TS Seduction: Sunshyne Monroe & Lance Hart

I can’t top a scene description like this for “TS Hotty Sunshyne Monroe Drains Her Plumbers Throbbing Pipe”: While sipping wine in her kitchen, looking too cute in vintage stockings and apron, Sunshyne Monroe stands rubbing her cock on the outside of her dress, mesmerized by hired plumber Lance Hart’s round ass sticking out from under the kitchen sink. All the talk about deep clogged pipes, and lubricating pipes get Sunshyne rock hard. As Lance comes out from under the sink to give her the news, he can’t help but notice Sunshyne staring at him, jerking her hard dick. Lance sucks her throbbing cock with enthusiasm and little hesitation. Sunshyne strips to nothing but vintage stockings and garter exposing her perfect big tits and round booty. She then takes Lance to her bedroom where they eat each others asses in a hot sixty-nine.

Lance gets his ass pounded with his legs spread, jerking his dick with one hand and the other squeezing one of Sunshyne’s perfect tits, smirking up at Sunshyne’s pretty face like he’s found the promise land… I’ll add just a few of my own thoughts. I may be a bit biased because Sunshyne is one of the stars I’ve raved about most. Period. I adore producer/porn star Lance Hart and as a Sunshine State resident of over a decade, Lance runs Florida as far as I’m concerned.

That said, I’m not surprised that Sunshyne and Lance have never worked before because if they had, I wouldn’t have missed it. Nor am I not surprised that this feature isn’t in the usual BDSM niche of several other TS Seduction – Kink.com productions.

It begins with humor and then things turn serious when the plumber sees his client stroking her erection while admiring the sexy man at work. I love the contrasting cinematic touches as we move from the kitchen oral play to the bedroom bareback fucking. I’d love to see these two fine actors together again and the chemistry I seemed to feel worked so well was confirmed by both at the end.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to enjoy their work on each other their official websites Sunshyneland.com and the PervOut network’s SweetFemdom.com.

Sunshyne Monroe: Smokin’ Trans Girl Wants To Be Your Hot Top and Bottom!

The official shemalestrokers.com synopsis on this movie reads: Sweet and stunning Sunshyne Monroe gives you her most intimate shoot for Strokers yet! Hanging out in her closet at home, she puts some finishing touches on her makeup and tells you all about her latest sexual desires. Fans always ask if she is a top or a bottom, but she really loves being versatile – it just depends on the person she is hooking up with. And she says “person,” because, lately, she’s been having a lot of fun messing around with not just dudes, but other trans girls too. All this sex talk has got her feeling hot and bothered…do you want to play with her? Of course! So, Sunshyne slips her hot pink panties to the side and grabs her growing lady wood. She smacks her cock against her soft thighs to get it rock hard. Next, she pulls down her matching bra to reveal a pair mouth watering titties, and she pinches and pulls on her incredibly sensitive nipples. Then, she bends over the leather bench so you can admire all her assets. She thrusts her hips back and forth, and as she shakes her juicy ass, her stiff rod and balls bounce up and down between her legs. Smacking her cheeks together in a hypnotic rhythm, she begs you to get in there and fuck her with your big dick. You look down and watch her hole flex and pulsate around your man meat. She stares back at you with those big saucer eyes as you pound into her tightness. Tits still hanging out of her brassiere, Sunshyne strokes her lovely stick with her perfectly manicured fingers until she squeezes out a sticky serving of lady jizz.

I can’t possibly top a luridly detailed description like that! I can only add a few of my thoughts about this scene. First off, I’m glad that this incredible and prolific star isn’t locked into an exclusive contract that binds her to only update on her fantastic sunshyneland.com official website. It’s sort of like a bonus to see her from the perspectives of other producers and the lenses of other photographers every now and them. When she says that this scene is shot at her house, you know it’s true because no girl I know of would claim a girl cave as her own that’s not hers. She’s got an amazing personal set-up that gives you an up close and personal touch. When it comes to Sunshyne’s dialogue, she has a soothing voice that makes her new discoveries sound as erotic as what she describes.

As far as the actual scene goes, Sunshyne is absolutely riveting! She has that indescribable quality of captivating you with her gaze, whether she’s smiling, serious, or in a deep state of arousal. I guess you could call it a “Wow” factor or something. The soft music in the background and Sunshyne’s naughty talk while masturbating come together in a brilliantly produced movie with a tremendous, sticky ending. This is an excellent shemalestrokers.com update and one of the most personal scenes I’ve witnessed in quite some time. This is Sunshyne’s forth exquisite scene on the long-running acclaimed site. Don’t forget that you can also see this stunning Texan superstar on sunshyneland.com and catch her performing live on webcam on chaturbate.com/sunshyneland!


The Adventures of Sunshyne DVD

The Adventures of Sunshyne: Come along with Sunshyne of sunshyneland.com as she explores her sexuality. Sunshyne meets Penny for the first time and can’t help herself when she sees her giant tranny cock. She does whatever Penny asks and does nothing but smile after receiving her she-cum. If trans feet are your thing, you will love this hot solo where Sunshyne teases you with her perfectly manicured toes even licking her own feet… talk about flexible! Speaking of flexible, Sunshyne shows just how far her legs can bend in this stunning hard-core with TS porn star Chelsea Marie. After receiving a powerful ass pounding she gets a wet facial that is a must-see! Kelli Lox has been wanting to fuck Sunshyne for years and Sunshyne is more then happy to bend over and take that big trans cock like a porn star should. She rides, flips, bends and finally gets a big cum filled kiss form Kelli. The ride ends with a spectacular solo shoot in the Las Vegas desert. The views are mind blowing and the sand in her catwalk . Sunshyne glides up to a convertible and shows just why she is “The Body.” If you don’t get on the ride, you will never experience the adventure. SMC Productions in conjunction with sunshyneland.tgirl-network.com presents The Adventures of Sunshyne on Adult DVD Empire.

