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I didn’t see Red’s submissive side until I watched her giving a blowjob for the first time. The lucky guy had one of those dicks that stands up at a 45° angle when it’s raging hard. Red is so good at putting thousands of cock owners in that vulnerable state on any given day or night she’s on Chaturbate trans. If she has a gag reflex, it’s extremely hard to activate.

She took a few breaks to announce her tip goals and once they were reached, we’d get to see her man actually fucking her. This stud was so excited, he danced around the room while Red got ready on the bed to get railed. Red rode this man’s pecker of steel in the reverse cowgirl position first. She did this while grinding her hips like a belly dancer. Well, that’s until he started jacking his hips like a human jackhammer. Red went int a sexual frenzy, squealing and shaking until her man had to slow down a bit.

Then she flipped around to face him. The relentless drilling evolved into the doggy style position and then standing. Red began screaming during that pounding and the guy had to hold her up for most of it. I get it. Sometimes the sex is too good to stay on your feet. Missionary position fucking came next and I was amazed at how well shot the sex was. There was no third person filming, but it couldn’t have been better if there were! A side saddle ramming came next and I don’t know what the position is called that Red came in. Hot man, as she aptly called the guy named Nick, asked how many people were watching the channel.

They were at 5,000 at that point. The next time I saw Red, her ass looked like a road map of Chile! Nick really tanned that pretty thing and I know she loved it. I’ve noticed that Red does her signature belly dancer hip grinding when she’s riding a big dildo in her solo shows. Red’s engagement with fans is incredible. She even gives lovemaking advice while masturbating! Red is into girls too but I haven’t had the good fortune of seeing her with one yet.

When asked, she replied that she likes guys and girls both at the same time. Overall, Red has a wonderful personality. That quality combined with her great personality makes her the total package. Register to Chaturbate for free. Then make a point of following

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