TGirls.Porn: Jelena Vermilion & Nicole Montero

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Description: It was at our TEA2018 weekend when Lifetime Achievement Award winner Nicole Montero suggested we shoot her in an all-girl affair with her partner of choice, lovely Jelena Vermilion to which we instantly responded “hell yeah!” before getting Radius on the case to work his magic…

Okay, I’ve seen the legendary and model and producer railing other gorgeous trans women all over the world, but I can’t recall any of her hardcore co-stars being from Canada. I’m hoping you’ll remember Scott’s exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Jelena Vermilion and my several reviews of Nikki’s amazing work over the years.

While I’m not surprised about which partner turned out to be the aggressor, I couldn’t have otherwise predicted the aggressor. Before seeing the actual TGirls.Porn scene, I knew that Nikki would probably fuck Jelena silly, but I just had to see how it all played out.

I can only describe the opening as passionate. These hot ladies give you time to warm up to the wild sex they engage in with slow-rolling intimacy. I can almost sense Nikki thinking, “I can’t wait to fuck the hell out of this girl,” while Jelena thinks, “I like making love too – not just fucking.” What I see is both vibes playing out.

Breasts are bared first and then Nikki’s cock is exposed. Jelena’s nudity follows rapidly as does her cocksucking! Nikki gets a mouthful of Canadian bacon, but that comes after performing a rim job. They repeat a few acts and discover new ones and Mr. Dark captures the action in brilliant close-up and full body footage.

Hee are the ways Nikki both pays tribute to and destroys Jelena’s tight ass: Doggy style first, then missionary, and straight down into the mattress like she’s trying to fuck her through it.

There’s a cumtastic climax and more intimacy yet again! Mr. Dark and these babes did not just mail in in on TGirls.Porn. They’ve delivered a memorable classic.

Nikki Montero and Belhina

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Sometimes Nikki Montero, the young trans lady who presents sneaks other hot trans women into hotel rooms in exotic locales and has sex with them. They’re sometimes productions with a purposeful amateur feel that lends an air of spontaneity. This trans lesbian scene with Nicole and Belhina is one of those more polished productions. Everything is just so like hair and makeup, but the scene doesn’t look rehearsed. Although we get the mutual breast admiration and fellatio that’s typical when you see a sex scene with a pair of tgirl models, the action here is not so typical. Nikki packs her scenes with a high level of lust that’s palpable and Belhina is the type of sizzling hot model to reciprocate it with her. Belhina allows Nikki to be forceful when making her suck her cock. There’s some face slapping and hair pulling that makes the average blowjob almost seem boring. Nikki talks to us and questions us about whether or not we like ass spanking when she’s fucking Belhina with jackhammer thrusts doggy style. You can assume that “yes” is the general reply. Nikki proceeds to drill Belhina’s tight ass in the side saddle position, slapping her pretty face, then bucks up into her reverse cowgirl style. A brief text editing job tells us that they resume filming and fucking the next day and this time they’re both totally nude. Their cowgirl fucking gives us an amazing view of Belhina’s great ass and Nikki’s hard, pumping cock. If you haven’t had enough verbal humiliation and slapping from our topping hostess of you haven’t gotten to the sequence where Nikki pees on Belhina yet. Did I forget to mention that this update is very kinky?

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Thief Cum Bucket with 10 T-girls Bukkake

