TGirls.XXX: Cumshot Friday: Mara Nova!

Description: Guess who’s back! Mara Nova returns on TGirls.XXX to star in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Friday” series produced by Radius Dark! We already know that we can expect only the best from beautiful Mara! Looking gorgeous as always, Mara can’t wait to strip down and start playing with her big hard cock! She spreads her ass cheeks, shows off her amazing booty and strokes her dick until she shoots a creamy load just for you!

I’m sort of feeling that there’s no need for any further description. But there are so many hot details about this performance that are irresistible to mention. Mara looks stunning in a matching bra and panty set with sheer black harem pants. She’s sportin’ a semi-erection that’s bigger than most fully hard boners out there. Then her dick gets bigger the deeper she goes into her striptease/masturbation sequence.

A remarkable standing butt show evolves into a dong swinging presentation. Then Mara settles into lubing up and fully jerking off! I don’t know what’s more enticing between the full frontal footage or full nudity that eventually comes.

Then there’s Mara’s tittie flexing when she pumps her monstrous cock and the way she forces you to focus on her phenomenal ass and winking rosebud. Don’t forget about Mara’s big, creamy white Cumshot Friday on TGirls.XXX.

This is Caramel and did you know that this beauty once honored me with an exclusive TS Dreamland one-on-one? If you didn’t, please check out Caramel’s Interview with Mara Nova.

Transitional Fantasies: Mara Nova

Shemale Strokers is transitioning to new name and website with the same awesome trans content you have cum to love. Updated 4X a week!

Scene Description: It’s a blazing hot summer in southern California, and gorgeous beach babe Mara Nova is ready to catch some rays outside. But you’d rather stay at home and cuddle up like a couple of beach bums. She’s got a super sexy tie-dye bikini, blue hair, and facial piercings. She agrees that the two of you could have more fun by staying in, so she peels off her bathing suit and whips out her huge love stick. She smacks it against her thighs and stomach, making a satisfying thud noise. Then, she bends over to show you her tight ass pussy. She instructs you to tongue bathe her from head to toe. Rather toe to head. You work your way up from her gorgeous soft feet, noticing the goose bumps that appear on her legs and stomach.

Mara is busy massaging and squeezing her perfect little titties. Next, she bends over so you can admire her round ass, especially the lady cock and balls hanging down between her legs. She wiggles around and flexes her butt hole, even smacking her yummy cheeks. Then, she backs into you and you fuck her doggy style. Finally, she lies back and strokes her lubed lady dick until she shoots a nice, white load of jizz all over her tight stomach.

Is that one of the horniest descriptions from a website you’ve ever read? If you think that’s hot, wait until you see the full length video! Going to the beach is great. It’s one of the world’s favorite activities. But so many of us would rather just stay inside with beautiful Mara Nova. You’ll totally get it when you see her stripping down to nothing in her little bedroom.

Mara is beautifully captured stroking her huge cock in a variety of tantalizing positions. Her cumshot in this update one the biggest I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen her cum a lot! Watch and I hope you’ll also check out Caramel’s Interview with Mara Nova.

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Bob’s Tgirls: Mara Nova – Who is Fucking Whom?

“Mara Fills Willie” is the photo set answer to the “Who Is Fucking Whom?” question on Bob’s Tgirls. Willie is the most famous male co-star on this site other than Bob and he’s not actually human. He often fucks like a man but he’s a lavish fucking machine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the fucking machine getting fucked however. But here we are seeing Willie with a penile sleeve where there’s normally a big dildo attached. So basically Willie is going to bottom for beautiful Mara Nova’s big cock!

Willie comes ready with lubricant along with his power strips and Mara pretty much prepares him the same way she’d get a real orifice ready. Some machines have all the luck. Mara lubes up the inner sleeve of the toy while licking her licks and stroking her big ding-a-ling to get it hard and ready.

She’s soon adjusting the power with her erection inside the sleeve and she’s slowly jacking her sexy hips back and forth. I’ve never fucked one of these toys before but Mara makes it look like a must-add my sexual bucket list.

I’m sure it doesn’t match the feeling of fucking a live person, but it’s obviously an amazing feeling. You can tell by the rapturous look on Mara’s pretty face and the way her own large power tool is so hard! Once the pump gets going, all Mara has to do is stand there and allow Willie to do all the work.

The sleeve moves down to the base and rapidly pulls back to expose much of the dark glistening shaft of Mara’s hardon and her tightly drawn-up ball sack. Sometimes she takes a break from her machine powered fucking to fully extract her huge schlong and jerk off normally.

Then her soaking wet hard guides her prong back inside the sleeve for more banging. If you’ve haven’t read my May 2016 Interview with Mara Nova I hope you’ll check it out.

I also hope you’ll check out the full-length video and entire photo set that compliments the original update on

Bob’s Tgirls: Mara Nova in Kitchen Dildo Fun

“Cutie In The Kitchen” is the hi resolution photo set that comes with Mara Nova’s “Kitchen Dildo Fun” video update on Bob’s Tgirls. It looks like Mara is gift wrapped with no wrapping paper – just strings and a bow as she hops on the kitchen table and starts stroking her big, juicy cock. Her lovely breasts are openly exposed also.

