Gingers n’ Cream : TS Shiri Gets Pounded

“A couple weeks ago I hooked up with one of my favorite co-stars: Fellow pale ginger Shiri Trap,” said Rob Yaeger. “This girl has it all: Pretty face, smooth, ivory skin, a cute petite body, long red hair, a huge bouncy ass and the cutest legs and feet you’ve ever seen. We’ve shot before, and we were both rearing to get another scene in the can. Shiri blows me long and sensually, stroking me in between. Then I get up and fuck her pretty face. I then can’t resist chowing down on her perfect pink hole before burying my red dick in it. I give her a really hard pounding in a few positions before pouring my nut right on her butthole and down her ginger taint and onto the bed.” Omnisexual New Yorker Yaegerman sent me this blazing hot Fuck Chronicles update to see what I thought of it. But this was no guessing game – he knew I’d like it! I always love his work and if I knew he’d hooked up with gorgeous Shiri Trap before I saw scene, I’d have asked him about it first anyway. Radius Dark filmed this scene masterfully. It begins with Shiri sucking Rob’s cock in bed wearing lingerie. I got a kick out of Rob’s quip about “Two pale-ass people fucking like hell,” because skin color isn’t something I think about while watching porn unless it’s interracial with a theme that drives one to take special notice. Her I just see two beautiful people having sex like the porn stars they are – doing things most normal people can’t do while fucking. The penetration is bareback and there are so many position changes I lost count. That’s rare for me.

There are two ways to get this joint – ManyVids and Rob’s Clips4Sale store His beautiful Ginger ‘n Cream co-star is still doing prolific LIVE shows on!

Rob Yaeger: Fit TS Bikini Babe Bailey Love Wakes Me Up for a Fuck

The Fuck Chronicles omnisexual star Rob Yaeger sums up his new tryst with gorgeous Bailey Love saying, “I barely got enough sleep the other night. But hot babe Bailey Love wasn’t having it. She wanted dick. So she caressed my body and the next thing you know, my dick was in her mouth. This got me in the mood nice and quick. I facefucked her, then licked her sexy round booty. From there I put her through the Yaeger paces. She was shouting and making the neighbors jealous. I must say I made a fair amount of noise, too! Once I fucked her fill, she wanted my load all over her face. I obliged!” Bailey’s large all-natural breasts aren’t fully exposed just yet, but when she curls her fingers around Rob’s big boner in bed, her stiffening cock is protruding from the waistband of her pink panties. While she’s performing a lengthy and deep blowjob with Rob up on his knees, he unsnaps her brassiere and it slips off as she in for a kiss. Rob devours her tits and kneads her butt cheeks causing Bailey to moan softly. Her cock presses against his abs for a few moments before she leans downward to give him head again. Bailey’s big dick is fully erect at this point and Rob wants to get another look at her magnificent ass too. Her panties are still on but a great expanse of her heart-shaped bottom is exposed. Rob strokes his hardon as he takes in the sight of it. He gives it a couple of hard spanks and a compliment, then swoops down to give her a rimjob. Bailey is stripped down to her pink platform stripper heels while she waits on all four for Rob’s big bare cock to penetrate her tight ass. Bailey plays with herself until it’s an effort just to keep up with the powerful fucking she’s getting. But when she flips over on her back, her cock that was just being smashed against the mattress is hard enough to crack walnuts with. With one of her pretty legs raised as she gets railed again, Bailey resumes stroking her hardon. A position change follows with Bailey getting pile driven and Rob firmly grasps and squeezes one of her big tits. The other firm orb continues jiggling as they scream wildly from banging into each other. Bailey takes a cowgirl ride on Rob’s large prick and her own thick, lengthy rod bounces and swings about. She jerks off frantically while bouncing on Rob’s hard prick until she cums! But Rob isn’t even close to finishing yet and this bareback pummeling shifts into the missionary position until he gives her a huge facial Bailey eagerly accepts with her mouth wide open. For more information about these incredible stars, check out the PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger and Caramel’s Interview with Bailey Love!

