Chaturbate Trans Cams Sierra_Diamond

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Sierra_Diamond

Sierra_Diamond is a hot, lewd crossdressing cock lover.

24 year old Russian Chaturbate Trans Cams star Sierra_Diamond is a phenomenal streamer. I must have seen her masturbating at least five times thinking she was on hormones. Standing at 172 cm (5’8″) tall and weighing 62 kg (136 lbs.), with a 16 cm (6″) stiff cock, she just looks like a trans girl in transition. And she sounds like one too. Sierra_Diamond is a dancer and choreographer.

She sometimes translates texts as a freelancer from home where she feels safe working. Her English is incredible and I rarely hear her speaking Russian. Her background music is an eclectic mix and I’m so fond of it, I’d hire her as a DJ in a heartbeat. Sierra_Diamond like guys. She’s not at all attracted to women, either cisgender or trans. She says maybe she’ll try it as an experiment. But it doesn’t turn her on to think of sex with girls.

Sierra_Diamond has no intention of going on HRT anytime in the near future. Maybe when she becomes a MILF she jokes. The only piercing she has are in her ears and she has no tattoos, but she’d like to get a few. Her hair and makeup skills are impeccable. Her eyewear gives her the air of a top student and she simulates tittie-fucking quite well considering that she hasn’t been on hormones for even one day. She’s not an ounce overweight but she can create a nice bit of cleavage. Sierra_Diamond will often spank her amazing ass with a tip-activated vibrator in it.

She’s got tight little pink nipples and her dick is adorable when flaccid. The last time I saw her jerking off a throbbing hardon was just before Christmas. She hadn’t masturbated for three days and her cum shot was explosive! Sierra_Diamond rubbed out massive streams of creamy white cum that day! About 15 minutes after her cum show, she was erect again and ready to fuck a cock sleeve. I had no idea how fine her ass really was until a bare butt show came next. She removed the vibe and finger banged her ass next.

Like a Russian bitch in heat, she told us how badly she needed to be fucked! Then she added some red pedicure foot fetish content and her 100% passable crossdresser show continued for at least another hour! If you don’t see her on live, she has an incredible OnlyFans page as well. But if you think you’ll love seeing her mostly LIVE, you know what to do. is FIRE!