Mandy-Mitchell Review: Face Sitting Anal Sex And Squirting With Bianca

Super flexible Bianca Stone is shooting selfies on the sofa when her Mandy enters the living room and takes a seat beside her. They begin shooting selfies together and we see them looking absolutely gorgeous in split-screen footage. The kiss and Bianca manages to capture the action on her cell phone camera, making a mini-movie of Mandy exposing and caressing one of her boobs. A quick peek at what’s going on below the frame gives us a glimpse of Bianca’s pretty pussy. A moment later, Mandy has her lovely face buried in it! This is the best selfie filming I’ve ever seen! It’s edited to perfection, as if reading out minds about when to dismiss the split screen footage and replace it with full screen action including these amazing performers from head to toe. For example, Mandy and her big hard cock is fully exposed while Bianca bobs her head down on it. A moment later, Bianca’s incredible ass is the focus, along with her lover’s sweet dick. Don’t even get me started on the bareback fucking. At one point, we get split screen views plus footage from the very camera they’re filming with. This reminds me that one of the best things about is something that goes way beyond hot looking models and torrid sex. Top notch production value is one of its greatest assets. Also visit the

Mandy Mitchell: Trans Curious Cheater Summer Hart

MP4 Teaser Trailer

I love the way Mandy Mitchell sets ups her scenes. About a recent favorite of mine she says, “Busty redheaded babe Summer Hart is on a lesbian polyamorous date with my wife Bianca. When Bianca leaves to make drinks, Summer slips away to find me sulking and jealous in my bedroom. Before I know it, I’m having sex with this incredibly beautiful woman who I have never met before, pussy eating, blowjobs, fucking… When Bianca finds us and gets very angry, and decides to teach us a lesson for our bad polyamory by spanking and fucking Summer mercilessly with her huge strap on before letting me cum inside Summer finally. Twice!” It’s succinct yet so sexy. To add just a few of my own thoughts, I didn’t truly understand polyamory until Mandy explained it to me in an interview. As if I didn’t already know she lead an exciting life! I like sneaky girls. They scare some people, but since I’m usually the once the sneaky ones I know are being sneaky with, it’s definitely a plus. I can identify with Mandy being the object of a cisgender (the gender one was born) female who’s curious about sex with a trans woman. It’s very sexy seeing Summer with her curvaceous form clad in a skimpy summer dress making up her mind to get into Mandy’s bed. She’s never actually met Mandy before hopping on her bed, but she obviously finds her very attractive. Bianca described her a bit too well. After Mandy describes her novice status with polyamory, Summer’s flirting becomes more aggressive and soon the end up kissing. Mandy is only wearing a bra and panty set with fishnet stocking and while the two make out passionately, Mandy’s stiff cock slips out of her undies. A bit of frottage follows with Summer on top and Mandy bares and devours Summer’s big tits with her mouth. Summer reciprocates on Mandy’s boobs and then she lays on her back and takes extreme pleasure in Mandy’s muff diving skills. Mandy confesses that she hopes Bianca finds them together and so do I! With the exception of that pair of fishnets, both ladies are gloriously nude and Summer is sucking Mandy’s raging hard cock! I cannot wait for you to hear Summer’s high-pitched gasps and moans when Mandy gives her pretty pussy a tongue lashing and gives her a rimjob to boot. Summers is in the doggystyle position soon after and she’s sitting up on Mandy’s bare cock when Bianca discovers them. Mock furious Bianca punishes Summers with a hard titty-slapping and the powerful thrusts of her huge strapon dildo! It doesn’t end there because Mandy hasn’t even begun to tire of fucking yet! This sizzling hardcore tryst is available now on, and Watch the Trailer