Trans500: Nurse Lena To The Rescue

MP4 Scene Trailer

When you see Lena Kelly’s huge Trans500 photo sets, they’ll most like urge you to see the way she moves. Once that’s done, you’re pretty much hooked on her. She poses like the ultimate model so seeing her in action is even better. Add that with Lena having sex and you’ve got the best of the best porn out there today. At least that’s the way Trans500 displays her.

I was quite familiar with her work as a webcam model before she acquired studio performance fame so I knew this was going to happen every time she got before a camera. Lena is a badass but a nice person and so is her partner the ominsexual Rob Yaeger in this scene. That’s what makes it extra fun to talk about this horny pair.

I figured if the chemistry between them was halfway decent, they’d create one killer scene and if that’s not what happened, they fooled the hell out of me! It doesn’t hurt that they were relaxed enough to use a little humor before things got hot and heavy. It’s cute and doesn’t leaving inwardly screaming, “You’re not comedians. Stop trying to be funny!” What we get is some good warm-up material to get things going. It’s a risky technique but no one embarrasses themselves here.

When Yaegerman fucks Lena you get a good sense of how good it must feel. If you’re bringing a bottom’s point of view to the table, his skills and magical big dick are exemplary. It all begins with Rob waking up with a vodka-induced hangover. Nurse Lena materializes with the cure. That comes in the form of a striptease where he gets to help her out of her nurse uniform and stripped down to her stay-up stockings and skyscraper sandals. He gives her a rimjob when she’s perched on the sofa and they discover that his cock is too hot when he’s laying down on the couch.

The only way to cool it off is with her mouth. After an intense blowjob, Rob and his sexy nurse take things to the bedroom and Lena is hard as a rock when the bareback fucking begins. When the tumultuous banging ends you might find yourself asking when was the last time this gorgeous nurse came! Don’t forget that when you see a movie billed as an exclusive, it’s all for you as a subscriber just like the other brazen sites that are in the network.

This is premium porn that will tickle your funny bone and your sex parts too. I also had fun reviewing “Rob Yaeger’s White-Hot Irish TS Tramp Lena Kelly Goes Wild on Dick” on Rob’s The Fuck Chronicles site and there’s also our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger if you’re up for an awesome read.

Proving to Tinder Date Casey Kisses That I’m the Guy From the Pics

MP4 Scene Trailer

The man behind The Fuck Chronicles on Clips4Sale describes this scene in his own words: Long, tall beauty Casey Kisses and I did another great scene. In this one, we went out on a Tinder date. Apparently she liked something about my profile, but she didn’t tell me what it was until I brought her home. She showed me what she was talking about on her phone… then I proceeded to show her the real thing! Casey shows off her amazing oral skills on me, then I pull down her panties, lick her ass and dick her down right on the couch where were chatting. She’s an incredible performer, and in the end I drench her down with a customary Yaeger-load. “Slow Fuck With TS Beauty Casey Kisses” is the last scene I reviewed starring Casey and Rob. I like this scene even better than they’re last one together because of one main thing – Casey’s climax. I don’t want to give away exactly how it happens and spoil it for you, but it’s electrifying! My omnisexual friend recently said, “Male talent in trans/straight porn is like a frame on a painting: Easily missed, but makes the painting prettier and holds it on the wall.” If you’re like me, you’re likely to be as interested in the male star in a TS/Male porn scene. If you’re only there for the trans girl however, Rob Yaeger has a special talent when it comes to showcasing his co-star’s looks, sense of humor and acting ability. Check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger and get insight to what’s it’s like to be a male porn star and for more links of course. I can’t talk about the beautiful trans model in this scene without directing you where to see her performing LIVE. First, register for FREE at my favorite webcam site, then follow her on! Rob is also on performing LIVE now and his webcam page is!

