Nokyung Top

Once I saw an incredible Thai model named Thippy on the new website, I knew right off the bat that I’d see a plethora of other beautiful models also and in high quality original scenes. A quick look through the Ladyboy Play tour shows that their collection of sexy Asian trans women fits right in with the other major sites. Mostly models are from the Pattaya, Thailand area as well as from Bangkok. The content is 100% exclusive with a nice collection of both hardcore and solo action. The content is shot quite well with clear video, good sound and lots of close ups so we can really see the beauty of these models. You can download the full videos to your computer or relax and use the streaming video player which seems to be quite fast. The photos aren’t the main event here. It’s all about the incredible videos. Like “Nokyung Top“! I hope you’ve clicked on the highlighted link to view the trailer. It’s a clip from the full-length movie where lithe Nokyung clicks across the floor of a well-appointed apartment topless with a boner bursting from the waistband of her panties. She awakens her European male boyfriend from his slumber on the couch with her hardon. The guy is 100% alpha but Nokyung fucks him all over that crib in so many positions that I lose count. She even gives him a few suckings in between and when he’s ready to cum, she finger bangs him while he jerks off. But the man flips over to place his mouth near Nokyung’s stiff cock and encourages her to stroke it so they can cum at the same time. As he beats himself off furiously, Nokyung shoots a huge load inside his mouth and across his neck and chest! That’s what gets him to shoot his spunk. They end their union with a cummy kiss. With so many Asian trans adult site come and gone over the years and still existing and doing well today, here we have a new one that’s just as good as and sometimes even better. is amongst the best of the best.

Poy – Big Black Cock

After a few clips of hung Poy posing seductively and slowly jerking off, she introduces herself in English. She’s a dark-skinned Thai trans but looks nothing like an American black trans girl of African Thai either (yet that’s most likely her true ethnic origin). But she does have an enormous dusky dick swinging beneath the hem of her red skirt.

This huge wang she’s stroking is uncut and she’s asking you to come suck it. Deep throating would not be an easy task. This scene focuses so much on Poy’s huge dick that it takes about two minutes for me to realize she has a pretty smile and nice long hair. Once she gets her skirt off, everything below her waist is bare.

She still has on a black top covering a rather large bosom. Her ass is small and curvy we see as she stands upon her bed. But we’re soon back to the focus on Poy’s schlong. Finally a few minutes into the scene, Poy bares and caresses her big boobs while her fap session continues. The head of her rod oozes copious amounts of pre-cum. Once her big tits are revealed, they’re clearly capped with cute little nipples. Auto focus pretty much spoils the effect of Poy’s cum shot, but apologies are made. I’m willing to forgive because there’s a huge archive of content.

Plus, this site is part of the network. That means full access to a truly astounding amount of Thai trans content. By the way, the easiest way to browse what the full network has to offer is to run through!

Noon: Naked In The Kitchen!

I love the insight the producer of this exquisite Ladyboy-Ladyboy update provides saying, “I came across Noon in a mall. She was working in those small phone case shops. She was just 17 at that time so we exchanged our numbers and the day she turned (18) she sent me a message asking if she could come take photos! She did pretty good and was not that shy. She has a Thai boyfriend at the moment so she doesn’t want to share her contact info but keep checking here in case she changes her mind.”

I’m intrigued by the way this scene went into development. “Noon: Naked In The Kitchen!” is this stunning model’s debut but the man who discovered and filmed her is the producer behind Franks-TGirlWorld where he captured her in a debut and cum shot follow-up scene! “Hung Noon Gets Naked!” was her debut there followed by “Cum Shooting With Lovely Noon“.

These titles alone are stretching out my panties, let alone the performances! But I digress. Noon’s kitchen performance on She uses the small area more like a catwalk than a place to cook and eat wearing a white dress and clear mules with black platforms and sparkly heels.

