’s particularly special. Aubrey Kate delivers a memorable climax and she makes an erotic show of taking her man’s facial. Watch all the video scene previews of TS Taboo Vol. 2: My Boss’s Wife on

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TS Wife Swap: Marissa Minx & Lance Hart

TS Wife Swap Movie Description: Married couple Smith and Marissa find themselves at an impasse. Things have grown stale in their relationship, so they place an ad on a “wife swap” website. Hip, swinger couple Chanel and Lance see the ad and, soon after, both couples meet up for an evening!

Scene Description: Lance Hart is one lucky stud as sexy trans MILF Marissa Minx wants to experience the ultimate wife swap with him! Marissa is a hot and horny brunette trans babe who wants nothing more than to experience the virile sexiness of cis stud Lance Hart. Lance does not disappoint, as he takes Marissa’s horny cock into his mouth, sucking away exploring the majestic beauty of her toned body. Not to be outdone, Marissa aggressively sucks Lance’s throbbing member until he is near cumming. Lance starts fucking Marissa’s ass in doggy while Marissa begs him to go harder. Lance pounds away with impressive agility and stamina. Marissa appreciates his efforts, and encourages him, begging for more of his hot cock. They fuck in a few positions before unloading cum all over each other.

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Scene Review: You can cut the tension between the couples of Lance and Chanel interacting with Smith and Marissa due to the acting skills of these veteran actors. But Lance and Marissa manage to pair up in private pretty quickly. After she gives his stiff cock what looks like the sucking of a lifetime, Marissa gives up her tight ass for a powerful doggy style pounding! Her big tits jiggle wildly and her cock and balls dangle lustfully between her thighs as she pushes back to meet his thrusts. The Aussie stunner then rides Hart’s boner with a cock ring around her uncut schlong and smooth shaven balls. Their missionary position romp displays Marissa’s hot body to perfection! Chanel Santini, Marissa Minx, Lance Hart, Smith, and D Arclyte are all magnificent in TS Wife Swap on Check out all the previews!

Transsensual: Casey Kisses and Soldier Boi

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“Hide Out with Me” is the intriguing title of this torrid hardcore scene. The official description reads: TS beauty Casey Kisses is an escaped convict, seeking refuge from the police in a stranger’s house. Fortunately for her, Soldier Boi is a hot black stud that loves fucking and has a heart of gold. He’s willing to let her hide out…but her hot body is too tempting to not enjoy while in his house. Casey Kisses is so relieved to be safe she can’t keep her thankful hands to herself… as she sucks Soldier Boi’s dick so hard that his eyes roll back in his head and he moans his pleasure. Pleased with his rock-hard cock, Casey moves on to offer her delicate anus up for consumption, and Soldier Boi is enthusiastic as he eats her ass before he slides his dick into her. Casey bucks happily as Soldier rides her firm ass. Casey moans in desire and Soldier Boi fucks her in a variety of positions until they both cum fully satiated.

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Soldier Boi is always fantastic when it comes to acting and laying out the storyline. He’s chilling on his day off watching TV and munching on chips when he gets a call from a friend. He refuses to be interrupted until Casey breaks into the house right behind the sofa he’s sitting on. Casey takes a seat and tries to explain that she’s trying to lay low from the cops, but he’s not trying to hear it at first. But he obviously enjoys looking at her and allows her to stay until the search passes his neighborhood. Casey explains why she’s a fugitive and he feels for her.

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He offers to help her arrange a disguise and to give her a ride to wherever she needs to go. The first place she wants to go to is his lips with hers for being so sweet. Casey gets the muscular stud out of his shirt and the same happens with hers. It’s soon off and her pretty tits are exposed from her brassiere. Casey is completely topless by the time she takes her new friend’s beautiful black cock into her mouth. The fucking doesn’t take long to follow and it’s remarkably bareback and incredible to watch! On top of being great actors, Casey Kisses and Soldier Boi are really nice people. Their chemistry is brilliantly captured by adult actress and director Dana Vespoli. Check out all the scenes from TS Girls In Trouble.

Transsensual: Chanel Santini and Gabriel D’Alessandro

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In Scene #01 of My TS Stepsister, “Stepbrother’s Hot Date” Gorgeous BFFs, Casey Kisses and Chanel Santini are fashion models living in Los Angeles. They attract plenty of men, but Chanel wants more, she’s craving a nice guy to date. Casey decides to play matchmaker with her stepbrother Gabriel who’s visiting. Casey sets the date and hosts the two as they get to know each other. Chanel is clearly interested in the sexy, smart and sensitive hunk, and Casey can’t help but see her stepbrother’s sex appeal. Casey leaves Chanel and Gabriel alone, seeking distance from her inappropriate desires. Once alone Chanel decides to claim what she’s been lusting after all night.