Her outfit is off in less than two minutes leaving her jerking off completely nude. “My ass is hungry for something,” she purrs as the scene becomes increasingly more explicit. The view evolves from full frontal to scintillating exposure from the rear. Mara is not a grower. She has a really big dick even when it’s flaccid but it’s swelling to it’s greatest proportions at this point.

A generous amount of lubricant is utilized when Mara is on her knees bent over and penetrating her tight ass to deliver the promise of the title of this video. A clear bead of pre-cum clings to the tip of her bulbous cock head as she fucks herself hard with the toy.

Mara changes this rear view exposure to pump her large erection and bang her sexy ass in full frontal footage as this exquisite update continues. Bob’s Tgirls is one of the earliest reasons I decided to begin reviewing the hottest porn on the Net. Years later, Mara Nova is one of the main reasons I’m glad I’m still doing it.

That’s clearly reflected in my exclusive TS Dreamland Interview with Mara Nova of

Two Tgirls – Bikini Beach Babes Bang – Mara Nova & Sydney Farron

No one appreciates a Florida transbian scene like a Sunshine State resident like me, especially when it features two of the hottest babes on the planet. In this torrid Two Tgirls update Bikini Beach Babes Bang, Sydney Farron’s horny for tgirl ass so she trolls her favorite hookup spot, the beach! She stumbles upon a beautiful Mara of who happens to be sitting waiting for the sunset. Sydney Farron asks Mara Nova if she can sit down next to her, Mara would gladly enjoy some company so she accepts her offer. After Mara talks about how beautiful the sunset is, Sydney says that she thinks Mara is very beautiful.

She then asks her if she wants to get out of there and the two walk off. The second they get back to Sydney’s place, the clothes are flying off, their tongues entangled with one another while they make out. Sydney shoves her big thick cock in Mara’s mouth and starts to face fuck her, things are definitely heating up! After a bit of this Sydney fucks Mara in her tight ass in multiple positions, doggystyle, missionary, and reverse cowgirl! Sydney finishes it off with one of her world famous cumshots to the face, she covers Mara completely in her hot sticky cum! You won’t wanna miss this one! If you aren’t already a member join now and see this incredible Two Tgirls video! 

You can download this exquisite hardcore release on the website in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats.

Bob’s Tgirls: Mara Nova in Shades of Blue

Mara Nova returns to Bob’s Tgirls with another blazing hot photo and video set and a stunning July 2016 desktop calendar. This set is yet another example of why Caramel was so excited to present her exclusive TS Dreamland interview with Mara in May of this year. This San Diego, California native’s rise in the adult industry can be described as meteoric and it continues to flourish. Caramel described her interview as one of the most pleasurable and candid discussions she’s ever presented on one of her sites. This stunning petite 21 year old trans girl a petite powerhouse who has worked with just about every major trans porn studio as well as performing live on webcam. Check out Mara’s dazzling new set on Bob Maverick’s tremendous Bob’s Tgirls website which was launched in 1999.

Caramel’s Interview with Mara Nova

If anyone else out there intends to request an interview with Mara Nova, she made the entire process so easy for me from start to finish, I’ll always remember it as one of my most pleasurable ever. She’s a pure joy to work with and I totally understand why others praise her so highly. Mara is as fine as frog’s hair and she’s a fabulous performer, but I had the opportunity to find out what makes her tick. I hope you’ll enjoy my interview with beautiful and talented Mara Nova. Click here to read it.

Mara Nova in TS Factor #02

mp4 Preview

Sample Photo Gallery

Flash Trailer

“This is a good day,” says famed Evil Angel director Joey Silvera while filming gorgeous 21 year old Mara Nova for TS Factor #02. Instead of jumping straight into the hard stuff, he extracts some background information about Mara. He noticed she did her own makeup and she did go to school for Cosmetology and Hair and it looks it. Between “Oh my Gods” and a few expletives, he learns that she’s from San Diego, California, or rather asks to loosen her up. Mara mentioned she was a little bit shy at first, but that begins to dissipate when Silvera does what he does best – directing. Mara falls into porn mode skillfully with some rear exposure first, then revealing her pretty boobs. Mara begins stroking her semi-erect cock within the first five minutes. She switches her expanding tool between both hands and smacks it across her thigh. Then she pours a generous amount of oil across the shaft. Her fapping continues while she lies back, but then she stands up and more dirty dialogue follows. Mara’s next butt show is more intense than the first with a little finger banging added. Then with some really loud smacking sounds audible as she beats off to reach her climax, Mara pretty face grimaces. Mara makes the sexiest moans and gasps when a torrent of creamy white cum blasts from the swollen head of her cock. Wait until you hear what she was fantasizing about when she made herself cum so hard. For more information about Mara Nova, visit and watch her performing live on Chaturbate TRANS in room sailor_maranova.

TS Mara Nova – The Website

San Diego, California native Mara Nova’s official website is now LIVE! I have a whole gang of photos to share of Mara, but I figured the GIF above says enough for now. Trust me, more will follow after this initial maiden voyage . The videos on her new site are what I’d describe as “bite-sized”, meaning on the shorter side or bite your bottom lip hot. They don’t drag out with wasted moments. I raved about Mara’s fantastic solo and hardcore performances here. Mara is straight, but when it comes to whether she’s a top or a bottom, she says she’s versatile. That’s one of my favorite words in Webster’s dictionary. Mara Nova is one of my favorite new stars.