Transsexual Addiction: Korra Del Rio & Chad Diamond

Korra of looks absolutely amazing dancing to a smooth electronic soundtrack in the background wearing an lush bra and panty set. The first view of nudity begins from the rear and is followed by the exposure of her semi-erect cock when she lowers her panties. The mirror view is a genius move as she begins to masturbate. Korra unsnaps and drops her brassiere next and as she tweaks one of her nipples, her cock becomes more engorged. She then drops her undies and continues pleasuring herself in the mirror naked except for her tall heels. Korra crawls across a chaise lounge and moistens her fingers with her sexy mouth. She proceeds to give herself a finger banging and a mystery man’s torso and stiff cock enters the frame. Since it’s standing right before her pretty face, she engulfs the head and first few inches inside her mouth.

The man is Chad Diamond whose great sense of humour is sometimes focused on in his scenes. But this production is all about the build-up of sexual tension displayed with glam camera work and then it gets right down to the hot sex. We get a full view of both actors when Korra lays back to have erection sucked. She’s stroking her stiff dick when Chad enters her tight ass in the missionary position. He gradually increases the speed of his thrusts in the bareback fuck sequence. Either Korra or Chad is stroking her swollen prong or it swings around on its own while they fuck and eventually switch into a 69. A tumultuous bareback railing comes next and once again that large mirror serves as a terrific double-vision prop. Korra removes her high heels for a reverse cowgirl ride that has her hardon swinging and spinning as she cries out her pleasure.

That’s how about the first three quarters of the Aiden Starr directed masterpiece DVD Transsexual Addiction. “TS Korra and Boy-Toy Share 69, Sodomy” is the name of Scene #02 on and it’s a true erotic gem. 

Casey Kisses & Korra Del Rio – Sexy Trans Girls on Vacation

The official Shemale Strokers synopsis of “Sexy Trans Girls on Vacation are Bangin’ Each Other for Relaxation!” reads: Both wearing white, lacy lingerie, Casey Kisses and Korra Del Rio are enjoying a romantic vacation. They quickly slip out of their skimpy outfits so that they can take a nice, warm bath together. Relaxing, they rub soapy suds all over each other’s tight bodies and perky, natural breasts. But fondling turns to face fucking, as Casey sits on the edge of the tub and tells Korra, “Stroke my cock while you suck it…now that’s a good girl.” After deep throating her lover’s shaft, Korra bends over and lets Casey eat her ass and spank her cheeks. Then, Casey grabs Korra’s hips and slams her down on her dick, telling her, “Grind that fucking cock!” You can hear Casey’s balls smacking against Korra’s ass as they pound one another. Then Casey bends Korra over doggy style and tells her, “Baby, bounce on that!” As they get closer and closer to an orgasm, Casey grabs Korra’s pony tail, which makes her shake all over, until Casey shoots cum all over her ass. But the fun’s not over yet! Now, Korra flips Casey over and fucks her missionary while giving “little” Casey kisses. But Casey takes the reins again, fucking Korra until she jerks out a sticky mess all over her stomach. Still turned on, Casey goes for seconds, continuing to plow Korra, until she shoots an even bigger, gooier load of jizz. This time it’s all over Korra’s hungry mouth and rosy cheeks.

If you’re looking for a scene with real intimacy between two trans girls who are actually really into each other, this is it. The passion here can’t be beat. The way that Casey and Korra kiss will be electrifying for men who love transbian lovemaking and sex. For actual transbian girls – it’s a must see, must save. After the initial foreplay, there’s a music track added to a bathtub butt shaking sequence. This is for pure fap fun, but then we’re back to the intimacy between these two foxes. Casey sits at the jacuzzi edge while Korra sucks her long, lovely cock to a full erection. This act gets Korra hard and then it’s time for her to get her hardon sucked. Korra gets rewarded by a rimjob before sitting on Casey’s cock and riding it in the reverse cowgirl position. After this jiggling tits, cock and balls jousting, Casey bangs her babe standing behind her with jackhammer thrusts. After a long series of forceful pumps, Casey can’t help withdrawing her bare, hard cock from Korra’s tight bottom and shooting her cum across it!

I check the time left on this scene and I’m not even at the three quarter mark yet! Next, we’re out of the spa and in the living room area watching Korra easing her stiff cock inside of Casey on a chair and ottoman. She drills her lover with the same force that she was pounded with from behind. Casey’s lovely dick that had shot its spunk earlier is hard again when they switch into the missionary position. She moans loudly and explicitly describes what she loves about getting fucked by Korra!

I realize I’ve got to wrap this up, but after jerking off while getting railed, Casey rams Korra yet again! There’s more creamy white cum to come before this erotically divine Shemale Strokers bareback sizzler comes to an end. I’m hoping that Casey Kisses launches her own official website someday. Her partner here has her own so check out!

Two Tgirls: Casey Sparkles & Korra Del Rio

Casey Sparkles, also known as Casey kisses and makes her first ever hardcore scene on She’s relocated to Florida which makes the Sunshine State all the more hot for webmaster Mayumi Sparkles and myself! Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s sexy hostess of was flown in to do some mutual sucking and fucking for this monumental event. In the video, Korra is fanning out over meeting Casey and sitting on the bed with her. Casey accepts Korra’s compliments well and also a sweet kiss. Since it’s so hot in Florida, the only sensible thing for these girls to do is start shedding some clothing. After some digital and oral mutual breast admiration, they’re stripped down to nothing and next to nothing. They’re both totally nude when Korra helps Casey out of her panties and takes hold of her cock. Then she proceeds t olick the tip and begin sucking the swelling shaft. There’s a very good reason that cock sucking is called “blowjob” and Korra really goes to work on Casey’s dick. Now sporting a big, raging erection, Casey pulls at it while Korra gives her a rimjob. Then Korra is eager to get her cock sucked and that happens, too! Korra jerks off while sucking Casey off again which leads to her sinking her hardon into Casey’s sexy ass from behind! She gives her a tremendous butt undulating, tit jiggling fuck that evolves into a missionary position railing. After a side saddle ramming, it’s time for Casey to fuck Korra. We get two cumshots before it all comes to an end. Downloads are available in 480P (SD), 328.31MB 4K (Ultra HD), 8.61GB 720P (HD), 664.95MB, 1080P (Full HD) ans 1.48GB on!

Latina Tranny L.A. Foursome 2

Nicole Montero has updated her amazing website with L.A. Foursome Part 2 with Tiffany Starr, Korra Del Rio and Leah Lockhart! In the first installment, Nikki and Tiffany busted into the Los Angeles hotel room while Korra and Leah were making out. The foursome got underway immediately. The tough part for me, and for thousands of others, was reading “to be continued…” and watching the scene fade to black. In Part 2, Tiffany and Korra engage in a 69 while Nikki fucks Leah doggie-style. There are still 18 XXX minutes left! There’s a switch that comes as a surprise to me and someone else gets dicked down, too. Which hot hung babe is the last one to get laid? I’m not telling because I want you to check out this torrid continuing Latina Tranny series. It ain’t over yet!