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The rest of the official synopsis continues and gets increasingly naughtier, but I’ve decided to take it from here and move into a review. Dana Vespoli directs a craftily quick yet thorough set-up that introduces strong character development. The viewer will understand how good of a catch Gabriel’s character is and that it’s about more than his good looks. He’s truly successful in every sense of the word. How else could a guy seduce a fox like Chanel Santini without even seemingly trying to work that hard. Not to mention his own stepsister’s developing feelings for him.

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Forward, is an understatement when it comes to the way Chanel behaves with Gabriel once they’re alone. Straddling his lap, she arranges her dress around her waist, baring all else. Once shirtless, Gabriel lays Chanel back to suck her cock and give her a rim job. She helps him out of his pants and returns the favor on his big erection. They fuck in multiple positions, but it’s in missionary that Chanel makes her cock explode while getting railed by Gabriel. Casey gets an eyeful as the couple recovers from their torrid bout of sex. Find out what the look on her face tells you by watching the full My TS Stepsister movie on The official websites of these stunning actresses presented by are and  

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Transsensual: She’s Gotta Have It

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This blazing hot scene is the introduction to the DVD TS Taboo starring Natalie Mars and Chad Diamond. Pool boy Chad is finishing up his work when Natalie comes to the balcony of the mansion she lives in to take a look at him. It’s hot outside and Chad sits down for a moment before regrouping to enter the estate to retrieve his earnings. He’s unaware that he was being watched by Mrs. Mars and his check isn’t usually where he can find it after his work is done. Mrs. Mars descends the stairs and approaches Chad saying that he looked good out there working – confessing that she was watching him. Either he doesn’t pick up on the come on or he’s truly serious about moving on to other jobs he has lined up for the day. Not about to give up, Mrs. Mars asks Chad if he’s ever thought about hooking up with her. Chad replies that he has a girlfriend and that they’re pretty serious. Besides, she’s married.

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When he asks about Mr. Mars, she ignores his question and asks how much he makes cleaning pools. He admits that the money isn’t as good as it used to be and when she offers a tip, he can see where this is going. He wants to decline her advances but accepts the offer of her hand. Mrs. Mars then leads Chad to the sofa. Once they’re seated, she kisses him. She’s very aggressive and passionate. Mrs. Mars manages to work the pool boy out of his shorts. She pushes his briefs down and a large erection springs out. Mrs. Mars gives Chad what looks like an amazing blowjob on the couch. When Mrs. Mars bends over with her dress hoisted about her waist, Chad gives her a rim job, then begins fucking her bareback doggy style.

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The rich woman’s cock and balls are swinging wildly beneath her as she gets railed, but Chad doesn’t create any drama about her being a trans woman. Everything she’s got down there is out in the open, especially when they’re fucking side saddle. Her cock swings up and down, loudly slapping her flat tummy when she rides the pool boy in the reverse cowgirl position. Her legs and feet are bare and one breast and nipple is exposed from a side of her black dress. The dress is gone when they fuck in the missionary position.

The tumultuous sex evolves doggy style just like it started and Chad ends it with a cum shot that Mrs. Mars receives on her face and in her mouth. Completely satisfied, the housewife sends Chad off to clean up his pool cleaning equipment. See more trailers on  

Transsensual – Mandy Mitchell & Mike Panic

The official synopsis of this Transsensual scene reads: Beautiful TS MILF Mandy Mitchell is enjoying a deep tissue massage from tattooed bad boy Mike Panic when he tells her to turn over for the second phase of the relaxation experience. Mike jerks Mandy’s hard cock and then blows her on the table. Mandy returns the favor and begins to boss Mike around. Mike worships Mandy’s pedicured feet and then receives Mandy’s stiff cock in his tight asshole. Mandy fucks Mike senseless, cumming in his mouth before jerking Mike to fruition.

That’s a way to entice viewers without giving too much away of the plot of the full movie. I’ve never seen a Transsensual production without a winding story behind the hard driving sex. Dana Vespoli is the writer and director of this tale. When Mandy is on her back getting the massage from Mike, he encourages her to turn over and when she does so, she’s naked from head to toe.

She tells Mike where she needs to be touched as if he didn’t see the cue of the swelling dick between her legs. Mike not only touches it with his hands but proceeds to give her a deep blowjob. Mandy has some serious kind of staying power because this cock sucking goes on for quite some time and she’s raging hard. On top of that, she’s about to fuck her masseuse too! She pummels Mikes ass on what seems like two leather ottomans fashioned into a bench in the missionary position.

Then she goes at it doggy style! Mandy manages to get a forced foot job out of Mike while pounding his ass in this position. Mandy’s doggy style railing evolves into piledriver penetration and “forced” oral until she fucks her partner again in a piledriver banging on the floor! This is the type of porn scene that reminds me of the difference between the way ordinary people fuck and the way adult actors do it. But I wouldn’t say not to try this at home.

My Dad’s TS Girlfriend Vol. 2 is available on Adult DVD Empire here, but you can also see it with more photos on! For more of Mandy, subscribe to Mike has his own site too and it’s

Transsensual: Jenna Tales in Be My Bitch!

