Trans500 Review: Sarina Valentina in A Sarina Weekend with Sean Michaels

Official Review: Our boy Sean joins us today interested in doing some business. You know it’s all love here at Trans500. Traveling for business has its perks though. Today we’re joined by Sarina Valentina up in the mix. After discussing the ins and outs of the deal, Sean needs a break. It just so happens he runs into our girl Sarina Valentina. Now if you know this girl you know we definitely don’t have to explain the rest. Let’s get right to the action!

Caramel’s Review: I wish that all trans-attracted men like Sean Michaels were ready, willing and able to figuratively shout to the roof tops about it. No trans woman wants to hear excuses, but everyone knows how much this mainstream porn legend had to lose. One thing that I’m sure made his controversial career choice a bit easier was having his choice of the adult industry’s top trans talents to work with. For example, Sarina Valentina is one of the most downloaded trans superstars in history. On the area of the network, which is one of the bonus sites you’ll have full access to as a subscriber, Sean’s POV acting sequence talking Bitcoin leads to passing Sarina’s suite and seeing her primping and preening in the mirror. Trying his luck, he enters the room and introduces himself. It turns out that she’s heard about Sean through her boyfriend. As he’s about to excuse himself, she adds that her boyfriend says Sean has a really big cock. This moment is a bit awkward until Sarina reaches out to grasp the bulge in the front of his pants.

Sarina gives Sean what looks like an incredible blowjob right there in the entrance way! She then leads him topless to the sofa and straddles it beside him to continue sucking his extra-long frank. Their bareback fucking begins with Sarina lowering herself down the dusky shaft in the reverse cowgirl position. I’ve been covering Sarina’s official since 2001 and there are plenty of amazing hardcore scenes on her site. Ironically, this scene with Sean Michaels is one of her best hardcore scenes ever!

IKillItTS Review: Janelle Fennec & Sean Michaels in Business Casual

Description: Boy Oh Boy! Today we have a fucking treat for you guys.Our boy Sean Michaels is out on a business trip with the always gorgeous Janelle Fennec. Now you know business trips come a dime a dozen but how often do you ever get paired up with a sizzling hot ass like this one? We can probably say never. Now one thing leads to another when they are booked in a room with just one bed. Do we need to explain what happens after? Let’s get right to the fucking action with these two in “Business Casual.” Review: Beautiful Janelle Fennec is well on her way to achieving legendary status. Sean Michaels, with his mainstream fame has attained that years ago.

When Sean recently made the transition to trans porn, what the straight world considers to be a highly controversial move, it’s only logical fr him to start at the top of the trans porn food chain. The pairing of Janelle and Sean is pure casting magic, even if you had no clue about their past work.

They look great separately, but more importantly, they look amazing together. On top of that, there’s an intangible good chemistry and obvious respect from each actor. Now let’s talk about the way they go about sucking and fucking, shall we?

I anticipated cumming to this scene and I did. It fulfilled my expectations 100%. I’m not usually so easily intrigued by interracial project because people are people and all that stuff, but the contrasting skin tones of Janelle on Sean is simply striking. I don’t care what anybody says about interracial porn being irrelevant. I highly disagree!

For those who are not into plot-driven porn, trust me, it’s comical and cute here. No one takes themselves too seriously and it’s a brief, necessary set-up to so much naughty fun! The seduction sequence is on fire and I’m not going to spoil it with too many details.

Janelle’s cock sucking skills are mesmerizing to watch and Sean’s bareback fucking is masterful! There’s a kinky little foot fetishist sequence and some explosive cum action at the end.

I know I’m being uncharacteristically vague with this review, but I really want you to see how this all plays out in the area of the network!

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Trans500 Review: Sofia Duarte in It’s Playtime

MP4 Scene Trailer

This video makes me think of the rare moments I see someone who makes me want to bite the back of my hand. That’s how hot I find Sofia Duarte to be. Her introduction is not only tasteful, her tuck job is so good that we can’t even make out the hint of a penis outline in her lingerie.

It’s not because none of us are trying hard to, believe me. The outline of her nipples is clear. As far as her butt goes, it’s one of the most remarkable bottoms I’ve seen in recent history.

Something tells me Sofia was born with this and it’s not the results of squats. Reflecting on the large breasts she flashes and the long legs she kicks around gracefully, I say Sofia Duarte is as close to perfection as a human can get.

She even sounds incredible, whispering something sexy in her native language. “It’s Playtime” continues with Sofia kicking off her platforms and writhing on the bed with her sexy, rose colored outfit encircling her waist.

