Pinko TGirls: The Surprise

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“The Surprise” is another killer hardcore scene from Mr. Andréa Nobili who was born in Bologna, Italy in 1958. He has acted in 102 adult films, directed and written hundreds of adult industry masterpieces. Gorgeous Gloria Voguel and Giovanna Calvalcanti. Gloria, the more fair-skinned tgirls is Brazilian but I understand that she resides in Parma, Italy. I don’t have any information about the caramel-skinned fox but her name suggests she could be either Brazilian, Italian or a mixture of both.

On, the beautiful  roommates converse in Portuguese as they enter their apartment with a man mopping the floor. He’s surprised that they’ve arrived home unexpectedly. A sexy blonde is giving a blowjob on the TV screen and Gloria and Giovanna take seats on the sofa to watch. The guy she’s sucking looks like a very young Mr. Nobili. The young man doing housework keeps at his work, but the girls are getting horny. They whip their big stiffening cocks from their panties!

While they’re jerking off, the guy finally whispers Gloria a question. Apparently he gets the response he’s hoping for and the next thing you know he’s kneeling to suck Gloria’s large rod. Gloria can’t seem to decide what’s more exciting to look at – the handsome dude sucking her off or Giovanna’s massive erection. The guy gets to go down on Giovanna also and then she gives him head while he blows Gloria!

I’m hoping to see some trans lesbian action also and then I see Giovanna sucking Gloria’s big hard dick! She’s actually taking turns sucking her off and the hung man. She concentrates on devouring the guy’s hardon as he lays back and gets his ass penetrated by Gloria. After the scene proceeds and everyone cums, there’s behind-the-scenes shower footage with just Gloria and Giovanna having fun. This footage displays them naked and wet from head to toe – a chance to really study their beautiful bodies as they kiss and fondle each other. This is the real surprise to me about this masterpiece!

Double Impact: Veronika vs Kendy

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When I joined my first real time local trans meeting group 14 years ago, one of my first mentors was a post-op trans woman. One day, she came to my place and while watching my Hedwig and The Angry Inch DVD, I started getting curious about her. I mean sexually. Somehow I ended up in the friend zone and I’ve yet to have sex with a post-op TS. Hence, watching the 33 minute Pinko TGirls video with Veronika Havenna and post-op Kendy kind of frustrated me, but in a good way. I’ve had this problem with Sao Paulo, Brazil native Veronika for about six years now, but seeing her top Kendy only made it worse. For the first time, I really envied Veronika instaed of just being a fan. It solidified my lust for my first taste of post-op pussy and getting my dick wet with one. I also fantasized double penetrating Kendy with Veronika and feeling our cocks rubbing against one another’s in a way I never have felt another prick before. I also wondered what it would be like to fuck Veronika while she’s fucking Kendy. What a fun daisy chain that would be! The video begins with Mr. Andrea Nobili getting Kendy to introduce herself while wiggling her perfectly rounded ass. There are no panties covering the tempting bottom underneath her tartan plaid schoolgirl skirt. Then we have Veronika sitting in a sofa nearby stroking her big erection. Kendy moves over to kiss Veronika’s exposed breasts and nipples, then does such a good job deep throating her cock. She can’t quite suck it balls deep, but I doubt that I could either. I get a bit jealous watching Veronika going down on Kendra’s pretty pussy. The post-op princess gives head again and tea bags which gets Veronika’s dick raging hard and primed to rail her. A doggy style banging evolves into a missionary screwing and Veronika then fucks Kendy’s tight ass from behind! You’ve got to see how Veronika unleashes her big creamy white cumshot! As of February 2, 2016, all the new scenes on Pinko TGirls and on have been available both in stream and in download in the 4K format. You also get access to Pinko Club as a bonus site when you join Pinko TGirls. This will be a bonus to some people, but those who only like trans porn, can just avoid it.

Aika in Latex on Pinko TGirls

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Aika Montanelli of Sao Paulo, Brazil delivers an incredible performance as a dominatrix on Pinko TGirls presented by Andrea Nobili. This hardcore website is simply Andrea Nobili Productions under new management with the same brand of awesome content as the Italian director’s former site. “Aika in Latex” begins with the new Pinko TGirls performer writhing around in a lab in an exquisite bondage outfit before her doctor arrives about 3 minutes into the scene. The doctor is bored from reading a WordPress book in Italian and opens his lab coat to jack off. A cloud appears in the frame to reveal that he’s fantasizing about Aika while beating his stiff, uncut sex organ. Then we get a full frame view of what he’s day dreaming about – Aika doing exactly the same thing. The fantasy gets into full swing when the doctor enters Aika’s room and removes his garment. Once naked, he gets up on the table Aika sits on while she masturbates. He places his thick cock before her mouth and she eagerly takes the head and first few inches on the shaft into her mouth. She even manages to suck his dick balls deep. The doctor does his best to return the favor, but Aika’s hard cock is bigger than his. He gets way down there however and takes time to tea bag her smooth-shaven balls. His good beside manner includes a rimjob and finger banging and Aika does the same things to him in return. She also uses strap-on headgear to fuck him before fucking him with her big cock. Aika drills her doctor with powerful thrusts from the start. Only an experienced bottom could take a railing like this. The doctor gets pounded in a variety of positions until Aika makes him suck her to climax. He’s allowed to beat off until he explodes with Aika’s prick still deep in his mouth in this Pinko TGirls Domination/submission dream sequence.