TS Pussy Hunters: Mandy Mitchell & Savannah Fox

Private Fox is hiding launch codes in her box: Poor Private Fox has no idea how she ended up tied up and being held prisoner by Super Soldier Mandy Mitchell. Mandy knows first hand how the government can do crazy experiments on soldiers without the soldiers ever knowing anything was going on. Mandy knows that the trigger for most soldiers to divulge important government information is almost always having a beautiful TS soldier fuck the information out of the poor unsuspecting Private’s privates. Once Savanna see’s the beautiful cock on Mandy she is compelled to give foot jobs, blow jobs and anal! That’s the official synopsis. Time flies when your having fun like running your own groundbreaking adult website. I cannot believe it’s been five years since Mandy Mitchell has been on TS Pussy Hunters from the! She’s paired with the gorgeous big booty squirting queen Savannah Fox from my birthplace of NYC and I’ve been lusting after her for about four years now. Although I absolutely love and have for years, I didn’t know how she’d be performing in this TS Pussy Hunters scene because she’s a switch. Just because a trans girl is on this site with one or more cisgender (genetically born) women, it doesn’t mean she’ll necessarily be dominant from start to finish. That all depends on the writing, directing and chemistry of the partners filmed. The only things I could have guessed and gotten right was that there would be some squirting and possibly foot sex just looking at the actresses names. The big bonus for me I didn’t suspect at all was Savannah getting ass fucked as well as vaginally. Is there any surprise that Mandy has a raging hardon under her latex suit with Savannah hopelessly bound at the beginning of the movie? The cum-laden finale blew me away. I didn’t see all that coming! Please pardon the pun. Kink Unlimited – Mandy Mitchell and Savannah Fox on

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Mandy Mitchell: Kinky Ts Anal Pig Natalie Mars Gets Spanked Sounded And Fucked

Scene Trailers

“Once again I had the good fortune of convincing Natalie Mars to come over to my house on a Saturday night for a playdate! This time we decided to shoot a scene with my wife Bianca Stone as well, we take turns dominating our little pig bottom piggy sexy super slut Natalie. This is a longer video than most of the hardcore scenes I produce, with a variety of fetish play with Natalie as the bottom, including, Ass sniffing, Ass plugs with internal shots, Deep strap on fucking, caning, spanking, clothespins, multiple large buttplug insertions, and Natalie’s first time sounding on video. Bianca and I take turns passing the camera back and forth, so we don’t technically ever fuck Natalie together, but I always felt like I was participating even when I was behind the camera just talking and directing… This really is a fun scene and I hope to do more fetish scenes like this soon.” I can now see why this scene runs for just over 37 minutes. The warm-up involves Bianca and Natalie making out in bed in lingerie before Mandy’s wife introduces their little piggy for the night. If I had no knowledge of this sort of kink I’d most likely be telling myself, “This is weird, but it’s so hot!” But I’m kinky and pet play is part of my lifestyle so if this is weird, I’m weird too. The foreplay and toy play provide the build-up to my first true favorite sequence with Bianca deeply fucking Natalie with a strap-on. The missionary railing evolves into doggie style and Mandy captures this incredible action from multiple angles – every one I could have possibly wished to see. This groundbreaking fetish play is also available on and on Take each tour and see what’s the perfect fit for you.

Transsensual – Mandy Mitchell & Mike Panic

The official synopsis of this Transsensual scene reads: Beautiful TS MILF Mandy Mitchell is enjoying a deep tissue massage from tattooed bad boy Mike Panic when he tells her to turn over for the second phase of the relaxation experience. Mike jerks Mandy’s hard cock and then blows her on the table. Mandy returns the favor and begins to boss Mike around. Mike worships Mandy’s pedicured feet and then receives Mandy’s stiff cock in his tight asshole. Mandy fucks Mike senseless, cumming in his mouth before jerking Mike to fruition.

That’s a way to entice viewers without giving too much away of the plot of the full movie. I’ve never seen a Transsensual production without a winding story behind the hard driving sex. Dana Vespoli is the writer and director of this tale. When Mandy is on her back getting the massage from Mike, he encourages her to turn over and when she does so, she’s naked from head to toe.

She tells Mike where she needs to be touched as if he didn’t see the cue of the swelling dick between her legs. Mike not only touches it with his hands but proceeds to give her a deep blowjob. Mandy has some serious kind of staying power because this cock sucking goes on for quite some time and she’s raging hard. On top of that, she’s about to fuck her masseuse too! She pummels Mikes ass on what seems like two leather ottomans fashioned into a bench in the missionary position.

Then she goes at it doggy style! Mandy manages to get a forced foot job out of Mike while pounding his ass in this position. Mandy’s doggy style railing evolves into piledriver penetration and “forced” oral until she fucks her partner again in a piledriver banging on the floor! This is the type of porn scene that reminds me of the difference between the way ordinary people fuck and the way adult actors do it. But I wouldn’t say not to try this at home.

