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Mya Badd of Houton, Texas on Chaturbate Trans

Busty Mya Badd was spread across her black sofa wearing skimpy lingerie when I saw she was broadcasting the other night. A lot was going on, but not with her outfit. Her large breast and flaccid, uncut cock were fully exposed. She also wore sheer black stay-up stockings. Maya was checking the messages on her phone when someone knocked and entered with a fresh container of coffee.

A generous tip rolled in and Mya asked if we thought her tits are big. Well, that’s subjective, but to me, they look absolutely perfect. An even bigger Chaturbate Trans tip came in that had May throwing her luscious legs up to diddle her fun spot. This activity made her dick grow fatter. Mya asked if someone could match the large donation of tokens she received. She got what she wanted and began jerking off rapidly. Although TS Mya’s fans were quite generous throughout her show, it took awhile before she was aroused enough to nut. But when she did, the results were spectacular! Mya’s big cock finally exploded, sending thick, creamy white jets of cum to arc high in the air and land across her bare thigh!!!

I don’t know how she managed to cum so explosively while holding her phone so steadily. But then I’m not a Chaturbate broadcaster. Mya Badd is a consummate Black-TGirls and Chaturbate Trans professional. She excited for awhile to clean up and returned to continue with her show. About 40 minutes of flirting with fans had Mya’s spent organ inflating with new life! A little porn on that phone of hers helped develop a new erection. Once that was done, Mya produced a big dildo replica of a black cock and began fucking her tight ass with it! I’m pretty sure she was camming for well over two hours.

This 31 year old Texan TS beauty is also a highly accomplished studio model. She has 7 photo and videos sets on Black-TGirls (Model: mya5) including one blazing hot hardcore scene! But if you want to see a LIVE show like the one I’ve just described, go to her channel:!