Pinko TGirls Giuliana and Amanda

Giuliana Ferraz is the brunette and Amanda Lima is the blonde in ” The Two Beautiful Dicks of Giuliana and Amanda” on Pinko TGirls. Well, they also have beautiful faces and bodies. Amanda speaks to Mr. Andrea Nobili first and in Italian. She’s already stripped down to her lingerie while Giuliana catches up by opening nurse uniform. There’s a little bit of suggestive touching, but “strictly dickly” in this case means they’re interested in the man who’s going to join them. Soon both of thier big dicks are pointing up from their thighs and rock hard. They masturbate for us and suddenly a cute Afro-Latino dude appears sucking Amanda’s schlong. It’s more of a skull fuck than a blowjob with Giuliana jacking off as she watches. By the time the guy moves over to give the nurse head, she’s already wearing a condom. That’s because she’s the first girl to fuck him. It evolves into a spit roast and Amanda gets her salad tossed while her large erection hovers above the dude’s face. She then takes him doggy style as he gives Giuliana head. The missionary railing he gets with the guy jerking off makes him lose his spunk on his abs. Giuliana and Amanda both jerk off until they shoot their wads of creamy white cum across his face and he laps it up greedily. Amanda gets her cock sucked dry in this fabulous Pinko TGirls update. This incredible site from the legendary director Andrea Nobili comes with full access to Pinko Club!

Amanda & Raffaella: 2 Big Dicks for The Doctor

Blonde Amanda Lima and brunette Raffaella Liborio are lying in their hospital beds and their Italian doctor is checking up on them. While listening to Amanda’s heartbeat, he sees a big bulge under the sheets. She must be having a wet dream because her big cock is erect. Good bedside manor comes in the form of a blowjob from the physician. She wakes up shocked, but it feels to good to make him stop. He only stops sucking her big dick long enough to kiss and lick her nipples. The doctor moves back over to administer the same treatment on Raffaella next. This patient is as hung as the blonde one. Maybe even more so. When the doctor removes his lab coat, his dick is raging hard and Amanda has moved in closer to jerk off. Rafaella sucks the doctor’s upwardly curving schlong. Next, both gorgeous patients are kneeling on either side of him. This hospital provides the sexiest revealing bodystockings along with the best fellatio treatments. I think I’m going to fake an illness. A little transbian action kicks into gear when Raffaella uses strapon headgear to penetrate Amanda. Rafealla then primes the doctor for her large erection and fucks him doggy style while he gives Amanda head. Then she bangs him in the missionary position. The blonde fucks him next, then the brunette goes at it again. Amanda jerks of while Raffaella fucks their physician from below and Amanda’s big dick releases a blast of creamy white cum. The doctor’s erect dick bobs and sways all over the place as he rides Raffaella’s long, thick rod. That’s until she shoots a forthy load of spunk into his mouth. The doctor cums on his abdomen and gets a cummy kiss. Pinko TGirls is the new name of Andrea Nobili Productions. It also comes with full access to Pinko Club with stunning genetical born female stars the same way Andrea Nobili Girls was part of the former subscription package. 100 hi-res images compliment this torrid Pinko TGirls scene!

Pinko TGirls: Natalia & Erika in The Ass Drills

It’s hard to decide which transsexual star of “The Ass Drills” on Pinko TGirls is more dominant between Natalia Rodrigues and Erika Lavigne. I was thinking it might be Erika since she’s the one wearing BDSM regalia. Their submissive for the day gives them both blowjobs in the beginning, switching from Natalia’s extra long cock and Erika’s super thick one. Nude Natalia gives him the first fucking in the doggie style position while he rims, tea bags and sucks Erika. She jacks him off while he’s on his back next. Then it’s Erika’s turn to rail his ass which looks surprisingly girlish in the side saddle position. A pile driver ramming follows and after getting spit roasted, the lucky guy gets to fuck Erika while she strokes her thick dick. Then Natalia fucks him while he fucks Erika. After this daisy chain, Erika gets a cock sucking while standing and the dude beats off while Natalia thrusts upward in a cowboy railing. Erika fucks him again in the missionary position and he’s finally allowed to cum while his mouth is stuffed with Natalia’s stiff prick. The guy cums in a geyser all over his abs while Natalia coats his face heavily with her big load of creamy white cum. While he suck’s Natalia’s prick dry, Erika covers his cock with her big blast of white cream. In closing, I have to say that Natalia Rodrigues and Erika Lavigne are equally dominant in this torrid scene on Andrea Nobili’s Pinko TGirls.