My Dad’s TS Girlfriend Vol. 2 is available on Adult DVD Empire here, but you can also see it with more photos on! For more of Mandy, subscribe to Mike has his own site too and it’s

Mandy Mitchell: T Girl Sex Tape with Casey Kisses

“Very excited to bring you this sex tape I made at home with TS newcomer sensation Casey Kisses! I first noticed Casey as another girl on Niteflirt about a year ago and thought to myself, wow what a gorgeous girl I hope she does porn…Not much time had passed and she started to grow in popularity and soon appeared on all the old familiar sites…Our paths soon crossed and we decided to make a sex tape together! Sweet kissing, hand jobs, rimming, blowjobs, bareback fucking… everything I love out of a TS on TS scene!”

Mandy Mitchell consistently delivers everything I love out of a solo scene as well as hardcore trysts with whatever mix of partners she’s with. Seeing her in action with Casey Kisses is one of the best porn surprises of 2017. Mandy’s brand has been a staple for me since I’ve been reviewing trans porn and she’s one of the main reasons I began doing this in the first place. That said, I know that whatever she’s comes up with next is gonna be lit without a doubt.

First off, I could sense the excitement of both models just knowing they were going to set a date to make this scene happen. Mandy delivered the killer tease of uploading the photo set and making us wait in anticipation for the full-length video. But good porn comes to those who wait. There’s always the right touch of fetish to Mandy’s work. She exposed me to fetishes I never knew I had with her overall content long ago to the point where I never knew what to expect in the future. That’s so exciting! I think that anyone who’s been in a trans lesbian relationship, wanted to be in one, or simply can’t live without seeing it will sense the intimacy from jump.

The sight of Casey’s hand stroking Mandy’s stiff cock is electrifying, followed by passionate kissing, nipple play and cock-stiffening tea bagging. The actual cocksucking footage is remarkable and it’s mixed with rimming before the phenomenal bareback fucking begins. The climactic finale is as explosive as the production values are high. I can’t rave enough about this production. Get to for “T Girl Sex tape with Casey Kisses” or for every top name model’s website on Mandy’s scorching hot sex stable.

When you register free for my favorite webcam site, follow Mandy’s incredible co-star on to see her performing LIVE.

Mandy Mitchell – Taboo TS & Female 4 Way

“I had this nasty fantasy about having a 4 way with my friend Arabelle Raphael and her hot TS mom Delia DeLions,” said Mandy about this killer update on and on “The fantasy turned into reality and then there was all the fucking and sucking and nasty taboo role-play I could handle. Bareback anal, face, and pussy fucking.” I was wondering what was taboo about it! This is pretty damn kinky and I love it!

I’ll never forget one of the first hardcore movies I’ve ever seen named “Taboo” starring British actress Kay Parker who shares my August 28th birthday. Originally filmed in 1979, this 1980 release broke through many barriers and has been a perennial best seller in the video world. Kay Parker portrays a woman whose husband has left her for his young secretary, forcing her and her son to fend for themselves.

In order to put her life back together, she takes a secretarial job. After her boss makes an uncomfortable pass at her and she falls into the divorcee’s role of meaningless parties and blind dates, she becomes caught in a vortex of lust and passion. The strong incestuous theme was what caught me by surprise and from that moment on, I knew that just about anything could be done with porn.

Drawing from the “Taboo” theme, Mandy is sitting around with her wife Bianca Stone who is stroking her thick and raging hard cock. Mandy develops the idea after jerking off while fantasizing about Arabelle’s mom, Delia. They both agree that both Arabelle and Delia are really hot. When she continues stroking her erection, she tells Bianca that not only does she want to fuck each of them, but that she wants to fuck the mother and daughter together!