Rob Yaeger Manhandling Feisty Gape Queen Kira Crash

When I heard that 2017 TEA Best Male Performer Rob Yaeger and magnificently verse 2017 TEA Ms. Unique nominee Kira Crash hooked up, I couldn’t predict what I’d be seeing and I was both pleasantly and erotically surprised. It begins on The Fuck Chronicles and on Rob’s ManyVids domain with the svelte beauty giving Rob head while sort of wearing an athletic underwear set. What I mean by that is her bottom garment is lowered to expose her sexy ass and she sucks Rob’s big cock. Her long legs and high-arched feet are bare and she continues with her awesome cock sucking skills when Rob moves from seated to standing. Kira uses her hands to stroke the length of the throbbing shaft she can’t manage inside her small mouth. But with a little assistance from Rob’s hand, she manages to suck that rod balls deep! She also tea bags Robs balls before getting her Calvin’s lowered and her whole body lifted for an acrobatic 69. Rob’s workout regime pays off during this sequence because although Kira is obviously light, suspending a girl in the air during 69 sex is porn magic – not the sort of thing folks who aren’t in the adult industry can normally pull off. Once Kira’s lithe form is resting on the sofa with her cute ass raised, Rob jerks off for a moment gives Kira salad tossing and a finger banging. Soon he’s drilling her tight bottom bareback! I’ve seen gorgeous Kira as a top so many times and it’s a wonderful switch to see her bottoming, with her cock and balls jiggling beneath her in this case. After the doggy style banging, Kira gets pounding with her legs in an unbelievably flexible position. The fucking is paused for a few moments to reveal Kira’s gaping and the pounding resumes. The piledriver sequence evolves into a tumultuous cowgirl ride until Kira swings her torso into reverse. One moment, Kira’s feet are pointed toward the ceiling and the next, her bare soles are planted on Rob’s thighs as she rides him. Anal acrobatics resume again with Rob fucking Kira while cradling her body against him. Next comes another piledriver fucking but this time, Kira is pounded while on the floor, culminating in a gaping creampie finale! For more information about these incredible stars, click on Kira Crash and check out our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger.

Annabelle Lane & Rob’s Bareback Hardcore!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Annabelle Lane is one of the fastest rising trans stars on the Internet and this Shemale Yum hardcore performance of hers with omnisexual star Rob Yaeger will show you why. It unfolds with the storyline of Rob walking down the street in Burbank on a warm Southern California day and stopping in his tracks when he gets a glance through a fence at a hot chick sitting by the pool. She sees him and invites him to join her!

Once he approaches Annabelle, he confirms that she motioned for him to come by the pool area and she says, “Absolutely.” As she sits on a towel looking incredibly gorgeous, Rob kneels down to give her a kiss. When he stands up to open his jeans, his big cock is already raging hard and Annabelle rises to her knees to give him a blowjob.

Her sucking technique looks incredible as she uses one hand to fist the part of Rob’s long rod that she can’t manage inside her pretty mouth. With the magic of Buddy Wood’s filming, we skip a bit forward with Annabelle topless and barefoot in her cut-off shorts and Rob proceeds to shed the rest of his clothes. Rob feasts on her lovely breasts and then she stands up to remove her shorts.

When Annabelle lowers her panties, Rob takes her gorgeous cock inside his mouth and gives her a good sucking. He also gives her a rimjob while she’s standing and when he stands up, she spreads her glorious buttcheeks. Rob rubs the swollen head of his big dick across Annabelle’s tiny rosebud. He briefly tosses her salad again and soon he’s easing his cockhead inside her tight ass in the doggy style position!

This bareback railing continues in a variety of positions and I guess I’ve given away how it comes to an end with one of the photos. One of the best ways to learn about what it takes to become a male porn star is to check out our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger.

The producer of this scene Buddy Wood met Annabelle at Cobra in North Hollywood and also presented her on his website. Click here for her Shemale.XXX profile with two blazing hot scenes and click here to check out her trans lesbian hardcore preview on TGirls.Porn!

