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Naughty Stella Sun of Long Beach, California: 23 year old Stella Sun aka Chjoppy Chjopstar aka Naughtystellasun is too adorable for words. The surprising thing about that trait is that I usually don’t find it sexy. I normally go for the brazenly slutty types in live Chaturbate Trans porn and Stella is one of those few exceptions. I don’t go for bitches because I view them as simply bad people and giving them any shine goes against my grain. Stella Sun is definitely not the type of webcam chick you watch if you’re just craving just some random chick with a dick. She’s a person. A really sweet person.

But when it’s time to turn up, Stella does it in the most unexpected ways. For example, in the last show I saw Chjoppy Chjopstar in, she had a collar and chain around her neck. This was paired with a lacy red cami top and a tartan plaid schoolgirl skirt. Her blue panties didn’t match, but that’s one of the things that made the garment so striking. That plus the big bulge inside them. Stella graciously accepted a steady flow of tips and chatted regularly with her admirers.

When things got a bit quiet, she turned away from the camera to raise her perky ass, spreading her bare legs and feet wide. That certainly spiced things up a bit! One fan wanted to be Stella son and another wanted her to be their puppy. Stella satisfied both fantasies consecutively. Then she delivered a brief foot fetish show. It doesn’t take Stella Sun long to go from cutie patooty to be kinky af! She hadn’t even been jerking off through all of this. Once she freed her cock, things went to a whole new level.

This went on for about twenty minutes and I had to check out for a bit. When I returned and saw Stella again, she appeared to be sleeping with a little teddy bear. But things soon rose to an even hornier level than before. Stella removed the red brassiere and fully exposed her big tits.

She stroked her cock in a variety of positions and spanked her ass pretty damn hard! At times, she’d jerk her fat cock off while squeezing it, and her bloated balls, between her thighs. I could hear how aroused she was when she uttered the words, “Thank you for the tippies.”

Her breathing had become labored and she was really getting into her little jack-off session. She spoke about her wishes for someone to cum in her ass and eventually removed every stitch of clothing. Stella announced when she was approaching orgasm. The next few moments were so intense! Stella’s legs began quivering and Stella laid back on her pillows as her fap session continued.

Her pretty face contorted wildly as she moaned and gasped. After her fat cock shot it’s cum, Stella got up on her knees and showed us her dick in closeup. She rubbed some of the nectar onto her red-nailed fingers and tasted it. She calls it “girl jizz” and you should go get you some.!