TransexJapan: Chulin Nakazawa in Anal Masturbation

Sample Photo Set

So much for the mystery with this update. But is that such a bad thing? I think not. Let’s see if the action meets up with your imagination and what I’m seeing. First of all it’s gorgeous Chulin Nakazawa laying on her bed in a Hollywood, California t-shirt and white panties. She’s in profile before she turns her bulge toward your face. Chulin’s cock is semi-erect when she exposes it. It grows fully hard with just a few minutes of stroking. Her long legs and dainty feet are bare and she slowly raises them to remove her panties.

Chulin’s Filmography

Chulin holds her pretty stems up for you to imagine penetrating her in the missionary position. But then she’s on her back finger banging her tight ass a moment later. She first fucks herself deeply with one digit and then two. Then come the high-pitched sounds of Chulin’s pleasure as she rapidly rams her cute butt with those two fingers. Chulin is either in ecstasy from an anal orgasm or the rapture of edging. Whatever it is she must pause. I’m not sure what she’s saying in her native Japanese language but it’s incredibly sensual to watch her speaking while laying on her back. She caresses each nipple while her cock lays across her pierced tummy. Chulin then produces a huge double dong and lubes it up. This is one of the wildest solo scenes on this incredible website! Take the Transex Japan tour.