Natalia Coxxx in Suckin’ This Huge Cock

Natalia Coxxx is back after a one year hiatus! Instead of waiting until the TGirl Network (SMC Productions) team released a new sample photo set, I’m showing you the last available one I have. Hopefully I’ll have preview videos on her sizzling hot new “Suckin’ This Huge Cock” video. For now, I can only tell you about it. Her hair is pulled into a bun and she’s wearing a biker’s jacket with matching leather pants and an animal print bra. She tells us a little about her background with ties to Louisiana, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti and how she’s been a good girl in Florida for the past six months. She’s waiting for the cable guy to check her Internet connection. Since he’s taking so long, she’s removed her outer garments. Natalia gets to know this brother with a deep voice who happens to have seen Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. He’s not intimidated by the fact that she might know something about the dark arts. He’s also not afraid to mess around with a beautiful transsexual customer. I’ve been a fan of the Natalia Coxxx website since the summer of 2010 and I know that she has a weakness for strong, masculine men. I can see his handsome face for a brief moment on her laptop and I can see his big cock when she leans over to start sucking it. Natalia looks pretty much the same the last time I saw her which translates to absolutley ravishing. Her full breasts are still lactating and she sucks a mean dick. Well, perhaps it’s a happy dick. In fact I know it’s a lucky dick because of the way Natalia Coxxx makes it cum!