Caramel’s Erotica: Excerpts from Story #1

I got two patrons for my erotic writing within 24 hours! That’s a grand total of $11. Is that any kind of record? Far from it, but that’s not why I’m so excited. Sometimes real sex and blogging aren’t enough to satisfy me. I have so many fantasies of making sweet love with other transwomen, fucking cisgender women caringly yet rough and being fucked fast and hard by strong masculine men. All of this sexual tension gets built up and I need a release. If I can’t cum while I’m having these thoughts which is basically 24/7, I can express myself by putting it all down and sharing it with someone. Sometimes my sexual desires are so naughty and intense it’s embarrassing to know that someone else is reading about them. But that doesn’t stop me! I’m an extremely sexual person with insatiable needs! I’ve launched my Patreon account yesterday and added a sample today entitled, “Excerpts from Story #1. You can unlock three full original stories over 8,000 words each on for only ONE DOLLAR. Like I said, it’s not all about the money. If you’re feeling creative as well as horny, you can join me in co-writing the most exciting erotica your imagination can develop. It’s all explained at my Patreon with the sample.