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The brunette beauty jerking off with a bath towel next to the hostess of is the hostess of Her measurements are 5’3″, 104lbs / 47 kg, 36D-23-34. She describes herself as pansexual and that’s great in this case considering that there’s also a man involved here. Some gorgeous masked man has his sexy ass upturned right next to Tania. Angeles is stroking her 10″ cock with a bathrobe on, but she removes it quickly. The object of her lust at the moment is the stiff cock between Tania’s legs. Blonde Angeles bares Tania’s boobs and the brunette gives the mystery man a rimjob for a brief moment before laying back on the bed masturbating. Both girls focus their attention on the guy’s bubble butt and Tania moves in again face first. Then the guy turns around to suck her fat cock. Angeles is so turned on by this threesome that when she releases her heavy tool, it stands upward from her loins. Angeles continues watching and jerking off and the totally naked, busty fox suddenly decides to straddle the man on all fours. Is she going to fuck him doggy style? Not just yet if so. She’s going to teases his ass with her huge cock by rubbing it with intense frottage. Then she snaps on a condom and penetrates his tight ass while Tania face fucks him forcefully! Then the girls trade places after Tania gets a condom over her big cock too. Angeles sits back and jerks off while watching Tania fuck the sexy bottom male hard! The man schooches up to help make Angeles cum while she strokes her enormous dick. Then Angeles shoots a big load of creamy white cum on his back. Tania withdraws her erection from his tight ass and jerks off furiously while the guy flips over onto his back. Tania masturbates over his chiseled chest and six pack as he strokes his own cock. He shoots a big load upon his tight belly and it almost looks as if Tania’s first blast of cum shoots way past the bed! I’m so glad I didn’t miss this torrid threesome on!

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Angeles Cid and Tania Q

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mp4 Trailer

mp4 Trailer

I can’t decide if Angeles Cid looks hotter in black & white photographs or in living color and in motion. Can you imagine her dancing for you in public the way she does in the first trailer above? Or being in the same room she’s fucking gorgeous Tania Q in? The last time I raved about Angeles Cid and Tania Q together was here on January 18, 2016. This time around, if you’re wondering why Tania Q is sucking that huge cock with a condom covering it, it’s because she’s about to get fucked by Angeles. 5’3″ 104 lbs Tania’s body is petite, but her 8.5 inches of cock is certainly not. Don’t you love statistics like that? Tania’s schlong rivals that of Angeles Cid’s mammoth organ. Everything goes with hung Tania who loves sex with men, women and other transsexuals alike. I love both of their individual sites, but if you prefer trans mega-sites, you can also see them on Hung Shemales.

Angeles Cid & Tania Q

On January 4, 2016, I saw an incredibly hot, yet most unusual video on the Angeles Cid website. Angeles helps her friends with new websites the same way the more established stars supported her when she started out. In the the “Tag Team Blowjob” video, she and Tania Q team up to suck a mystery man’s cock. The strange thing is that the long phallus sticking out of the dudes jeans is a dildo with a condom on it. After Angeles gives it a little sucking, the two seriously hung young ladies get involved in some light transbian action while jerking off. They resume taking turns and sucking the fake dick and jack off side by side again and again. I’ve blogged about Angeles several times before and I’m raved about Tania Q’s new site also. It’s obvious that these girls, who have actually had transbian sex before with others, are platonic friends. When Tania Q jerked her thick cock until she shot a big creamy white load across the dildo (which came complete with a fake eruption), Angeles added her jizz to the mix. They hugged after they came and waved goodbye. It wasn’t the type of threesome I was expecting, but it was fantastic in it’s weirdness and seeing both Angeles and Tania Quintanilla cumming in one scene was a special treat. I then went back to the January 7th solo performance of Angeles Cid in the “Taking Photos” video. It’s about the same length as the BJ scene, just under 10 minutes, but it’s really more like a behind-the-scenes clip of Angeles stripping out of her bra and panties and masturbating. The photo props are visible and so is the trans body of a director. I think I know who this is, but I’m not quite sure. At any rate, Angeles looks exquisite in her colorful bra and panties and tall platform stripper sandals. Any viewing of beautiful Angeles Cid stroking her massive cock is incredible to me and once again, it’s filmed in HD virtual perfection.

Tania Quintanilla Presents Tania Q!

The “Q” in Tania Q is short for Quintanilla, which can be a little complicated to write. That’s why she shortened her “stage” name. The tiny 24 year old powerhouse proudly boasts stats of 5’3″, 36D-23-34, 104 lbs (47 kg) and 8.5 inches of length. Tania is pansexual stating, “Everything goes! I like men, women and other transsexuals alike.” Her favorite sex position is: You on your hands and knees and me behind you fucking you nice and deep until I cum inside you! Tania says she was born to a very loving family who suppoerted her through her decisions and transition. When she was barely 8 years old, Tania realized that she was different, and that her fantasies all involved being a woman. At the age of 13, she began looking for ways to make those fantasies come through and contacted one of the most famous transsexual stars who took Tania under her wing and guided her through all the changes. A few days after turning 18, Tania filmed her first porn video. She remembers being very nervous and not knowing what to do, but the video was very well received. Despite Tania’s shyness, and she began getting offers to film more, “Probably because of the size of my penis, but mostly after I got my new boobs,” she added. This babe’s dick is thick and heavy too and you simply must see it cum if you haven’t already. This is Tania Q in a nutshell. I hope you’ve taken a close look at the Photo and Video preview galleries above and with take the tour of her brand new website!