Cumshot Monday: Rianna James!

Description: Rianna James is a gorgeous Canadian model introduced to us by Vee Soho earlier this year when she made her debut on our Canadian sister-site. A little bit later, she was one of the first models to shoot an exclusive scene for our brand new website! Today, she makes her debut in this week’s “Cumshot Monday” episode! No better way to start a new Grooby week than watching this beauty posing, stroking her cock and cumming just for you!

“Hey, so you’re here for the cum shot special,” are the first words out of super sexy Rianna’s mouth when this scene produced by Vee Soho begins. This is Caramel and reviewing this update here also happens to provide a segue my 2016 Interview with Ms. Rianna James.

Rianna is totally prepared to cum for you today, but she let’s you know that she’s going to make you work for it. This Vancouver and Victoria and British Columbia-based fox is not just a model, but a webcam pro, webmaster and a dominatrix. Every bit of that power comes through in this performance.

When Rianna tells you to suck her cock for her, she knows you want to even before she shows it to you. She fondles it through the fabric of her black, pleated dress. Then she raises the hem above her fence net stocking clad thighs and there it is – her amazing, stiff cock. Rianna then bends over on the bed and when you get a clear view of her bare bottom, it looks like she’s got a bit of an all over tan. Does she sunbathe in the nude? It looks like it and she’s not wearing any panties to keep her from freely beating off.

The dress she has on is like a frock Marilyn Monroe would wear, but in black. There’s deep cleavage on display and Rianna’s nipples look like they must be as hard as her prick is at the moment. When she bares her lovely breasts, you’ll know that your suspicions were correct.

Soon she’s down to a dominatrix corset and her fishnets and platform heels. Later on, she’s removing her tall sandals, showing off her matching mani/pedi. Then she thrusts her painted toes directly in front of your mouth. She also rubs her toes with her own rigid staff. The ending of this superb update involves a platter and a whole lot of spunk! Rianna Jame’s can also be seen on and on the new!

Caramel’s Interview with Ms. Rianna James

The first person to find out that I wanted to interview Ms. Rianna James was her boyfriend, Scott. We came into contact on FetLife ages ago and he thanked me for reviewing one of Ms. Rianna’s live webcam shows. I didn’t know he was aware of my review and once we began talking about his girlfriend and her website, I knew I had to learn more about her. Ms. Rianna James is a model, business woman, independent porn producer and she’s also a professional dominatrix. She does most of her filming in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. Her replies to my questions were very candid and her intelligence and sense of humor shines in her responses. This was one of the most exciting conversations I’ve had the honor of sharing here. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with Ms. Rianna James. 🙂