Rob Yaeger’s White-Hot Irish TS Tramp Lena Kelly Goes Wild on Dick

There’s a MP4 version of of the Yaegerman and Lena Kelly scene on The Fuck Chronicles. There’s also a WMV version. It’s nice to have options with ways to lust over “White-Hot Irish TS Tramp Lena Kelly Goes Wild on Dick” which is also available on Rob’s ManyVids domain. In his own word, the omnisexual model/producer says, “I had the luck of the Irish when I met brand-new TS starlet Lena Kelly in Vegas. We both are from New York, and we are both total perverts. So as you might imagine, when the cameras started rolling, we laid down a SCORCHING and nasty scene. Lena gives a wild and spittle-dripping blowjob. I face fuck her, eat her perfect white buns, lick her hole then give her the Yaeger-works. After making her moan and squirm in five or six positions, I get up over her and dump in an internal load. You will love what happens at the end!” I can only review what I see for myself, and what I’ve seen here is a hypersexual powerhouse performance! It would be redundant to recall every detail of the position changes and I don’t want to give away how this tumultuous sex scene ends. Allow me to conclude with a few words about Rob’s co-star Lena. I first learned of her early last year as a new studio model and webcam broadcaster blowing up the spot consistently on The former New Yorker now living in Sin City has since become a top name in the adult industry. I’m not only glad to see her in a hardcore shoot with Rob, but generally glad for her for getting to meet such a terrific guy! If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to become and live the life of a successful male porn star, check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger

Rob Yaeger’s Slow Fuck With TS Beauty Casey Kisses

Slow Fuck With TS Beauty Casey Kisses” on The Fuck Chronicles hits the ground running with smoldering content featuring Rob Yaeger and Casey Kisses kneeling across from each other on the bed. Casey wears a gun metal grey dress and tall sparkly sandals, making it obvious why naked Rob has developed a raging hard erection. Casey wears no panties for easy access to her cock and Rob strokes it firmly while they make out. He then exposes one of her breasts and orally pleases one of her nipples. He then positions himself behind her to help lower her dress. Once her frock is discarded, Casey bends over for an intense rim job. Casey is quite vocal about how much she loves it. After the salad tossing, Rob places his big dick between Casey’s butt cheeks and rubs it teasingly against her soft flesh. Next, Rob lays back on the bed and Casey gives him what looks like a phenomenal blowjob. She praises it’s side between bobbing her head up and down on it’s length and girth. The footage showcases Casey’s perky boobs and the swinging cock between her thighs as she devours Rob’s throbbing sex. She uses her fist to pump the part of the shaft she can’t manage into her mouth. But as she progresses, Casey manages to suck the rod down to the balls without even gagging! Soon, Casey is in the doggy style position waiting for Rob to fuck her gorgeous bottom. It’s a slow fuck indeed yet it’s strong and steady. He compliments her “long, tall beautiful body,” while pumping away and Casey moans out her pleasure. Their bareback fucking evolves into the side saddle position and a cowgirl ride follows. Casey’s ass looks exquisite in this position and she’s equally stunning when she and Rob switch into the missionary position. Casey’s cock has become fully erect and she strokes it furiously while moaning loudly! When Rob’s orgasm hits, he withdraws his tool and shoots his load across the underside of Casey’s big boner. Rob’s spunk is the perfect lubricant for Casey to jack off with. He’s inside her again and can feel the contractions of Casey’s tight ass as she climaxes, squeezing the cum out of her turgid member. “Slow Fuck With TS Beauty Casey Kisses” is also available on Rob’s ManyVids website. For more information about the omnisexual superstar, check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger. You’ll find two pages of raves about Rob’s amazing co-star in our Casey Kisses Category. I also highly recommend that you register free on our favorite webcam site. Give this prolific sex goddess a follow to catch her performing live on

Ginger TS Beauty Shiri Trap Takes Yaeger Dick in Perfect Ass

Omnisexual super stud Rob Yaeger penned a synopsis of his torrid tryst with Shiri Trap better than anyone else can on his Clips4Sale site The Fuck Chronicles and on ManyVids, but I just have to add a few comments after his lurid description. “When I found about Shiri Trap, I knew I had to work with her. She’s a sexy, cute and fiesty redhead with virtually the same complexion as me. She has the same pale, soft skin and voracious sex drive, too!” He adds, “When I pulled down her panties to reveal her perfect, round buns, I was transported. I put her through the Yaeger paces, then bust a nice fat load on her body and tits. We both loved the result!” This is “Ginger TS Beauty Shiri Trap Takes Yaeger Dick in Perfect Ass”!