If you’re not paying close attention you’ll miss the moment she flashes her bare cock and balls. She’s greeted and welcomed by Frank as she caresses her boobs through the shift. Noon says her name and age, adding that she’s from Bangkok, but not as a bar dancer.

Noon has an adorable face as you can see and I don’t think it’s odd or pedo that she still wears braces. I do like the way she licks her lips often and confirms that it’s true that she has a big banana.

Breast and nipple stimulation seem to be big parts of Noon’s arousal. One of my biggest turn-ons is watching her stroking her big cock with the fabric of her dress. We’ve seen it flaccid but not erect as of yet.

But just wait until you see the monster that Noon is packing between her lovely legs on!

Ladyboy-Ladyboy: Very Naughty Schoolgirl Cindy!

I’m shaking my head watching my Ladyboy-Ladyboy video with Cindy beginning with the Ultra 4k opening. Back in the day, who would have thought these productions would be crystal clear, still going strong for almost 20 years? This model dressed as sexy school girl introduces herself in English and it occurs to me that she’s probably about the same age as the site she’s on.

Cindy is from Bangkok, Thailand and her waspish waist is emphasized by the short midriff baring top she’s opening. I’m not sure when the last time was that I’ve been with a trans girl so tiny. I don’t see any breast growth yet but looking at her hair and overall style, I tend to believe she’s in early transition stages. If she’s not, that makes me no less attracted. When I saw her preview photos and video clip on, I noticed this sexy thing she does with her lips.

When Cindy is turned on, it’s obvious by the way she curls her lips into a snarl. This little thing transforms her from an innocent waif into brazen sex kitten. She strips completely naked in less than two minutes and begins tweaking a nipple and stroking the shaft of her dark uncut cock. As she sits at the edge of the tub jerking off, I’m saying to myself, “You’re moving so fast, girl.”

I know this video runs over 16 minutes so what else is there left for her to do? The answer is to allow Sampson Dark to capture unexpected angles of this cutie pie playing with herself. I’m not sure if she’s edging or if she’s going to cum after all this build-up. Whatever happens this makes me want to see her debut video also by Sampson Dark entitled “Incredibly Naughty Cindy Strokes!” I just love watching her and I also might check out what she’s done on also.

Watch Cindy’s Trailers on

Ladyboy Gold Network 11th Anniversary!

I’ve just recieved and email to thank me for promoting the Ladyboy Gold network membership websites and a reminder that they’re celebrating their 11 Anniversary. Congratulations, everyone! This team started out back on June 20, 2006 with a single solo site – Ladyboy Gold.

They’ve since built a portfolio of 19 amazingly successful Asian niche sites, including the powerhouse network of ladyboy sites under the LadyboyGold name, and they are adding more sites every year. I’m so glad to have been a part of helping these producers and models become so successful. To that end, they’ve also surprised me with another exciting announcement. “We are happy to announce our newest site,!

We have acquired the popular site and archives, and have infused it with a brand new design and brand new updating exclusive content! Additionally, Ladyboy Crush’s new content and archives will be included in the LadyboyGold network, so your surfers will enjoy the thousands of exclusive bonus content sets inside the members area!”

Vava – Voyeur Fetish is an incredible recent update. It’s right on par with other scenes I love on my favorite network sites including,, – my favorite post-op trans website and another domain for a plethora of diverse updates,!

Vava in “Voyeur Fetish” begins with an incredibly busty and hung model who likes to spread her love across the LBG network asks in English if you want to see her jerking off. When she exposes her large lovely breasts, they look so succulent and the cleavage is deep!

A funky Hip-Hop track plays in the background until it’s time to stop. It ends past the midway point while Vava is stroking her erection right before she begins her toy play. The music begins to play again after Vava fucks herself with the beaded dildo while she lets her swollen cock to release a torrent of cum! Good timing for the track, for Vava and hopefully for you too!

