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Bailey Jay: Wisdom Teeth Review

I thought the title of this new Bailey Jay video was “Wisdom Teeth” but that’s just the short version. When you actually see the video as a member, the title reads, “Bailey Jay in: Just Had My Wisdom Teeth Out, But Still Made This Video.” This comes after she rises from her chair in the “Funky Pillows” photo shoot lingerie she’s wearing.

She parts her thighs to allow her big boner to spring out, then sits back down. She’s in pain, but she’s horny and she needs to cum. “My mouth hurts really bad,” she laments, “But so does my dick,” she adds. Then she asks us to take out our cocks and jerk off with her. Bailey Jay mentions that she really needs to sleep and you know how good a snooze can be once you’ve released all that sexual tension.

She goes on to close her sheer curtains a bit so hopefully no one outside with see her masturbating. I kinda think the fear of getting caught might be why her large pecker is so hard in the first place. For awhile, the range of focus is between the tops of her big, blue-veined jugs to her heavy, cum-filled balls. It’s the perfect close-up view to witness the pearly cum that shoots from the tip of her swollen cock head!

You get to see her pretty face again when she sits back down and licks the nectar from her fingers. Then you also get to see more of her almost completely bare ass in case you haven’t gotten off yet. Join or the entire TGirl-Network!