Sister’s Attrition: Jacquie Blue, Morena Black on ParaPerv

Since the dawn of time, there has been a battle between good and evil depicted in ancient writings including the bible. The scene starts with Jacquie praying for divine intervention reciting the Lord’s Prayer asking for help to prevent her from breaking her vows she made, vows of non sexual contact. She repeats her prayers, but they go unanswered and she throws the bible away and this awakens the evil demon who hears her prayers and thinks it time to test her vows.

Jacquie is laid alone in the darkness and Morena arrives and begins feeling her body. Jacqui cannot resist and begins sucking Morena’s nipple. Morena grabs hold of Jacquie’s head and thrown down and begins spanking her ass with a paddle. After her ass is struck repeatedly her head is forced towards Morena’s ass and she begins licking. Morena is fully erect and directs Jacquie’s mouth towards her big erection and slowly teases licking her cock head. Then taking it deep down her throat. With Morena now controlling the pace pushing her head down.

Jacquie has her panties removed Morena licks her ass with her fanged mouth. The demon Morena pushing her cock inside her ass slowly. Her big cock penetrates her ass while Jacquie moans with pleasure. The camera is close up now and you can see every stroke of the penetrations. The pace increases. Anal follows in missionary and Morena rolls back her demonic eyes to the heavens above pleased she has turned one more religious follower into her sex slave. Jacquie sucks on Morena’s nipples while she strokes her big cock and she blows her load on her face.

This is Scott at @PornOCD on Twitter. For more information about the Paranormal Perversions Sister’s Attrition film, follow @TSJacquie, @tsMorenaBlack and @ParaPerv.

TGirls.Porn – Beth Bell & Morena Black

I’ve had the honor of meeting fellow Floridian Morena Black and one of the things we discussed is that you never know where she might turn up next. This is the one time I knew where she was traveling to, but I still didn’t know this was coming. She’s great at keeping things under wraps, but fortunately not everything, fortunately for us. In this case, Beth Bell benefited most from what she decided to reveal. You’ll know exactly what I mean when you see these beauties on TGirls.Porn, sucking each other and fucking bareback!

The official synopsis reads: Two of the industry’s biggest names of 2016 get up close, balls deep and very personal in this nut splooging update of colossal proportions brought to you exclusively by the fastest growing TS site on the web – TGirls.Porn! Morena Black is an absolute sweetheart with a whopping piece on panty python down south and Vegas blonde Beth Bell is a horny vixen who just loves to be fucked on film. Radius Dark once again plays Cupid as he brings together this sensational pair for some booming girl on girl XXX action. Let’s hear from these wonderful ladies…..

Beth: “I was excited at the idea of shooting Morena Black. As many of you know, I’m a fan of huge cocks and I’d seen Morena’s python online. It got me really excited. I also liked the fact that she’s tall and could pick me up like the little princess I am. I pride myself on being the deep throat queen, so I was more than excited at the idea of swallowing that nine inch cock all the way down to the base. She did an amazing job stretching my ass out with her thick cock. I loved every second of it. Especially the part where she smacked my ass while fucking me doggystyle. I was happy to stroke her until she came and then suck up all that creamy cum.”

Morena: “I was in Las Vegas for a while and was asked to shoot with a girl. When Radius Dark told me that Beth Bell was available, I immediately asked, “she’s small right, so I can pick her up.” She was really soft and little. I loved picking her up on to the counter and sucking her cute, uncut cock. She gave me an amazing blowjob and I was charged up and ready to fuck her really good after that. I could tell she loved the part when she was laying on top of me, I pulled her legs back, and drilled her tight little hole with my huge cock. It was a great ending for me when she jacked me off and made me cum. I love a girl who swallows.”

You can Watch the Free Trailer on TGirls.Porn

You can Watch the Free Trailer on TGirls.Porn 

Twitter: @tscaramel

Hung Morena Strokes Her Cock!

If you weren’t sure how my beautiful friend Morena Black pronounces her first name, you’ll find out while watching her Shemale Yum in her opening interview with Radius Dark. In her third photo and video set on the longest running trans adult website, she talks about how she’s been traveling across the US on nature hikes and gives a hint of her latest naughty adventures.

When asked how her big boobs are doing, she gives a visual reply and tells us about one of her most exciting sexual exploits in detail. When asked what she’s hiding under her dress, she raises the hem of her dress and lowers her sheer black panties. Morena’s cock is framed by garters and fishnet stockings. It’s quite large if you’ve never seen it before and it’s still flaccid. Morena switches hands while stroking her dick until it’s fully erect. Morena smiles a lot while masturbating because she really loves doing this before the camera. She loves fucking on camera also, but I’ve covered her hardcore action in other updates.

