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Ladyboy Mickey 1: Rock Hard While Fucked

I suppose it might be a good thing if everyone I fucked maintained an erection every time I fucked them. But it doesn’t mean they’re not having an incredibly wonderful experience if they don’t have a hardon the whole time. Anal orgasms and sissygasms make it totally unnecessary for there to be any other stiff cock in the room but mine. Let’s see what the Ladyboy Vice editor has to say about this:

How sexy, cute and feminine does (Ladyboy) Mickey look in her pink babydoll nightwear? Well actually it wasn’t hers, I told her to wear it, she didn’t like it too much, she felt it would turn her into a girl completely and she wasn’t fully comfortable with that yet because she loves her penis so much. I’m sure she’s not the only one that loves that dick of hers. I told her I liked her to look as feminine as possible for our next video and of course she agreed to do it. Enjoy Mickey in her most feminine outing right here on Ladyboy Vice.

So, I did enjoy it. I loved the submissive act of Mickey fastening handcuffs to her wrists. She had a tough time affixing a mask to her face while sitting on the bed helplessly. Mickey just had to hold it in place. Collared and cuffed, she giggled, not taking her situation too seriously. But then her naked white Master arrived.

He stood before her with his erection in front of her face, bobbing in the air. She knew to take it into her mouth without being ordered to. The length and girth of her Master’s hardon prevented Mickey from taking more than half of it down her throat. She looked up at him with her lovely green eyes while fellating his erection. But that was the last time I saw Mickey giggling. She eventually managed to take her Master’s rod balls deep.

Her own erection was leaking pre-cum as she sucked and sucked. With a pillow placed beneath her bottom, Mickey got fucked hard and fast. Her cock was as swollen as the mighty staff pumping in and out of her tight ass.

Her little yelps and moans grew louder as her Master continued fucking the gorgeous ladyboy and stroking her hardon. After the Master orgasmed and shot his spunk across Mickey’s lithe form, her climax hit. She was allowed to nut with her hands free. It’s difficult to say who shot more creamy white cum. Also be sure to take the Ladyboy Tube tour!