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I’d understand if a male webcam broadcaster apologized for repeated climaxes with little to no cum. But a Chaturbate Trans Cams girl apologizing for it? Renatinha_Trans has an apologetic disclaimer on her profile explaining that after a year on hormones, she doesn’t produce liters of cum. She shouldn’t have to apologize!

But then I think back to the time when I was very young and didn’t know the full effects of hormone treatments. I’m not going to go all into it, but there are hoards of new trans porn fans who don’t know why trans women sometimes don’t shoot huge loads of cum when they climax. If you happen to be one of them, just know that hormones do a number on a trans girl’s system and that’s it.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. Renatinha has a wicked sense of humor, making statements like, “Due to a genetic abnormality, do not be alarmed when you see my clitoris.” Then there’s, “The mysterious case of the girl who was born with a horse dick.” Her content is what I’d call very dickcentric and you’re not going to see much of her pretty face.

This South African bombshell speaks English, Français, Spanish and Italian. Renatinha also has an OnlyFans (RenatinhaTrans) that says, “Here will be posted at least 100 Dick photos per month, at least 4 cum show videos, many small cock videos and stories, masturbating and many more …” Sometimes she’ll jerk off with her massive meat half in and half out of a tiny thong. That emphasizes its size.

I happened to catch her shooting a pretty big load of bubbly white cum last week on Chaturbate. Renatinha wasn’t talking much, but that’s okay. Her visuals are stimulating enough to make up for words. Do not miss out on this opportunity to watch and follow the incredible channel.