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Zaza Zariaa on Femout.XXX and on FemoutSex.XXX!!!

Zaza Zariaa Creampied! co-starring Soldier Boi produced by Omar Wax on Femout.XXX and on FemoutSex.XXX

“Watch her enjoying every moment as Soldier Boi pounds her tight hole until he gives her a nice messy creampie!” on the homepages of “Zaza Zariaa Creampied!” gives away the ending, but I have a few things to say about what happens before that. Producer Omar Wax approaches this project ambitiously and it pays off in the form of a mini-movie. A Houston, Texas train station is the real-life setting where we see the couple meeting for the first time.

Beautiful Zaza Zariaa strikes up a conversation with the handsome veteran and takes on the challenge of thanking him for his service. A crotch grab in public inspires Soldier Boi to invite Zaza back to his place. Since she’s in such a thankful mood, Zaza allows the man to get her halfway undressed on his bed. Her next act of gratitude and appreciation is taking his stiff dick into her warm mouth.

The POV footage is fantastic and so is Zaza’s two-fisted BBC sucking technique. This 19 year old 2021 Transgender Erotica Awards nominee for Best New Face is magnificent when it comes to keeping up with the TEA winning male actor. The fact that she’s a true submissive bottom bring out the dominant best of her co-star. Keep your eyes on this rapidly rising star, Zaza Zariaa. She’s truly special.

I’ve raved about her before in my Zaza Zariaa on Chaturbate Trans Cams blog post on Caramel’s TGirls.

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Akaya Prime Alison Dreamer Omar Wax TGirls.Porn

TGirls.Porn Review: Akaya Prime & Alison Dreamer

StarringAkaya Prime & Alison Dreamer
PhotographerOmar Wax

Description: Two Texan cuties meet this week on TGirls.Porn in a brand new girl on girl hardcore exclusive produced by Omar Wax! Two 2020 debutantes, the Femout.XXX hottie Alison Dreamer and the Black- TGirls starlet Akaya Prime in their first girl on girl action ever! Horny as hell, Akaya and Alison couldn’t wait… Read More in Members Area.

18:34 in 4K, HD, and SD Video
196 Photos

Akaya: Alison is a smart, funny, hot, nerdy chick that I instantly connected with! Was not entire sure what to expect, but once we talked and felt each other out, I knew that this was going to be a blast. DO NOT LET her small frame fool you. She is larger than average below which I enjoy since it’s my preference. Her smooth, pale skin and throbbing rod made me drool before it was within proximity of my anxious mouth. Once I felt it sliding inside me, I knew I had control of her and could make her pop instantaneously (which actually happen, she came twice by accident. sorry, not sorry) This was too much fun, I would play with her again and again anytime!

Alison: Must admit, I was hella nervous. Not only was this my first on-camera scene with another girl, “the girl” happened to be drop dead gorgeous! Akaya is interesting. We talked a while to get warmed up, but I knew that this was going to be a fun time. Once we got close and held one another, it was immediate arousal for me. Her hair, smooth brown skin. Her soft floral scent intrigued me. As she dropped to her knees, I knew I wouldn’t last long. Not sure if anyone would blame me. All I could think about was how it would feel to have her give me small licks before inserting it down her throat completely. Never seen anything as glorious as her perfect bubble butt. Couldn’t contain my excitement. Had an orgasm but still maintained an erection. It was just that damn good! Pure pleasure working with Akaya. This girl is a true succubus.

Akaya Prime, of Austin, Texas, is a self-described PC Gamer. Succubus. Switch. Otaku. She’s also been featured on Black-TGirls and on Black TGirls Hardcore! Her Twitter link is in her TGP profile. Alison Dreamer is also from from Texas. She loves knowing that everyone enjoys watching her show off to the world. Be careful though, she’ll go from bottom to top in a blink of an eye. She’s also been featured on Femout.XXX and on FemoutSex.XXX. Her Twitter profile is on her TGP profile just like Akaya’s!

Producer Omar Wax opens the movie with an evening cityscape. The action shows the girls flirting and moving into the bedroom. The chemistry between them is electrifying before they even begin undressing! Their kissing evolves from tentative to passionate. Alison bares and orally devours Akaya’s perky boobs. Akaya then grasps Alison’s stiffening cock and makes it fully erect with her deeply sucking mouth.

Akaya sinks to her knees to give standing Alison a blowjob. She jerks off while giving head and her dick grows fully erect. She’s on the bed on her back when Alison takes her new lover’s shoes off. Akaya says she can’t wait to feel Alison inside her. You’ll crave seeing that happen, but that comes after a 69 session. Akaya is standing, leaning over the bed, when Alison begins fucking her tight ass. This scene is one of the most romantic TGirls.Porn scenes you’ll find on the site since its inception!

Femout.XXX Jenny Grind Omar Wax

Caramel Black Reviews Jenny Grind Gets Her Ass Fucked! on Femout.XXX

Gorgeous Jenny Grind and handsome stud Adonis Couveture ready to fuck!

Jenny Grind Gets Her Ass Fucked! produced by Omar Wax for Femout.XXX: Gorgeous Jenny Grind and handsome stud Adonis Couveture are filmed by Omar Wax as if the producer is a fly on the wall. The couple seem to have just begun making out while standing. Jenny is barefoot. but they’re otherwise fully dressed.

Jenny and Adonis kiss and both develop erections!

As they kiss, the pretty punk girl’s back is to the bedroom window and it’s clear that some great use will be made of the bed. In fact, that’s where Jenny sits and pulls her lover’s pants down. Soon, the man is naked with his big cock being sucked. Next, Jenny leans back on the bed to strip down to her black leotard. Adonis moves the crotch panel aside to eat her out. He gets her gaping with his strong fingers and they’re both nude when she goes for another cock sucking, this time hovering above the muscular hunk.

Adonis gets his big black cock sucked by little whit punk princess Jenny Grinds

His schlong is too thick and long for Jenny to suck down much of it. But Jenny manages about half of it down her throat. Then comes a spectacular doggy-style fucking within nine minutes of this 24:18 minute film that comes with 152 hi-res photos. There are 4 formats in which to download this movie, including 4k, but 1080p is fine for me. Decide for yourself if you’d prefer to stream or download it. As for me, this one is a keeper. This is the third Femout.XXX shoot for Jenny Grind who was introduced by Omar Wax. This Atlanta, Georgia porn princess is well on her way.

Soldier Boi was the first BBC for Jenny Grind in a FemoutSex.XXX IR instant classic! See the full interracial sex scence!

But “Jenny Grind’s First Hardcore!” on Femout.XXX preceded her session with Adonis. You can find that instant classic with Soldier Boi on FemoutSex.XXX!