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saralove2u aka Kimberly Ebano
AKA: Kimberly La Caleña
Date of Birth: 20 September 1996
Country: Colombia
Place of Birth: Cali, Colombia

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saralove2u aka Kimberly La Caleña has one of the most stunning Chaturbate Trans channels on the platform. I never know if I’ll see her next with another Colombian trans beauty or masturbating solo. There’s a reason I didn’t just say jerking off. Kimberly often uses a penis pump on her big cock. This machine makes Kimberly’s dick a bit thicker and longer, as if that’s really necessary. She usually bares her lovely breasts and puffy nipples while moving gracefully through her shows.

Kimberly will often lay her heavy schlong across one thigh when she types replies to her fans’ comments and questions. She’ll wear sexy lingerie most of the time, but she’s not against shedding every stitch of clothing upon request. The more you tip, the faster you’ll get what you want.

Kimberly Ebano on Trans500

After making big, clear cum shots, Kimberly thanks her fans and regular Chaturbate viewer before signing out. I think this is a very effective way to build her fan base. Everyone doesn’t already know of her as a studio porn actress. It took me a minute to remember where I’d seen this beautiful Chaturbate Trans broadcaster before.

It finally clicked that it was from her amazing studio porn work as Kimberly Ebano on Trans500! I think my favorite shoot was the trans lesbian hardcore with Maria Fernanda. But I absolutely love that we can now see her LIVE on!