Aside from the explicit view of Morena’s big tits jiggling during this fap session, another fun part is the ongoing dialogue that adds dimension to what you’re viewing. I don’t mind straight jack off porn with no talking, but the discussion here adds a more personal touch. Morena stands up once her schlong is almost as hard as it can possibly get and that’s quite hard.

When she sits back down, her cock points upward toward the ceiling. If you’d only seen it semi erect before, you may have thought that would be an impossible feat because it looks so heavy. The gravity defying act continues with no hands until she begins masturbating again. But if you’re hoping to see more, Morena also rises to present awesome views of her full round ass.

She lowers and removes her panties completely and her boots are off to satisfy leg admirers and foot lovers alike. Morena also jacks off on the floor with her bottom raised in an erotic invitation and she doesn’t stop talking dirty. Next, she’s on her back on the wood floor stroking her big dick and I’m going to let you see the rest for yourself on Shemale Yum.

Check out my Morena Black category for more in-depth descriptions of her previous performance. For my exclusive TS Dreamland interview with Morena conducted in February of 2016, click here. For Morena’s live performances, go to where you can register for free.

TGirls.Porn: Chelsea Marie & Morena Black

You can watch a Video Preview of Chelsea Marie and Morena Black from their scene sucking and fucking each other on the landing page of TGirls.Porn! This is what they had to say about it: “Hey, this is Morena Black and Chelsea Marie and we just had the most electric time together! But what is it really that gets us two going? Morena: “I say that I’ve always had a passion and a lust for girls. Even since before I was one! I absolutely love women, but tgirls? Now that’s uncharted territory for me and still new, so I was nervous and excited when Chelsea and I were paired for TGirls.Porn. I mean, THE Chelsea Marie? Oh gosh! I instantly felt comfortable with her, and I absolutely thought we had this girl on girl vibe that I had been lusting after for so long…I became instantly hard! I made love to her ass like it was an oasis in my sexual desert. And those lips! So kissable, I lost myself in them, by the time we were getting into it I knew she needed my big cock inside her, and give it to her I did! All wasn’t done, though, because she wanted to eat my ass and fuck me too! She blew me away and made me her little passion slut as I moaned for more and was dying to shoot one of the biggest cum shots I have ever shot in my life!” Chelsea: “Well, I have a special place in my heart for girls, but you know I have a hunger for cock, so imagine my surprise when I seen the inches Morena had! I got so hard from sucking her big cock that I became just as big! After pounding my ass with her tongue, I knew I couldn’t waste anymore time getting that big cock inside me, and my moans are authentic! I could barely hold myself together until I had a feeling that I knew I had to return the favor. I turned things around and made her my little slut! She was almost begging for me to stop but I just gave it to her harder and harder, I felt like I was falling in love omg. I’ll tell you, though, when we came next to one another and one look in her eyes and I exploded! My eyes went wide when I saw her cock cream so much I felt greedy having it all to myself!” Wow! As you can see, we had great chemistry together, and we hope you enjoy our new scene on TGirls.Porn as much as we enjoyed making it!”

Caramel’s Interview with Morena Black

Hi, from Caramel. @tsMorenaBlack has been so busy in 2015 and this winter, I was surprised that she found the time for an in-depth interview with me. The entire process was absolutely delightful. If you’re looking for an un-biased opinion about her, I’m the wrong person to ask. But I’m not here to boast about her once again today. I’m just proud to present my Interview with Morena Black.

Morena Black & Soldier Boi


If you follow me @tscaramel on Twitter, you may have seen me retweeting a lot of the gorgeous Grooby Newbie and Chaturbate performer Morena Black. When I first heard that this beautiful, hung “Brazilirican” was making a Grooby debut, I assumed it would be on Black-TGirls (well you know what they say about assuming, so I need to get that in check). Morena’s debut is actually on Black Shemale Hardcore with a man I’ve blogged about multiple times here, Soldier Boi. With that information in mind, I knew that Morena would be the bottom in the photo set and video. With a passive guy or girl, this could have gone the other way. Follow room=morenablack on Chaturbate and you’ll see how stiff her huge cock gets and watch how she cums live. Well, you can see that too on Black Shemale Hardcore at the end of this torrid bareback scene. There’s no plot in this joint… just hot sex. Morena is on her knees giving Soldier Boi head when we join them. Omar Wax does an amazing job of showcasing Morena’s beauty as she strips while sucking that long, coveted cock. Morena’s tits are bigger than mine. Her cock is bigger than mine. She’s younger than me. I’m not jealous, however. I love her! I also love all the angles shot and position changes of this porno. One of my midway favorite views is of Morena riding the handsome stud in the reverse cowgirl position. Her heavy shlong sways this way and that. I lost track of the position changes after that. But I did not forget the sight of Soldier Boi fucking her in the missionary position while she produced a big cumshot before taking a tremendous facial. If you, like many others of us, have been waiting patiently for the debut of Morena Black, the time has come on Black Shemale Hardcore.