TSPussyHunters Review: Natassia Dreams & Ella Nova

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Natassia’s “Slutty Leather Kitten” is features two of my all-time favorite adult stars. This TSPussyHunters.com scene unites director Sadie Lola with Natassia Dreams and Ella Nova who are major fixtures in the kink world. I’m so glad their paths have finally crossed as well as their gorgeous limbs).

The classic Domination/submission scenario is untimely my favorite genre as a trans top. I must admit it’s a bit hard to be unbiased about a scene in this niche, but Natassia and Ella bring so much realism and chemistry to this production for two actresses who’ve never worked together before.

One of my favorite sequences is when Ella purrs, “I want my milk,” while getting her tight ass powerfully drilled by the stern trans Domme Natassia. This moment signals that the stunning Domme is soon about to cum.

The actresses stay in full character from start to finish. The magical chemistry I felt while watching the entire scene is further revealed by the closing interview once the hardcore action is over. I’ve lost count of how many great Kink.com scenes Ella has appeared in since 2003. This Texan beauty also known as Sister Mauer and Claire Cucumber is one of the finest actresses in the network.

Natassia-Dreams.com is the official website of Natassia who has been making her mark most recently in mainstream fashion modeling. TS Dreamland was proud to present the PornOCD Interview with Natassia Dreams in January of 2016.

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

Black-TGirls: Natassia Dreams Is Back!

It always bugs me when I’m reminded that so many superb Black-TGirls.com models don’t have any significant presence outside of this awesome website. I don’t have to worry about that today with TEA Lifetime Achievement Award winner Natassia Dreams who made her BTG debut in 2004. Buddy Wood is the type of experienced producer to present Natassia professionally and beautifully.

She’s out in a leather chair in a bikini by the pool reintroducing herself as if that’s necessary. I think you’d kinda have to be brand new to trans porn not to know who she is. The swimsuit accentuates her curves and her platform heels give her ass the perfect tilt. I’m not sure if there is an oil fetish or if it’s just me, but when Natassia applies the shiny liquid to her beautiful body, I’m transported to a new level of eroticism.

Natassia loses the swimsuit just before the midway point of this update. She then straddles the chair and makes her fines ass move in ways that almost seem humanly impossible. Her cock begins swelling visibly with this rear view and she’s got a full hardon when she faces us again.

What follows is a full-blown rosebud winking fap session! Just because Natassia has 15 solo and hardcore scenes on Black-TGirls.com doesn’t mean you’ll get enough of her.

Don’t forget about her long-running official Natassia-Dreams.com website and out exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Natassia Dreams!

Natassia Dreams and Pierce Paris

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“Busty Black TS Solicits White Rent Boy” directed by Aiden Starr from the Hot For Transsexuals #04 DVD stars Natassia Dreams and Pierce Paris. The official EvilAngel.com synopsis reads: Horny black TS Natassia Dreams calls an escort agency for some relief. This busty, bikini-clad trans babe wants to satiate her hard she-cock to avoid pitching an embarrassing tent at the beach! Clean-cut white stud Pierce Paris arrives, and Natassia eagerly sucks his big boner. He services his client with a blow job. Pierce gets on all fours, and Natassia bangs his tight ass doggie-style. He reciprocates by deep-drilling her booty. The interracial lovers rub their cumming cocks together in a mutual orgasm.

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I’m a huge fan of both Natassia and Pierce and this is a pleasure I did not see coming. I never know when iconic Natassia is going to pop up. The last time was in my car in August on Sirius XM radio. Her interview was fantastic! But I wasn’t surprised. She gives candid and informative insights in our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Natassia Dreams in January of 2016. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen Natassia paired with such a fantastic co-star. Pierce Paris is absolutely dreamy and I swear I can almost sense Natassia’s excitement about working with him. I hope he gets recognized during this year’s award season. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about Natassia because she’s a legend. But sometimes voters just assume actresses are guaranteed to win something from name recognition. That seems to be a thing of the past. 

Flash Trailer

Good Bed Fuck With Natassia And Soldier Boi!

TEA Award Winner and two time AVN & XBIZ Nominee Natassia Dreams meets three time TEA nominee Soldier Boi for a killer hardcore Shemale.XXX update! The sexy are all worked up from a wild bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

Natassia is especially pre-heated from the hot girls, male strippers and her studly date. Being the perfect gentleman, Soldier Boi’s attention is solely focused on Natassia in the bedroom. He first pays attention to her magnificent bottom after the hem of her dress goes up in this steamy update.

