Mia Isabella by the Poolside

Back on November 5th, I wrote on caramelstgirls.com here about the photo set from “Mia Isabella by the Poolside” and it was perhaps my first time ever raving about images before seeing the actual video. I had a strong feeling that the actual video might even exceed my expectations when it was released and it did. How is it that this trans adult entertainment icon is turning out performances just as incredible (if not more so now) as when mia-isabella.com first launched? I’ve been raving about her since 2009 and she blew me away back then. Today, she’s absolutely devastating. So much has happened since she first hit the porn scene and today she’s a well-known mainstream star as well.

Jet-setting beauty Mia opens her long-awaited video saying she’s heard we’ve been looking all over the world for her, wondering where you can find her honey. I’ll get to exactly what she’s talking about in just a bit. She begins stripping out of her pricey bodysuit immediately in this lavish shoot filmed in Spain. Her big rack is fully exposed and looking below her trim waist, we see that the pantyhose garment she wears is crotchless. Her cock is huge and it’s not even fully erect yet. But about three minutes into the video, her prick has swollen to just about its greatest proportions. She places a pillow on the concrete to protect her incredible bottom and begins stroking firmly. As if the sight of Mia jerking off her enormous erection isn’t enough to turn you on, the wide angle profile and full frontal footage is enhance by her continuous dirty talk. By around the 7th minute, Mia is fully immersed in giving herself pleasure. She caresses one large breast firmly with one hand and uses the other to draw thick streams of creamy white cum from her world famous cock. Mia giggles and then says, “Well there’s your honey.” That’s what she was talking about when this fabulous update started on mia-isabella.com and on mia-isabella.tgirl-network!

Mia Isabella and Giovanni Franchesco

I almost want to call gorgeous porn star Mia Isabella legendary, but she’s still too young for that description yet.

Beautiful Mia is about to have a romantic night with her sexy guy, Giovanni Franchesco. They start off drinking wine and reading before he kisses her passionately. She soon gets down on her knees and pulls out his cock. She puts his large member into her mouth and starts to suck it. Then she pulls out her big, luscious perky boobs while he then gets down on his knees and sucks her beautiful dick. Next, Gio gets behind Mia and fucks her from behind. Then Mia gets on top of him and starts to ride his cock, from the front and then the back. Mia strokes her big tool as she rides her man.

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