Bianca is surprised by Mandy’s fantasy of having a taboo 4 way. She’s also turned on by the erection she’s looking at and takes Mandy’s cock inside her mouth. The next thing you know, we’re transported into Mandy’s fantasy. Arabelle is all cuddly with her “Mommy” and asks if Bianca and and Mandy would like to play with them. Arabelle introduces Delia to the wives and the mommy’s big a cock is as stiff as Mandy’s is already. As the cis girls begin to kiss, Mandy crawls toward Delia to take her stiff cock inside her mouth. Arabelle is so excited seeing Mandy take her mommy’s dick down her throat to the base. Then the two of them take turns sucking the hot MILF’s hardon. Meanwhile, Bianca scoots behind Delia to kiss her neck and fondle her large breasts while she gets blown. Arabelle switches back and forth between Mandy and her mom’s throbbing dicks and Bianca fondles Arabelle’s big tits and helps her undress further.

This incredibly hot taboo scene is also now available for members! Just like the original “Taboo” film broke barriers, so does this naughty and extravagant production. I hope to see it win some awards too!

Transsensual – Naughty TS In Charge – Sovereign Syre & Mandy Mitchell

Curvy brunette Sovereign Syre tries to please statuesque TS brunette Mandy Mitchell, Sovereign sucks Mandy’s long rock hard cock and Mandy fucks her well-groomed dripping wet pussy. No one does it better than a TS girl in charge, She drives Sovereign the curvy MILF into multiple orgasms. Okay that’s the official synopsis of Naughty TS In Charge on It’s a perfectly succinct recap of what goes on between Mandy and Sovereign but I just have to add some blogger details with background information. I’ve raved about these hot fuck buddies before, most recently dominating Mandy’s wife Bianca Stone in the torrid hardcore “Slut Puppy” scene on It was the type of BDSM a pet player like my kinkster self who loves with HD glamour high production values to make it an original instant classic. is also well-known for ultra-high filming stories with plots that will keep you in fantasy land for who even knows how long.

I knew I’d love this production because it was Mandy Mitchell whose work turned me onto Domination/submission when she first entered adult entertainment. I learned how to blog about porn by following her lead. That said, I now get to enjoy a scene like this with the trained eye of a seasoned lifestyle BDSM and fetish lover.

Mandy’s sizzling hot co-star has starred in over 150 adult movies, almost exclusively in the girl on girl genre. Sovereign of is now mainly a stand up comedian and podcaster, but founder Nica Noelle recruited her megastar porn talents back in 2011. Dana Vespoli, who has a huge following herself, directed this incredible scene helps bridge the gap between mainstream and trans porn fans with an remarkably fascinating observation on how a friendship can develop and evolve into a D/s relationship.

To get down to the proverbial meat of this scene that fiercely spoofs the Real Housewives branch of a wildly popular and silly Reality TV franchise, Mandy and Sovereign do some fine acting with trademark reality show confessionals. But these confessionals are much sexier than anything you’d see on basic cable because they’re both sexier than most cast members we actually see on Reality TV. The best friends start arguing about clothing and art and while they’re fully dressed when the fighting heats up, one has to wonder if Mandy sometimes develops erections when she gets angry in real life. They’re not a couple but anger sex is the result of this argument that begins with Mandy forcing a passionate kiss. Sovereign doesn’t protest when Mandy exposes and fondles her friend’s big tits. She does however question what’s happening, but she’s too turned on to stop.

Mandy doesn’t even have time to remove her dress after getting Sovereign out of hers on the pool table. She’s too anxious to devour her friend’s pretty pussy. Only after Mandy comes up for air and another deep kiss does her own nudity come into play. Sovereign raises the hem of Mandy’s dress to expose the stiff cock she’s anxious to get inside her mouth. This isn’t a careful blowjob, but rather a skull fucking that leads to Mandy forcefully leading Sovereign to a nearby sofa. With Sovereign on her hands and knees, she’s in the perfect position to receive a rimjob and Mandy goes at it.

After another delicious looking cunnilingus sequence and more kissing, Mandy gets blown again and proceeds with a jackhammer doggy style railing, this time with glorious full nudity. This is an exquisite way to conclude yet another incredible production!

Twitter: @tscaramel

Mandy Mitchell, Bianca Stone & Sebastian

Gorgeous Mandy of says, “My wife Bianca hired Sebastian to give me what I thought was just going to be a massage. Little did I know she also payed him to fuck and cream pie my ass.”