Natassia wiggles her sexy bottom while perched on the ottoman and gets a rimjob for her efforts. I hope the walls of this posh bedroom are insulated because her moaning is loud! Once Soldier Boi’s shirt is off, revealing his rippling muscles, Natassia seeks out his love muscle. She proceeds to give him a blowjob, with her dress and panties just barely on.

She gags on his BBC, but in a fun way. Natassia then lays back on the bed with her long legs open widely. Soldier Boi gets in position for a torrid bareback side saddle drilling next. Natassia jerks off while getting pounded and reveals her large, firm breasts.

Natassia also gets a tremendous doggy style fucking! Then she rides Soldier Boi’s rock hard prong in the reverse cowgirl position. Her cock swings this way and that and in circles until she jerks off again while riding her man’s turgid organ. See how the rest of this fabulous Omar Wax production plays out.

Also check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi and the official Natassia-Dreams.com website.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

TS Seduction: Natassia Dreams & Reed Jameson

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Video Gallery

“Nurse Natassia Takes Down the Patriarchy” features two hot stars I’ve seen so many times on Kink before, I thought they might have appeared together before. Their opening interview on TS Seduction set me straight. Reed is more of a Dom with women in his personal life, but obviously not here. The stunning hostess of natassia-dreams.com is more of a switch, but she’s always an amazing top on this great site. What I like about the plot is that it mirrors something I’m familiar with in real life; most men I know who are controlling in their professional lives often like to turn that control over in the bedroom, or dungeon. The official set-up reads, “Dr. Jameson calls Nurse Natassia into his office because her wardrobe makes him uncomfortable. But Natassia knows the real source of his discomfort is her smoking hot body, big beautiful tits, and luscious ass. She knows he’s been jerking off to thoughts of her in her uniform and she refuses to let him push her around just because he can’t control his desire to worship her. She takes her uniform off to reveal her sexy lingerie and shoves her cock in his mouth before bending him over his desk and fucking his ass. Masturbation instruction, foot worship, and cum on nylon stockings show this doctor who’s really in charge.” This scene really heats up about 11 minutes in as Natassia spanks Reed’s bubble but while skull fucking him. She bends him over the desk to fuck him bareback with her stiff cock and it’s on! Mistress Natassia keeps fucking Reed for quite some time after forcing his climax. She closes the scene with a trememndous cumshot of her own. At the end of this TS Seduction scene, the doctor is left spent, bewildered and totally dominated. When the actors said they’d love to work together again, I was convinced they weren’t just saying that to be polite.

Natassia Dreams and Robert Axel

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I’m thinking that the ravishing star of this scene is too young to own the term “legendary” but she deserves it anyway. If you’re not familiar with her extensive career and background, check out the TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Natassia Dreams. But today, let’s talk about her hardcore scene with one of the hottest male performers on the planet, Robert Axel. They play a couple in a rented room that’s fully equipped with BDSM props and devices and decide it’s the perfect place to have sex. When Natassia hops on a table and starts shaking her ass, Robert slaps it and pulls the top of her dress down to play with her tits. Once her dress is off and his shirt is removed, they kiss and Natassia gives him a powerful, gagging blowjob. She then rises on the table to her knees, telling Robert it’s his turn to return the favor. This is more of a full-out skull fuck than your average head giving. Soon, Natassia is bent over on the table taking Robert’s stiff dick in the doggy style position. You have got to see the way she gyrates her incredible ass while stroking her own erection and riding Robert’s tool. A side saddle railing comes next followed by a reverse cowgirl banging. This torrid fucking session, filmed by the award winning photographer Blackula, ends in a tumultuous missionary position climax.

Natassia Dreams and Gio

Beautiful Natassia is now more of a girl after my own heart than ever. I wouldn’t be able to run blogs like TS Dreamland if I were the jealous type. But I do envy her for getting railed by one of my favorite male porn stars, the 6 foot two inch tall drink of water, Giovanni Francesco. Here’s a photo gallery, WMV and Flash preview of their sizzling hardcore scene from Natassia-Dreams:

Natassia Dreams, Anthony and Tony

Here’s a solo photo gallery and hardcore video previews of the magnificent Natassia Dreams:

Natassia finishes her shower, puts on her makeup, a one-piece swimsuit and boots. Antonio and Tony are waiting in the bedroom for her and she gives them a striptease. Antonio Aguilera, the lighter Latino, gets his big cock sucked while Tony gets himself ready.

Antonio is first to fuck Natassia and she sucks Tony’s BBC while getting railed. Tony gets to fuck her too and she’s covered with cum by the end of the video.

Natassia could have fucked both of these guys as hard as they fucked her. But it’s a nice change seeing her in the passive role every now and then.