Sunshyne Monroe & Chelsea Marie

Gorgeous Sunshyne Monroe of sunshyneland.com goes with the primary colors of her Sunshyneland website for her “Purple” photo and video set. “Walk on the Wild Side which is a blazing hot hardcore scene with Chelsea of TsChelseaMarie.net. But first, in her latest solo video, Sunshyne moves gracefully through a tantalizing striptease on a chaise lounge. She moves her ass in ways most people can’t and faces the camera to expose and play with her full breasts and taut nipples.

While watching the hardcore transbian sizzler with Sunshyne and Chelsea, you’ll probably recognize the cityscape and when this scene was filmed. If not, it’s Las Vegas. Chelsea and Sunshyne sit out on the highrise balcony just talking as friends at first about the weather and sip champagne. When the conversation turns to sex, Sunshyne confesses how she was originally into just straight vanilla sex. But lately, she’s found herself attracted to other trans girls. Chelsea reveals her verse lifestyle and they eventually trade compliments. Then comes the first kiss.

This hardcore video has everything in it I didn’t expect to see and everything I wanted to see happen, happened! Get it on sunshyneland.com.

Sunshyne Monroe at Sunshyneland and SMC

Video Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

Video Preview

Okay this is a big update of recent Sunshyne Monroe events. First up is the Sunshyneland “Billiards” video that comes with the double entendre about balls. She’s fully aware that getting up on the pool table is a no-no, but she also knows you won’t mind seeing her nearly naked ass facing you. Sunshyne strokes her stiff cock until she shoots her creamy cum. But she’s careful not to get any on the table. I’m thinking she’d treat your mancave with respect and your erect stick, too.

Sample Photo Gallery for the Stairs video

Classy Bedroom Sample Photo Gallery

In the “Stairs” video on Sunshyneland, she’s all dressed up to go out. But she’s got to take care of something first. She loses the dress and clad in nothing but her tall, strapped sandals, she loses some thick white cum in her belly button while just leaning back a bit on the steps! This might be my favorite of this batch of releases.

Sample Photo Gallery – Desert Goddess

Sample Photo Gallery – Drive

On Shemale-Club, Sunshyne is on a smoke break and she super horny after a long day of shooting. While taking a few puffs from her cigarette, she massages her full breasts through the sheer turquoise and black brassiere. Then she parts her legs to reveal the bulge in her matching panties. Sunshyne exposes her pretty nipples and pushes her big boobs together to create an even deeper cleavage. With her left hand, she strokes her cock to a full erection and soon turns around to present her curvy ass. Another dick stroking follows a rapid and deep finger banging. Sunshyne is filmed full frontal and then in profile when her rigid cock blasts a big, creamy white cum shot a few inches beneath her lovely tits. I know I might be making it hard for you with Sunshyne Monroe, but I’m not sorry.

Sunshyne Monroe in Sunshyneland

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

If these sample photo galleries of Sunshyne Monroe of Sunshyneland from The TGirl Network don’t make you want to see her new Billiards video released on February 8, 2016, plus her whole body of work archived over the years, I don’t know what will. She looks ravishing as ever delivering a double entendre about balls while standing in front of a pool table. Her lacy chemise is sheer, but she bares one of her luscious breasts quickly, then the other. I don’t know why she still looks 19 to me but I can see her doing this for another 20 years. Sunshyne hops up on the pool table, saying she knows it’s a no-no. The sight of her pantied ass is devastating. She exposes her cock and balls while on all fours, then sits on the table with her bare feet spread widely apart. With her left had, Sunshyne faps her dick fully erect. Sunshyne’s cock it what I call a grower. It doesn’t seem large when it’s flaccid, but when it’s fully erect, the way it hovers so high in the air almost doesn’t seem to make sense. After more rear footage, finger banging, Sunshyne faces us again and makes her cock dance like it’s attached to her body by a hinge with a spring. Toward the end of this Sunshyneland video, the undergarment is lost and Sunshyne is jacking her cock furiously. You should see what she does with her creamy white cum.

Sunshyne Monroe in First Time

I love watching Sunshyne Monroe getting fucked, but sometimes I like seeing her fucking cute guys even more. In this hardcore deflowering video, she’s just returned from a nice date with a hot blonde guy. Back at her place she finds that her date is pretty nervous and gives him some wine to relax him a bit. After chatting,  Sunshyne is ready to get down to business. Click on each image for video and photo gallery previews.

I love the bondage element of this scene – when Sunshyne develops the idea to tie her guy up. She bounds his hands and his ankles and gives him a little kiss before making him kiss her sexy body. Starting with her breasts, he licks her sexy nipples before ending up on his knees with her hard cock in his face. She soon bends him over the bar stool and fucks him good and hard. She turns him over on his back and fucks him some more. Sunshyne strokes his cock as she fucks him on his back until they both explode. Watch the full length movie on Sunshyneland.