The official synopsis of “Be My Bitch!” reads: Stunning, curvy blond TS Jenna Tales can’t believe her luck when new boyfriend Chad Diamond reveals he wants to be her bitch. Jenna takes full advantage of her new dominatrix status and drives her juicy cock down Chad’s throat, fucking his mouth until he drools uncontrollably. Chad worships Jenna’s big shapely ass and then opens up his own ass for Jenna to fuck without mercy. Jenna aggressively drives her cock in and out of Chad’s small ass as he begs for more.

Jenna is pleased with all the punishment Chad is happy to take and rewards him with her ample load, then allows Chad to finally cum. I can’t top a description like that so I’ll just add a few thoughts about Sunshine State superstar Jenna Tales and her co-star, one of the best male porn actors around, Chad Diamond. Chad is so happy to have found someone to connect with on a dating site. After a night out with Jenna for the first time, They head back to Chad’s house and his date seems to present the promise of good things to come. But first, she needs a moment in the powder room. When she returns to the living area, she finds out exactly what he meant when he stated earlier that his last girlfriend didn’t understand him.

She’s told him that she’s open-minded and she’s going to have to be considering that he’s on his back on the sofa with a ball gaga in his mouth and his wrists are cuffed. She steps out for another moment and returns in breast-baring lingerie and a paddle in her hand. Jenna in full dominatrix mode uses the paddle pretty lightly on Chad’s jock and more forcefully on his ass. When he later sinks to his knees to suck her cock, Jenna rests her heels on his back and enjoys it. It’s obvious by the way she develops a raging erection. Not only does the submissive get a jackhammer ass fucking in a variety of position with Jenna’s powerful cock, he gets rammed by a huge double dong also. The cumshots are fantastic too!

Take the tour for more and you can register free and follow Jenna Tales on Make sure to hit that follow button.

Transsensual: Transition – River Stark, Mercedes Carrera

When handsome James (River Stark) goes off to war, beautiful, devoted Angie (Mercedes Carrera) spends her days awaiting his return. But when James is unexpectedly discharged, Angie finds that the person who comes home to her is not the same man who left. In an emotional exchange, Angie discovers James has begun gender reassignment surgery, and her world is turned upside down. As their marriage implodes, Angie tries to open her mind to sex with a TS woman (Aspen Brooks), while James finds solace in the arms of an ex (Erica Lauren). Can their love survive the Transition? Starring Mercedes Carrera, River Stark, Aspen Brooks, Roman Todd and Erica Lauren. In this scene, River’s character home to pick up her things after divorcing Angie. The only thing she wants is one last hug goodbye. Angie tells her how beautiful she looks. The two still have chemistry and love for each other the hug goodbye ends up turning into one last fucking session between the two. They fuck each other deeply this one last time will be the best one ever, leaving both of them shaking into climax.

Transition is based on the real life story of TS porn star River Stark. Transition features Mercedes Carrera in her first ever TS sex scenes. The groundbreaking film also stars Aspen Brooks, Roman Todd, and Erica Lauren, also making her TS sex scene debut. Transition was written and directed by Nica Noelle. “Nica took the true story of River Stark’s transition and brought it to life, capturing all her emotion and struggle,” explained Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt. “This is a film sure to redefine what fans expect from the trans genre – and regardless of your sexuality, there is no denying the power of Transition.

In an emotional exchange, Angie discovers James has begun gender reassignment surgery, and her world is turned upside down. As their marriage implodes, Angie tries to open her mind to a new life—sex with a TS woman (Brooks) – while James finds solace in the arms of an ex (Lauren). The question becomes whether their love survive the Transition.

River Stark teamed with Nica and Mercedes to deliver Transition, stating, “Everything fell in its place with this film. Mercedes and I got to work on something meaningful that went beyond just bodies coming together on camera; thankfully it involved a lot of other equally dedicated people. I believe Nica’s amazing directing allowed pieces to shuffle and fall in the right order to give everyone involved an immense sense of ownership in what we were creating, which you don’t see a lot of in what we do. “I feel like that all culminated in the naming of the film itself,” River continued.

“The title Transition came up, and it just made sense. For me it meant a few different things. It was a social and medical transition of a character in a film; transition of a soldier from battle to civilian life; a transition away from the narrative that sex workers are exploited drones; a transition from the stigma that stands between trans people and mainstream porn; a transition away from casting cisgender [non-trans] people as trans people, and so on. The first time I heard the film’s name I was all about it, as was the case with the entire film. It has definitely turned into one of the best projects I’ve been a part of and something I plan on doing more of in future work.” TransSensual exemplifies Noelle’s distinctive style with a slight twist, producing trans-positive erotica, deviating from the typical TS porn genre. New releases, trailers, and the best of Noelle’s TS erotica are available on the official member site, website, and DVDs on the theater and on