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Simplymocha on Chaturbate

Simplymocha on Chaturbate

I’ve been a fan of Mocha for about five years, not for her scintillating performances on Chaturbate, but for her creative work. Since I’m not sure if she wants to keep her live porn personae separate from her day-to-day work, I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag. Mocha is bisexual in my fantasy life. But I’ve only seen her camming with a cute blonde white guy. I have no idea what her sexual orientation is because she talks on camera, but not about that!

Mocha has a certain masturbation technique I immediately recognized as familiar the first time I saw her jerking off on her Simplymocha channel. She likes laying flat on her back while pumping her big cock and she’s left-handed just like me. Her super pretty face is in the frame most of the time. She’ll usually expose her flat midsection and curvy upper thighs while beating off to some off-camera porn or something.

Her big dick is multi-colored. The shaft is darker than the rest of her and the bulbous head turns a deep shade of red when she’s close to cumming. Mocha often makes her organ eject strong jets of creamy white cum and her orgasms are magical to listen too. She also sometimes communicated with fans as her climax subsides.

Back to when Mocha is with her male partner, she can suck a mean dick. Her blowjobs are not too handsy and not too sloppy. And she likes to kiss and have her big schlong sucked too! I’m not sure that guy is her man, but if I had to guess, I’d have to say yes. Why does that bother me? She lives nowhere near me! I love it when Mocha rises from her bed and raises the hem of her dress along her trim waist to show off her butt.

It’s so well-rounded. I wonder if she likes having it spanked? I wonder if she’s submissive. I’ve seen Mocha make her guy nut only once. He was nice enough to stroke her erection as she brought him to a finish. Speaking of finish, I love watching Mocha alone mostly, and when she throws a dance in before making herself cum, it’s all over for me.