In “Couples 3 Way with Manwhore Sebastian,” we see a scantily clad yet business-like Bianca in her office meeting the masseuse Sebastian Keys and explaining that this session is actually for her wife. She adds that her wife is a trans woman and Sebastian is experienced and pleased. He starts rubbing his bulge in anticipation. So while Mandy lies face down on the massage table, Sebastian enters the room shirtless and introduces himself. Mandy states that her lower back and hips are sore and a normal massage begins. She doesn’t mind when he moves lower and kneads her firm ass. In fact she mentions that she loves his strong hands. Mandy complies when Sebastian suggests that she roll onto her back.

When he starts planting kisses on her soft skin right next to her bare cock, Mandy asks if he always kisses people during massages. He replies that she’s getting the special treatment and continues, licking the sensitive underside of her cock before taking the head into his mouth. Mandy moans softly and squeezes her lovely breasts as Sebastian sucks her stiffening member and strokes the shaft. Moments later, Sebastian removes his briefs when Mandy is face down again. Her eyes are closed, but when she opens them, she sees Sebastian’s cock right before her pretty face. She opens her mouth wide and takes his prick inside her mouth. He leans down for a kiss and they continue to make out while facing each other, rubbing their stiff cocks together.

They arrange themselves into the 69 position next and I’m just going to add a few more details. Fucking Mandy in a variety of positions, Sebastian is thrusting in and out of her from behind when Bianca enters the room wearing a strap-on harness with a huge dildo attached.

As you the previews reveal, Mandy Mitchell isn’t the only one who gets fucked in this torrid threesome. “Couples 3 Way with Manwhore Sebastian” is available for streaming and download on and on with full access to the websites of Adriana Lynn Rush, Angelina Torres, Ashley George, Bailey Jay, Bianka Nascimento, Carmen Moore, Eva Paradis, Holly Harlow, Jasmine Jewels, Jessica Fox, Jonelle Brooks, Kelly Clare, Kimber James (pre-op & post-op), KimberLee, Morgan Bailey, Natalia Coxxx, Natassia Dreams, Nody Nadia, Olivia Love, Penny Tyler, Sarina Valentina, Sexxxy Jade (pre-op), Sunshyne Monroe, Tiffany Starr, TS Foxxy, TS Jessy, Vaniity and Victoria Di Prada.

Slut Puppy Training of Bianca Stone by Mandy Mitchell & Sovereign Syre

“What is slut puppy training?” was the last thing I had to ask myself when I read the title of this update. I think I first began to seriously explore BDSM when Mandy entered the adult entertainment industry. I remember a photo of her reading a book on the subject and I knew two things – I wanted to learn more myself and I was curious to see what she’d come up with over time. That was quite some time ago and I’m deeply immersed in the lifestyle. Mandy’s great experience is clearly evident in this scene. If you missed it slightly above the text, check out this MP4 preview. While Bianca is sucking Mandy’s cock in a plush setting, she suggests another threesome with Sovereign. Mandy is open to it if her wife will be her puppy for the day. Bianca actually must behave like a puppy dog, lapping at her big toy dildo and water bowl on the floor. When Sovereign arrives, she’s greeted excitedly by the slut puppy and properly reintroduced. For those more interested in the pure sex and not so much in the D/s elements, I don’t see how anyone could be disappointed. Bianca laps away at the guest’s pussy while she and Mandy makeout. Bianca sucks on Sovereign’s huge sex toy while Mandy fucks her doggystyle, of course. Bianca yelps like a puppy when her mouth isn’t full with Mandy’s stiff cock while she gets strap-on fucked by their dominant guest. After the spitroast, Mandy fucks Sovereign, too! It all comes to a climactic and hilarious end on This is available for download and streaming on Mandy’s official website. You can also take it from the TGirl Network which includes full access the websites of Adriana Lynn Rush, Angelina Torres, Ashley George, Bailey Jay, Bianka Nascimento, Carmen Moore, Eva Paradis, Holly Harlow, Jasmine Jewels, Jessica Fox, Jonelle Brooks, Kelly Clare, Kimber James (pre-op & post-op), KimberLee, Morgan Bailey, Natalia Coxxx, Natassia Dreams, Nody Nadia, Olivia Love, Penny Tyler, Sarina Valentina, Sexxxy Jade (pre-op), Sunshyne Monroe, Tiffany Starr, TS Foxxy, TS Jessy, Vaniity and Victoria Di Prada.