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Edwina Doll of (Санкт-Петербург, Россия) St. Petersburg, Russia: Little_paradise is one of the first Chaturbate Trans Cams broadcasters. She’s one of the pioneers of the webcam industry. She looks so young to be any sort of icon, and she’s very young indeed at 24 years of age. Edwina Doll was at the right place at the right time, but without her looks and talent, it would mean absolutely nothing. She dominates the leaderboard when she goes live.

I sometimes wonder if other girls anxiously await the moment she signs off. I don’t know how long Edwina had been camming when I checked into her show the other morning. She was wearing a pale pink silk teddy and black panties. Edwina was lying on her side and her huge cock was out of her undies.

The hard shaft has a curve and the bulbous head was pointing toward the ceiling. She was gently toying with a narrow pink Lovesense Lush toy that activated several times by incoming tips. Edwina spoke with fans and tippers directly. I don’t recall her ever typing her responses. Someone requested that she rub her big erection against one of her well-pedicured bare feet.

She eagerly accepted the challenged and smiled sweetly as she fulfilled the request. The vibrator that buzzed with more tips made Edwina look and sound as if she were crying. That’s Edwina’s expression of sheer pleasure. Next, she lay back and pedaled her feet like she was riding one of those recumbent, three-wheeled bicycles. Little_paradise then hid her schlong inside her lacy panties until people begged for her to release it again.

Did Edwina make her monster cock shoot its nectar at the end? I’d bet the bank on it, but I had to run. When you’re zoned in on the channel, having something other responsibilities is absolutely heartbreaking! She’s truly paradise in the morning if you’re in the U.S.

Chaturbate Trans Cams Edwina Doll Little Paradise

Little_Paradise on Chaturbate Trans

About two years ago, Edwina Doll would lament over slow days as a new Chaturbate Trans webcam broadcaster. Nowadays, she usually takes the number one spot in the low 4 figure range when others are struggling in the mid-hundreds.

I recently caught Edwina in her chat room jerking off in a full frontal close-up view. She wore a lacy burgundy bra, no other clothing or lingerie, and a tiny Lovesense toy was embedded in her ass. Her big, uncut cock was rock hard and she smiled pleasantly as she took in fan compliments.

The background music playing softly in the background was deep house and totally not distracting. Edwina reacted ecstatically when tips flowed in and set off the buzzing toy in her butt. She’s occasionally let her big, stiff rod lay across her tummy while she typed away on her new iPhone.

“One second, guys,” the stunning Russian trans girl would say in English or something like that before taking very short breaks. She has no problem staying amazingly hard for long periods of time and her huge cock didn’t require lubricating during masturbation.

After one obviously satisfying tip, she thanked a fan and fulfilled his request to fuck a Fleshlight toy with her large erection. By the way she was moaning, I was pretty sure that she was eventually going to cum from banging this big, clear toy using both hands. It seemed as though she might experience a ruined orgasm or shoot an invisible climax into the plastic toy.

But knowing fans would want to see everything, Edwina released the toy just before her climax was about to hit. She curled her finger around the thickness of her rod and big streams spurted out of the swollen cock head that was pointing up toward the ceiling.

After her nut sprayed out in thick white puddles across one of her bare thighs, Edwina gave us a side view of her spunk release. Once she cums, Edwina is usually done with camming fo

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