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Bio: At last my prayer for a miracle has been answered, when Misaki Shiratori agreed to do a photo-shoot for SMJ. Misaki is neither a prostitute nor a porn performer; she is a celebrity show-dancer who enjoys mainstream success in Japan. Feel free to be mesmerized by her flawless 22 year young body – the full breasts, the curvy hip, and the beautifully tapered legs. Misaki is a new-half babe that Japan is eager to show off to the world. Because of her status in the mainstream media, we agreed not to photograph her cum shot, but only for now!

She’s already agreed to return for a re-shoot after the New Year and hold your breath members – she promised to shoot a load on camera for us next time! Miyagi enjoys dancing, travelling and clubbing for fun. She is a Tokyo born and bred but her mother is from the North-east of Japan where women are well-known for their beautiful, highly desirable pale skin. No doubt she’s got her mother`s genes for her milky skin complexion. Misaki likes men who are creative. This is the first time Misaki has ever done a porn photo-shoot and she confessed that she was nervous. I really hope we will see more of her mesmerizing appearance here on

Height: 160cm (5ft 2)
Weight: 46kg (102lbs)
Stats: 92/58/90 (36/23/35)

Review: The above TGirl Japan biography was written of Karina Misaka Shiratori was written when she made her debut in 2013. That was over 30 videos ago of Karina! In this one, she’s sitting across from you dressed as a business woman and it appears that you’re interviewing for a position under her. Apparently you’re doing well because she’s stripping down to her pantyhose and exposing a turgid erection poking from the waistband of her panties. Karina exposes her lovely breasts with their big nipples and lays back to jerk off.

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