Ladyboy.XXX: Beautiful Yuki Returns!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

I went to take a look at the updates on one of my favorite sites and noticed something different right away. There’s a third photo set of a Bangkok, Thailand cutie pie I’d seen in sets by Terry that were blazing hot. She came in the last one in fact.

With this third update of Yuki, I noticed that the credit was for Mistress Murmer. I’m learning more and more about this producer and her incredible work as time passes. Hopefully soon I’ll have more information and work by her to share. When her new scene opens, Yuki is clearly going for ultra cuteness and it’s working so well. The braces and little wave don’t hurt with that impression as the video begins.

She delivers some enticing upskirt views when she hops upon the kitchen counter and the most she’s exposing so far are her legs and feet. A little panty play is followed by the exposure of a big pair of knockers for such a petite girl. Yuki pulls herself out of her dress and she’s left wearing a rather unusual pair of panties. A closer look shows that they’ve got a bit of strategically placed padding.

But when she lowers the undies and reveals her wide hips and bottom, I’m absolutely certain that the padding isn’t necessary. Yuki has curves for days. Yuki exposes her fun spot explicitly. This is a Ladyboy.XXX shoot and there’s nothing to be shy about! Her uncut cock begins to lengthen and thicken as her undies fall lower down her legs. Yuki’s cock expands before our very eyes as she skins the foreskin from the head and she caresses her boobs.

She makes her raging hard pecker swing back and forth and the fully exposed head looks incredibly shiny. At this point I begin to lose track of the amount of tantalizing positions this exquisite totally nude model moves through. I can’t wait to see the next production by Mistress Murmer and more of Yuki on Ladyboy.XXX!

Amy In: Pretty Eyes Black Babydoll Bareback

There’s something bizarre to me about this Ladyboys Fucked Bareback update but I love it. The photo set is good but the video is incredible. When I saw Amy’s pictures I had a feeling this would be my determination after watching the full-length scene. She looks exquisite from head to toe with one natural breast in her hand and the head of her cock peeping through the sheer fabric of her babydoll. I could do without the blue contacts but I fully understand the East meets West appeal. With or without them it’s plain to see that this model is absolutely gorgeous!

She pulls her rather long and rapidly stiffening uncut cock from her panties and strokes it firmly. It’s quite a mouthful with a slightly downward curve. She has smooth looking legs and dainty feet and when she sits back into the sofa, her little pucker is clearly visible. I notice a spot of pre-cum on her thigh as she masturbates intently and I know she’s horny as fuck! Her pecker is getting even more stiff beneath her flat pierced tummy. Aside from her luxurious long hair, her nipples, cock and balls are her darkest parts.

Between about the 4th and 5th minute, it’s obvious that something has captured Amy’s attention. I know it’s a nice male cock about to enter the frame and I’m anxious to see how Amy handles it. Although the male model remains private, I know that cock so well it’s as if I’ve sucked it myself. It’s quite thick but Amy manages to suck that erection to the base.

After a long and intense blowjob, Amy and her partner rub their stiff cocks together. Soon afterward he’s fucking her bareback in the missionary position! Amy strokes her big tool until she shoots a big load of creamy white cum but this torrid railing is far from finished yet. The stud pulls out his hard cock as they switch positions from missionary to doggy-style. The POV cock then continues to fuck her until he pulls out and cums all over Amy’s sweet ass. This update is yet another network scorcher.

If you’d like to watch more previews, head on over the the astounding website.

Ladyboy.XXX: Amazing Brunette Jay Cums!

MP4 Scene Trailer 

It’s actually rare that I see an ass in a scene I want to fuck this badly or a cock I crave so much. Jay drives me crazy with lust and makes my she-cock throb uncontrollably. Her lack of big breast growth doesn’t bother me at all after seeing decades of poor breast augmentation. Those who know vintage trans porn know exactly what I’m talking about. I see a lot of models that are more my “type” but this one I really want to just smash.

