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Sky Blue: Skyeblueraichu on Chaturbate

Skyeblueraichu of Seattle, Washington

While watching Sky Blue vaping in bed on Chaturbate in a blue tank and black panties with her boner protruding from the waist band, I asked myself a question. I studied the similarly dressed brunette behind her scrolling through her phone and asked if I’d be doing that?

Then I quickly realized that if you’re already in bed with Sky Blue, you probably have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Especially if you’re on cam with her! They were both rocking their wide hips to some sort of Euro Rap I wasn’t familiar with while reading readers’ comments. This was the first time I’d ever seen the Skyblueraichu channel and I knew that Sky Blue was trans already from her profile.

As for her busty partner, I couldn’t tell if she’s trans. She had her tits exposed and even when Sky Blue striped completely nude, the other girl kept her skull cap and panties on. It was also hard to tell since most of her lower body was out of view as she sucked on Sky Blue’s erection. Once the brunette took a break, Sky Blue grabbed a large pink vibrator to buzz along her cock shaft. The music shifted to retro grunge but Sky Blue’s boner remained in the same state of arousal, whether she was stroking, buzzing or not.

Then she gave her returning partner the vibrator and guess what! The brunette was also trans I discovered with a hardon of her own! The music turned to Punk and was turned off, along with the masturbation, when Sky Blue decided to play her guitar. She can play Blues riff as well as she can blow big clouds and they’re pretty damn big. She can shred hard too. I kept the Skyeblueraichu channel on for quite some time.

I didn’t catch any torrid hardcore sex with them that night, but who has that kind of sex every night? A few cam girls do, but it’s not the norm. In closing, Sky Blue and her partner were a pleasure to watch. Register to the world’s finest adult chat platform, if you’re not a Chaturbate subscriber already, and give Skybluraichu a follow!