Transfixed Review: Natalie Mars & Haley Reed: The Heist

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Description: Natalie Mars and Haley Reed are standing together on the side of a desert road. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, the women are calm and confident, casting each other flirty looks as they intimately slide their hands into each other’s back pockets.

Then, they see him — some rich guy flaunting his stuff as he drives down the road towards them. When he spots the two gorgeous women hitchhiking, he can’t resist pulling over and inviting them into his convertible. Having just run into good fortune, he’s all-too-happy to brag about it while a mysterious briefcase sits in the backseat. While Haley distracts the guy, Natalie sneaks a peek and discovers that the briefcase is loaded with money! As soon as she gets the chance, she gives Haley the signal.

Within moments, the guy is unceremoniously dumped onto the side of the road. The girls speed off, gleefully throwing dollar bills to the wind, celebrating their win. They drive to the nearest cheap motel, as not to arouse suspicion, although they fully intend to arouse each other instead…

As soon as the motel door is closed behind them and the briefcase is cast aside, they crash together in bed. As they strip each other down, they admire each other’s naked bodies in the neon glow of the motel sign shining through the window. Basking in their glory, they eagerly go down on each other. As Natalie licks Haley’s pussy, Haley sucks Natalie’s cock… They can’t get enough of the taste. Once they are both ready, they finally take each other for a wild ride.

Yet, as they cuddle together in bed when they’re exhausted, their life is about to get even wilder. Little do they know, the neon glow outside is soon replaced with the flashing red and blue of police lights…

Review: is a a micro-site and a series on How does a trans blogger even begin to rate a Natalie Mars scene at this point in her career? Fairly and honestly like everyone else. But first, a word about her from the director, Bree Mills. “We’ve shot Natalie Mars four or five times. She is the tipping point. … She also has a huge following. She was Kristen’s first, Cadence Lux’s, Haley Reed’s. She’s the cool trans girl that all the porn girls want to shoot with. She’s getting huge exposure with mainstream fans because of that.” I’ve been following Haley Reed for a couple of years now, from the days when I used to review mainstream porn. That amount of time is saying something because this petite, 34B-24-35 performer is only around 22 years old. She’s developed a huge fan base in a short amount of time.

The filming is top notch as usual, but there are a few special elements about this production even the creators could not have banked on. The chemistry between Natalie and Haley, from their conspirators glances at one another, to their flirtation leading to raw sex is magical. I didn’t expect it to be so kinky, with heavy foot fetish content, fisting and roughness. But those elements made me appreciate this episode even more.

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AdultTime |Transfixed Review: S1 | E6 | Housewife Secrets

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Casey Kisses is enjoying a quiet day at home, dolled-up in a beautiful dress and makeup that is reminiscent of simpler times. She looks perfectly contented as she pours herself a cup of cappuccino and idly flicks through a magazine. Her doting husband appears, letting Casey know that he’s late for work but that her friend has arrived for a visit. When he offers his arm to Casey, she takes it, eager to greet her visitor.

Sarah Vandella is all smiles when she sees Casey, both of them coming together in a friendly hug. After seeing Casey’s husband off, the two ladies move to the living room to catch up. Sarah is taken with how much Casey’s husband adores her, lamenting about her own husband. The spark is just… gone. What’s Casey’s secret? How does she keep her man coming back for more? Casey plays coy at first until Sarah’s begging her for advice. ‘The truth might come as a surprise, but not if you’re open-minded…’ she insists as she opens her dress and proudly shows off her cock.

Sarah is instantly entranced, drawn to Casey in a way she’s never experienced before. She practically worships Casey, running her hands all over her body. She wants to experience Casey for herself, and Casey is delighted to deliver. The two beautiful housewives undress each other, admiring each other’s sexy bodies.

After sucking on Casey’s breasts, Sarah eagerly makes her way down to Casey’s cock. She enthusiastically goes down on Casey, unable to get enough of her. When Casey tongues Sarah’s swollen clit and slides her cock inside of her, Sarah gasps, instantly overwhelmed with bliss. There’s no doubt why Casey’s marriage has remained strong all this time!

Review: The first question I had about Housewife Secrets is it’s success as a period piece. Is it as convincing as Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (in which a housewife in the 1950’s decides to be a stand-up comic)? Well, no but few directors like Bree Mills or studios like could have done it this well. The perfect amount of time is utilized to develop the storyline. A bit more dialogue would have made the opening slightly boring.

The most interesting part of the lead-in to the initial intimacy is Sarah’s behavior not knowing that Casey is trans. Coupled with Casey and Sarah’s acting chops, this is not your average, “Oh my Gosh, you have a cock,” type of content. There’s nothing comical about it and that’s what sets this theme apart from similar, yet less respectful ones.

Plus, I can’t help from mentioning that these two actresses are at the top of their game in two separate porn genres. Actually, Sarah has a very good amount of experience performing in the trans niche. I think that, plus Casey’s natural affection to cis women helps move the action forward smoothly. The chemistry feels so real. As for the beauty of these leads and the sex… absolutely phenomenal is all I can add. It doesn’t get any better.

TransFixed Presents After Hours on AdultTime

Riley Reyes and Natalie Mars headline “After Hours with Natalie,” the latest episode of newly launched “translesbian erotica” series Transfixed on AdultTime. The ladies “bring the glamour,” a rep said. “Trans lesbians are so rarely portrayed in porn, and this series elevates them and celebrates their womanhood.” Reyes found the trans/cis storyline compelling. “I hope it will pave the way for a lot more thoughtful and beautiful queer porn,” she said.

The performer, Riley Reyes, “personally requested that her first AdultTime scene with Mars be a visual mash-up of glamorous women in an industrial setting, so writer-producer-director Bree Mills worked with the star to create the scene’s exquisitely surreal location setting and theme,” notes the rep.

Transfixed was like a dream come true; they’re doing something truly unique,” said Reyes. “Bree collaborated with me in creating the vision for my scene, so I actually got a chance to act out my own fantasy. I also loved working with Natalie. We had real chemistry, which made everything so fluid and fun. I can’t wait for people to see it!”

Mills shared that enthusiasm. “This has been one of my favorite productions so far. Riley and Natalie not only have amazing chemistry in the scene, but they both look fabulous, as if having stepped out of the pages of a Vogue magazine pictorial.” Natalie Mars described her experience as “absolutely wonderful.”

“I’m excited to see Bree and her crew bring higher production values and a cinematic eye to trans porn, and I’m honored I get to be part of it,” she said. “As for my scene partner, Riley was a total dream and I hope we’ll have many more chances to work together again in the future.”

Click here for a preview and VOD/digital download details. Prior episodes of Transfixed include Chanel Santini and Kleio Valentien in “Chanel & the Wolf” and Venus Lux with Cherie DeVille in “Venus at the Party”. Fans who join the Transfixed membership site will also gain access to AdultTime‘s entire 50,000-scene Gamma Entertainment catalog.