The scene opens with gorgeous Shiri scantily clad in lingerie laying in bed next to handsome Rob who’s butt naked and bonerized already. She has that effect on people with penises in a big way. They get down to making out right away with Rob jerking off, then exposing Shiri’s lovely breasts. He devours her puffy nipples and helps her get on her knees across from him. His large erection points directly at Shiri’s pantied cock and balls and she sits back on her heels to remove her top completely. Shiri glances down at Rob’s hardon admiringly and touches it with her fingers. She taps the swollen head with her tongue and takes the swollen head inside her mouth. You don’t really need me to tell you how gorgeous she looks, but she’s absolutely ravishing while giving head. They pause briefly for Shiri to remove her panties and she continues sucking. Rob runs his hands along Shiri’s lean form, paying close attention to her pert round ass. He then has her lay face down to give her a rim job. She smiles sweetly when he gives her sexy butt a few playful love taps and then he proceeds to give her a little bare foot oral attention. Don’t have a foot fetish if your goal is to make it to at least the midway point without cumming. Try to at least make it past eight minutes to the point where Rob places the head of his stiff dick at the entrance of Shiri’s tight ass. The doggy style, side saddle, cowgirl and missionary position footage is magnificent! You can learn more about Yaegerman by reading the TS Dreamland exclusive PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger. For more information of Rob’s incredible co-star, visit I don’t assign rating numbers to my reviews, but if I did, I’d have to give this scene a Perfect Ten. Thanks for reading from Caramel. 

Carrie Emberlyn & Rob’s Hot Hardcore!

Do you think you can handle two Carrie Emberlyn cum shots today? You can have one with her alone and another hardcore. If you’re not the jealous type, you can live vicariously through the bareback sex attack of omnisexual Rob Yaeger and her two solo scenes on

I went into a lot of detail about this exquisite 19 year old model with her “Meet Stunning Carrie Emberlyn” debut scene presented by Buddy Wood back on October 19th. So you can check out that rave for background info and some of her first fantastic photos.

“Carrie Emberlyn Jacks Off!” delivers it’s promise with a creamy white cum shot at the end. It hits the ground running with the beautiful Californian sitting in a black leather chair stroking her thick, juicy cock. It’s already hard, but it lengthens substantially with pre-cum oozing from its swollen head. All of her goodies downstairs are exposed after she stands briefly to drop and discard her little panties. Carrie finger bangs herself while stroking her throbbing hardon and she straddles the chair naked except for her strappy sandals. This babe has the type of ass I don’t even know how to describe. If there were strictly butt models in the industry, she’d be working non-stop. But when you see all of her features on a whole, I think that’s going to be the result from now on anyway. You’ll see what I mean especially with the tight closeup of her pretty face when she tastes her own nectar.

In her third Shemale Yum scene “Carrie Emberlyn & Rob’s Hot Hardcore!” also filmed by Buddy Wood, Yaegerman is her co-star. Last month the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger was released, giving us insight about what it takes to become a top male porn star.

This scene begins with a trademark Buddy Wood introduction. It’s a bit like his meeting with stunning Alexa Scout were her was running for a booty call, but this time he’s driving and got stuck in traffic. Since her’s running late, Carrie is impatiently horny, playing with her cock outside on the patio.

Wearing a sexy white peasant dress, Carrie rises from her chair and moves toward Rob who drops his jeans to get his long hard cock sucked.

After this poolside oral action, they move indoors where Rob helps Carrie undress. He sucks her big, juicy cock and then gives her a rim job while stroking his stiff organ.

Both Carrie and Rob are completely naked on the sofa when Rob prepares to give her a powerful bareback railing. The prolonged side saddle banging is a tremendously exciting wide angle hardcore session that evolves into missionary pounding with Carrie’s hardon pointing up toward her pretty face.

Then comes the incredible reverse cowgirl fucking as seen in the photo above. It’s loud and powerful. After debating whether or not to describe Carrie and Rob’s big cum shots, I’ve decided to leave it to you to witness for yourself.

You can watch the Free Trailer on

You can watch the Free Trailer on