Chaturbate Trans Cams Melisandre Urpinkflower

Melisandre aka Urpinkflower on Chaturbate

Melisandre has been killing it for the last couple of days on Chaturbate Trans! I had a feeling she’s Russian and it was confirmed when I went to her biography. Her height surprised me at first until I read how light she is and it all made perfect sense. Her stats couldn’t be humanly more perfect. I’m including the measurements of the sex organ she was rapidly stroking. It’s not an enormous cock but it’s pretty big and I don’t even care about size, so whatever. All I really care about is rigidity and Melisandre has plenty of it to go around.

She was wearing a gamer top and a pink BDSM collar. For leg admirers and foot lovers, she kept one bare leg and platform heel sandal foot in the frame. What better way to get ahead of “Show feet” requests? She had a narrow pink Lovesense Lush toy embedded in her perfect little rosebud. It was fun watching her fun spot clentch around the sex toy both when tips were rolling in and even when the channel was slow with tips.

Finger banging herself around the sex toy wasn’t enough. So she produced a large dildo and fucked herself with it right alonside the Lovesense. Melisandre’s uncut cock was semi-erect and she wasn’t sure if she could come twice in one session. But her ass fucking and cock stroking was so riveting to watch, I could care less if she didn’t climax again.

She removed her platforms for a foot fetish-oriented masturbation session and that was a wrap. I got there too late to see her orgasm which brings me to an important point. If you have a favorite Chaturbate Trans model, don’t forget to follow her. You’ll be notified via email when she’s online next time. Please be generous with your tips because these girls work hard for the money!