This is a backdated photo and video set I almost forgot to rave about. A May 3, 2017 shoot isn’t too far back however. Terry is the producer of this encore scene from his model Jay. ” The lovely tgirl babe with the long brunette hair and nice legs is standing in front of the camera hoping to give you an instant hardon. She has such a great body which will give you no trouble getting aroused. Enjoy Jay’s erotic solo performance as she jerks off her cock and drips her milky cum.” is the text Terry provides.

“Tons of bareback ass fucking and cock sucking and tons of cum spewed at the end! That’s what Jay loves most.” He adds. The Bangkok, Thailand babe says, “I’m a pretty shy girl in public places, but once that camera starts to roll and the clothes strips off, the true sensually sexual babe that I am is unleashed,” Jay says. Hmmm, maybe she is totally my type after all! Her cock is tenting her leather dress when her Ladyboy.XXX second scene opens.

As Jay poses this way, it’s more erotic than seeing her bare schlong, but we get to that soon. From crotchless fishnet footless pantyhose her big dick manages to stand at a gravity defying angle.

Jay is pretty quiet throughout the entire scene, even when her massive cock releases her cum shot from that massive cock.

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It’s Getting Hot With May And Suzy

Brunette May from Isaan introduces herself at the beginning of this wild hardcore scene on filmed by VC. She’s now a go go dancer at Stringfellows in Pattaya, Thailand and a highly requested porn star on this long-running site with eight updates. Her fabulous top has been here three times before under the name “Susie” in her solo performances. Suzy from Petchabun is shown fucking May within the first minute! May is on top, bouncing up and down on Suzy’s stiff cock as she lays across a sofa. She then pile drives May’s tight ass and eases into a more comfortable missionary position. The frosted blonde who made her debut in 2007 doesn’t let up on the power of her thrusts however. May strokes her erection while moaning out her pleasure. Suzy bangs May doggy style next making her bottom’s large breasts jiggle like crazy. Then May rides her partner’s cock in the reverse cowgirl position. She continues to stroke her boner as Suzy mauls her boobs while thrusting upward. It’s a protected sex fucking and once Suzy lays back on the couch, May sinks to the floor between her legs to suck her hardon while playing with herself. May is so turned on that she’s ready to cum before the girl she’s giving head does. She stands up and shoots her big load across Suzy’s hard cock! Suzy uses May’s cum as lubricant and stands above May to coat her big tits with creamy white spurts of cum!

You can Watch the Free Trailer on

Boss Black Babydoll 2x Creampies

5’5″ (166cm), 132lbs (60kg), 5.5 Inches (14cm) Thai trans girl Boss is perhaps one of the finest models on from the network ever! When her scene opens, she’s standing in a room wearing a black babydoll and matching fishnet stockings. She’s not wearing panties so you can see her bare cock and balls gently swaying before her thighs.

As this is a POV shoot, the guy whose legs she arranges herself between while stroking her expanding cock is yours. Boss jerks her pecker to a full erection with pre-cum oozing from the cockhead, then turns around to give you an explicit rear view. There’s no mystery left about the tight ass you’ll be fucking after she sucks you off.

Boss gives you a blowjob with great eye-contact, licking from tip to balls and takes the cock deeply in her throat. She tea bags your nuts carefully and climbs on top of you for a cowgirl bareback ride! Her pink, sprung cock bounces as her bottomless ass-pussy engulfs your plunging rod. She loves the way your stroke her hard spike while fucking her. Then she takes a reverse cowgirl ride on your throbbing tool. You don’t stop pumping your hips upward until you’ve creampied her tight ass.

As you recover from your powerful climax, it’s time for back to lay back on the bed and make herself cum. She gazes at up you smiling cutely and jerks off with one pretty breast and nipple exposed.

You capture the creamy white cum spurting out of Boss’s swollen cockhead and she spreads her buttcheeks to give you one last look at the deposit you’ve made. You can see what’s trending in the Ladyboy Gold network when you get to and it’s also fun to click on “Newest” to see if you’ve missed anything.