A thief is dressed in all black like a classic cat burglar. He’s rifling through a dresser drawer looking for money and perhaps jewelry. The mistake he’s made is in bad timing. The hot Chilean model and producer of Latina Tranny returns to her room with a gang of other stunning trans girls. This busted thief isn’t turned over to the police. Instead he’s about to be used as a whipping boy and sex toy by this bunch of horny babes. Some of the girls kick off their high heels and trample on his back barefoot. I have some male friends that name trampling as their number one fetish. Most of them have a foot fetish but some just are only into the D/s aspects. It’s arousing also for at least one of the girls – one in particular wearing a with her cock out is developing a hardon as she takes her turn stomping the guy. I’m familiar with some of these stunning models and they’re not mean girls for no reason. But it’s amazing to see their dominant sides revealed in Thief Cum Bucket with 10 T-girls Bukkake! They proceed turn him onto his back and then sit him up to bind him completely helpless. The models are in varying stages of undress and some begin to expose stroke their cocks. Then all of them are jerking off right in front of his face! A couple of girls use writing utensils to tag his cat burglar outfit to further humiliate him. These beautiful ladies have every range of cock sizes available ranging from cute and pretty small penises to gargantuan monster schlongs! Of course they force the man to suck them off too. I don’t know what you’ll find sexier, the poor captive male forced to give blowjobs or watching all ten of them jerking off in a circle. Well, this is also a bukkake scene we mustn’t forget and some of us are primarily here to see the cum shots. The spunk begin flying not far from the midway point of this torrid scene! Mother Nature seems to have been in favor of this update being produced. She created so much time between each trans girl’s climax!

Nikki has created another masterpiece! Don’t forget you can also see her register free to catch her performing LIVE on

Euro RedVex and UK Celine Pre-Op

Brunette fox Celine was raised in the South Wales valleys and the south of England. She stands at 5’5″, wears a size 12 dress, possesses 36DD breasts and her cock is 7″ circumcised inches when fully erect. It always seems to look even bigger to me when Celine is aroused because it’s so nice and thick. Blonde Polish star RedVex also sports a 7″ erection when she’s super horny and pierced C cup boobs. I’ve seen her having sex with Chilean Nikki Montero who owns and operates Latina Tranny more times than I can remember over the years. If you love smoking hot trans lesbian porn, you’re not going to want to miss out on that, not to mention Nicole’s website. But back to RedVex and Celine, I don’t know why I could care less about kissing in a TS/Male scene but two hot trans women making out drives me half out of my mind. This same sex passion is riveting. Then comes the heavy breathing and stiff cock stroking that takes things to a whole new level. This scene is a softcore gateway drug to the more hardcore action in the jam-packed archives of

Nikki Montero and Kayla Diniz Cum Again

Last month, I raved about producer Nikki Montero engaging in foreplay with and fucking 18 year old Kayla Diniz in “I Want To Be a Teenager“. Now there’s a behind the scenes video up that gives you a prime example of a day in the life of Nikki Montero at work. She wears a pretty white and gray dress while taking shots of Kayla Diniz who is one of her best models. Click here for the Behind The Scenes MP4 trailers. Kayla moves about their hotel room in a bikini and tall red pumps with her big tits practically bursting out of the top of the polka dot garment. Kayla unties her top and reveals her large firm breasts as Nikki snaps away. Kayla then teasingly lowers her bikini bottom and exposes her semi-erect uncut cock. She strokes her dick for a few moments, then swings it from side to side, allowing it to slap each of her thighs. There’s a big red dildo on the desk that’s impossible not to notice in this shoot. Eventually, Kayla sits on the floor with nothing on but her open-toe heels and begins using the big phallus while sitting spread eagle and then on her knees. Next, Nikki shoots Kayla laying on her back on the bed, watching porn on her cell phone and jacking off. A male producer does the filming as Nikki continues to shoot stills for the set. Kayla has something new to masturbate along with soon. There’s interracial porn playing on a laptop this time around. Kayla sits at the desk chair fondling her big boobs and jerking off frantically. Here comes one of those especially fun times for a producer again – Nikki sitting on the bed next to Kayla stroking her cock as well! This is a fantastic prelude to the new actual hardcore scene. Nikki fucks Kayla powerfully and there’s some great doggy style footage, plus Nikki sort of taking a break to suck Kayla’s stiff cock. The teen jerks off wildly while being penetrated relentlessly by horny as hell Nikki in the missionary position! Nikki is determined to make Kayla come one way or another. She’s either sucking her off or fucking her silly. Or she’s jerking off while watching the pretty young teen fap herself. You can find out how Nikki and Kayla cum again on, and on!