Sofia touches herself frequently in her most intimate places. But she doesn’t really begin stroking her cock until about 7 and a half minutes into the video. She’s fully nude by then and rapidly developing an erection. She’s also clearly getting lost in lust with her breathing intensifying.

Multiple angles display this fresh, young beauty masturbating. She’s shot full frontal, from the rear, sitting, laying down and standing up during this incredible fap sequence!

I felt like there isn’t a centimeter of her body masterfully presented from the time this begins until its climactic ending.

Trans500: Booty Banging Itzel

Scene Trailer 1

Description: It’s about that time folks. Brand new to is this beautiful girl by the name of Itzel. Gorgeous and horny are just a few simple things we can say about young Itzel. Our boy can’t contain himself, he gets right to it. Let’s hop right to the action today with Itzel in “Booty Banging Itzel”.

Sample Photo Gallery is the official website of beautiful Gia Itzel from Mexico City, Mexico. Her co-star is a very handsome alpha male stud who can act well and it’s required for this story-driven scene. It’s no thespian masterpiece, but there’s enough of a build-up to keep things more than simply visibly appealing.

Scene Trailer 2

This is a Trans.500 update that serves as fun for the individual yet also appropriate for what I’d categorize as couples porn. And the nudity occurs quickly, followed by Itzel kneeling down naked, except for her tall sandals, to suck her boyfriend’s big dusky cock. Itzel’s blowjob is captured in profile and POV footage and then Itzel is fucked in a variety of positions. Get on over to to watch this gorgeous couple having an explosive sex session.

Trans500: Giana Becker – Ms.Big Booty Becker

Video Preview

Description: Giana Becker is by far one of the sexiest girls we have here on She’s back in this hardcore Big Booty Banging scene. That ass is simply just fucking perfect. Let’s get right to the action folks! Giana Becker in ‘Ms.Big Booty Becker”.

Sample Photo Gallery

It’s kind of funny to me to see a video remastered because when the site was launched, I thought this was the most HD porn out there. But as we know, technology continues to rapidly advance. Perhaps this killer scene was released at a time when the branch of the network wasn’t yet as popular as it is today. By the way, it’s included in your Trans 500 network membership.

Gianna is introduced to us shaking it out by the pool in a sinuous fishnet outfit, a thong and skyscraper high pumps. Although she wears braces, she looks about drinking age and her striptease reveals nudity very slowly and gradually. There’s a lot to unpack here. Especially when her veteran male performer partner Capo shows up.

She exposes her naughty bits, her lovely breasts and succulent looking uncut cock after a few minutes. Somewhere after the eleventh minute, Capo follows his outstanding dusky boner to the beautiful dancer with oil to apply to her big, curvaceous ass! He gets his BBC sucked after mauling her tight ass and devouring her pretty tits. Capo gets Giana naked from head to toe indoors and has another feasting on Giana’s big ole’ butt.

Then she slowly sinks down on his massively thick cock for what builds up slowly to a tumultuous pounding. Giana’s fully erect cock is pretty large in its own right and it’s so erotic to see how it flops around during the reverse cowgirl sequence. Find out what happens next with this torrid update on!

Trans500: All About Ms. Kayleigh Coxx

Try not to be jealous when beautiful Kayleigh Coxx describes how she’s getting serious with some guy on It’s a long distance relationship, but she thinks they have a special connection. She’s decided to gift him with a video. She sets up her camera with her lean form clad in blue lingerie and rhinestone-studded sandals. While greeting John as the filming begins, Kayleigh produces something she knows John will really love seeing her using – a big black replica of a cock. Either John is a hung black dude himself or someone who fantasizes seeing her sucking and fucking a BBC.

Look closely at Kayleigh’s sheer blue panties and you’ll see an upright cock nestled within. As she stands back to allow you to drink in her hot body from head to to, that bulge becomes the center focus. She caresses her breasts through her brassiere while talking dirty, encouraging you to jerk off for her. Then she bares her boobs asking you to fuck her like you miss her.

Stroke your cock for Kayleigh and develop a throbbing erection like she’s got while trying to bring you off. After masturbating while standing, she perches herself on an ottoman. There’s no way you won’t be thinking about devouring Kayleigh or pounding her tight ass doggy style at this point. Next, she jerks off with her curvy legs drawn spread eagle and here comes the huge dark dildo again. She asks if you think it will fit inside her before the penetration begins.

Kayleigh works that huge phallus in and out of her bottom like a champ. Then she sits up and faps more furiously even than before. She announces that she’s going to cum, but loses her nut for a few minutes later. Then her orgasm finally crashes in this delicious update. This feature is in the Trans At Play area that comes with your Trans500 membership.