Evil Angel Lance Hart Luna Love Transactive #04

Transactive #04, Scene #01 Luna Love & Lance Hart

It was just yesterday on that I said I was done with writing major studio trans porn reviews. I was angry and disappointed in the way that this industry niche had dropped in quality, originality and diversity. Then I saw Transactive #04 from Joey Silvera for late last night. It’s a trans woman’s prerogative to change her mind, isn’t it?!

Let’s talk about Luna Love and Lance Hart in Scene #01. Taking a look back at the Luna Love Evil Angel Profile, we see that this is Luna’s second movie with the studio. She must not have needed the work in the space between her debut and this release because this Domino Presley discovery is absolutely stunning. Joey Silvera has always been my favorite evil director and Luna’s initial striptease sequence reminds me of why that is. His cinematography is as crisp and beautiful as always.

Luna’s solo expedition lasts for just over two minutes until ridiculously handsome Sweet Femdom producer Lance Hart shows up. Looking at the Lance Hart Evil Angel Profile, this versatile stud has 24 scenes under his belt. At any rate, Lance gives Luna a passionate kiss while grasping her turgid erection. Man, do they make a gorgeous couple. The foreplay footage is fantastic and the raw hardcore is out of this world.

At the end of the shoot, Joey asks Luna, “Can I please talk to you now,” as if she’s royalty. I don’t know much about Luna, but considering her status in the porn world, she’s definitely a high queen. This Evil Angel scene is a great way to kick off my fast favorite studio porn flick of 2020. I’ll review each scene of Transactive #04 and present them all here in the very near future.