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Chaturbate Trans Cams: Mandy_Eyecandy

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Here’s something different for Chaturbate Trans Cams fans. I thinks it’s safe to assume that the average age for cam models is somewhere around 25. What happens when 58 years young Mandy_Eyecandy gets her channel up and running? She pulls fans half her age and encourages them to stick around the same way the younger broadcasters do it. She’s pretty and she does incredibly sexy things on cam. There are seven explicit video clips on her channel that you can purchase. But if you register for free and follow her, you’ll be notified when she goes live again. Her channel in

I truthfully didn’t know how naughty this would get. Her style made me recall June Cleaver of the Leave it To Beaver couple, who evoked the archetypal white suburban parents of the 1950s. But Mrs. Cleaver would have never sat before a camera with her legs spread stroking her rock hard cock. And besides, Mandy_Eyecandy is British.

What I saw was a very attractive trans woman of any age wearing a bra and stay-up stockings as she jerked off. Beside the wooden chair she masturbated on was a TV with her channel playing on it. Mandy_Eyecandy hardly glanced at it to check out her makeup or anything. She spoke in a delicate, high-pitched voice, interacting sweetly with fans and big tippers. Occasionally, she’d finger bang her tight ass and moan softly.

Mandy_Eyecandy would giggle, flashing her pearly whites, and things peaked for me when she stood up. That’s when she removed and discarded her stockings. The sight of Mandy_Eyecandy standing before you with her hard, uncut penis gently swaying is quite a lovely vision. She moved some furniture around in order to lay on the floor. Then she resumed jacking off upside down. It wasn’t as awkward as I’m probably making it sound.

Eventually, Mandy_Eyecandy removed her brassiere also and sat back in her chair. This time she was intent on building up to a climax. Rubbing one bare nipple while fiercely stroking her erection did the trick. “Mandy is gonna cum now guys,” she mewled and at least five strong jets of white cum blasted from the tip of her erection. She didn’t stick around for and post-orgasmic chatter. But man, that was a great show!