Pinko TGirls – The First Time of Carolina

Legendary Italian director and former porn star Andrea Nobili has moved his productions to Pinko TGirls. It only took me a few months to figure out what the migration was all about. Basically, Mr. Nobili’s amazing content is developed under new ownership, but if you’ve been a fan of his work for several years, you won’t see the bar lowered a single inch. In these sample photo and video galleries, we have lovely Carolina Blondi who gives us a sneak peek at her lovely breasts, but continues to model as if she’s in a fashion shoot. But things heat up as she flashes again and has the brown points of her nipples caressed by a set of male hands. Carolina’s bra is off next and so are her panties. Then her huge cock is fully erect as she begins stroking it. Her male partner feasts on her tits as he jerks Carolina off and then himself. The guy is hung, but I think that Carolina is more so. When he squeezes the base of her shaft and there’s still several inches left for him to suck on, or rather try to. Carolina gives her man a blowjob in return and does a great job swallowing about half of it’s hard length. This chick has everything – a pretty face, great hormone boobs, tight tummy, curvy legs, sexy ass and big juicy cock to fuck her man with. I don’t know if it’s Mr.Nobili’s cock she’s sucking on while railing her co-star, but I love looking at it, whomever it belongs to. I also love that Carolina got her tight ass fucked also in the final minutes of this torrid Pinko TGirls video! I’ve never seen her in action before, but she’s magnificent and quite the heavy cummer.

Beautiful Sandy on Pinko TGirls

Andrea Nobili Productions has migrated and been renamed Pinko TGirls. The new outfit has done an incredible job moving a tremendous amount of superb content featuring a plethora of stunning Italian and Brazilian transsexuals. The action is solo and hardcore with a BDSM edge. The 34 minute video with beautiful Sabrina begins with Sandy lying on her back lazily stroking her massive cock through her bodystocking. A mature muscle stud enters in the 5th minute to devour her lovely breasts and to make failed attempts at sucking Sandy’s giant sex organ to the base before tossing her salad. She blows him in return and soon she’s fucking him. Sandy really fucks this dude silly with closeups that are as tight as his tormented ass. This video is designed for those who deeply love getting railed by gorgeous hung transsexuals. Sandy gets teabagged to a huge, white finish. Sandy’s cumshot is actually much bigger than the male performer’s in volume and creaminess. Take the brilliant new Pinko TGirls tour!

Pinko TGirls Natalia and Erika




Erika Lavigne and Natalia Rodrigues are toasted by the adventurous male they’re about to fuck on Pinko TGirls where Andrea Nobili Productions has migrated to. The gorgeous transsexual in white lingerie is Natalia and Erika is the babe in purple and black fetish wear. When Erika gets her stiff, extra-thick cock out, Natalia is getting her long tool sucked already by the red-faced bottom boy. The closeup footage makes it appear as if these pricks are bigger than they are. But these ladies are seriously hung anyway. Natalia pours some champagne on her friend’s schlong for the guy to taste. Then she gives him a blowjob while staring at us seductively. This video runs just under a half hour and Natalia is the first girl to get completely nude. She jerks off while watching the man try to deep throat Erika’s thickness. These chicks aren’t into transbian sex. It’s all about mutual oral with the lean male and fucking him silly. They do however manage to suck his stiff prick at the same time. Natalia is the first to do the railing when the spit-roast begins. I don’t know how this dude took such a powerful fucking from both beautiful transwomen. But I’ve seen him doing it here quite often. He has amazing staying power and the creme de la creme for me was watching the girls cover him with two big loads of creamy white cum. That warm cream was splashed across the guy’s face and both big cocks got soaked in the process. Naturally, the dude was the last one to cum. Now it’s your turn. Watch the full video on Pinko TGirls.

Vittoria Risi Fucked by Mireja

The incredible Andrea Nobili Productions website has migrated and been renamed Pinko TGirls. The last time I saw the Italian cisgender female porn star Vittoria Risi, it was in an amazing foursome. Two hot transsexuals, black Flavia Junior and brunette Latina Mireja were masturbating when Vittoria entered the parlor with her gimp. After some brief toying with a huge, clear dildo, the “Mistress Vittoria” sucked her leather clad sub’s little dick. Then she decided to give Mireja and Flavia head. They turned the tables on Vittoria by making her suck both of their massive members while the gimp went muff diving. Mireja was first to actually fuck Vittoria, then Flavia. Everyone came explosively and even the gimp was allowed to climax after Flavia shot all over Vittoria’s big tits and Mireja flooded his face. That was her transsexual sex experience – an incredible maiden voyage for the then 36 year old fox. The new video has fewer partners and it’s a bit less kinky, but it’s also a masterpiece. It opens with Mireja sitting in front of us stroking her enormous cock. It takes two hands to handle that whopper. Vittoria enters the room, elegantly dressed, and licks her lips at the sight before her. She sits down to help manually and orally. My eyes must be playing tricks on me because she just swallowed Mireja’s staff to the base. Vittoria takes off her panties next and gets back to sucking. Her smooth shaven pussy looked so inviting, but it’s time for a little tongue dance and mutual breast admiration. Vittoria’s next blowjob is more aggressive and her stroking is more furious. Mireja gets more aggressive also, with a pile driver skull fuck while Vittoria lies gloriously naked on the bed. She’s soon pounding Vittoria’s pretty pussy. Next, she’s railing Vittoria’s curvaceous ass! I’m only halfway through this fascinating 37 minute scene.