Venus Lux and Nadia Vixen: You Missed a Spot

If you click on the Video box on, you can see explicit trailers including a segment from “You Miss a Spot” with the hostess of If you love transbian porn, I think you’ll love this scene. If you like it coupled with BDSM, you’re in double trouble like me. Ravishing Venus introduces her stunning guest Nadia Vixen who describes when and how she entered the adult industry. I’m so glad she has her own site too and that Venus has expanded hers into a mega-site with several amazing guest stars. She’s also a webcam host on If you’re a big breast or leg lover or foot fetishist, you might end up cumming during the 7 minute interview before these beautiful ladies get all of their clothes off. But if you can hold out, you’ll see how the story unravels with Venus sipping champagne out by the pool in an elegant evening gown. Meanwhile, submissive Nadia is performing household duties inside. Nadia gets distracted by her cell phone and decides to lay back on the sofa to take a break. Venus isn’t at all amused when she catches her housekeeper goofing off. Nadia really needs this job and she allows Venus to secure her topless to a chair with her talented rope work. With the torment Nadia endures next, the swollen cock head peeking out of her panties betrays her lust. The red bulb gets swatted with her employer’s riding crop and her big, tied-up tits get slapped hard. Nadia’s stiff cock is oozing pre-cum across her flat tummy even before Venus curls her fingers around it. This scene is co-directed by Stefani Special who adds to the authenticity of the Domination/submission realism. Nadia’s naughty bits are tortured with clothes pins before she’s skull fucked and jerked off. If this scene seems tailor-made for you, watch Venus fucking Nadia and taking her big cumshot on her face and into her lovely mouth. Don’t forget to take the tour.