TsPussyHunters Review: American Beauties: Casey Kisses & Joanna Angel

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“Casey Fucks Joanna Angel For Some July 4th Fireworks” Description: Casey Kisses is a sexy, long-legged blonde who has booked an important 4th of July photo shoot with famous photographer Joanna Angel. This could be Casey’s big break, but she is uncomfortable when Joanna insists she shows more skin, tugging at her bikini bottoms to show more ass. Joanna has no time for amateurs, she wants Casey to show off her tits. Joanna promises she knows people that can make Casey a star.

Yes, Casey will do anything, but on her own terms. She orders Joanna down on her knees. Casey tears off Joanna’s top and fondles and sucks Joanna’s firm breasts. Joanna’s tough facade crumbles and soon is willing to do anything to please her statuesque model. Casey wants Joanna to show off her own skills, meaning blow job skills. Joanna’s attitude is silenced with Casey’s firm cock planted in her mouth.

Joanna is eager to suck Casey’s cock, taking it deep down her throat. With her cock good and hard, Casey places Joanna on all fours and spreads her ass cheeks so Casey can get in some good old-fashioned pussy licking. Joanna begs for Casey’s cock and she gets it, doggy style on the studio couch.

Flipped on her back, legs spread wide, Joanna gets her pussy fucked hard and pounded into the couch by Casey’s cock. Switching positions, Casey sits back on the couch and Joanna straddles her lap, riding Casey’s hard cock. Casey has turned Joanna from a stuck-up high fashion photographer into a whimpering, moaning cock whore.

Casey spreads Joanna’s ass wide and her cock slams deep into her pussy. In the end, Joanna is on her knees begging for Casey’s load. She gets it too, right down her throat. But it’s not over for Joanna, she still has a shoot to finish, making Casey famous, and she better do a good job or she won’t be getting anymore of that delicious cock.

Review: Director Sadie Lola welcomes ravishing trans superstar Casey Kisses and stunning cis performer/producer Joanna Angel to TsPussyHunters.com in an opening video interview. Rules and guidelines are set (safeword, etc.) and we’re transported to the photo shoot with Joanna behind the camera capturing images of Casey posing patriotically. The photographer, Joanna, is sexily clad in spandex and heels and Casey moves through the frames clad in a bikini and barefoot. Joanna gets inappropriately handsy and it’s at this point that I’m reminded of why people love plot-driven porn so much. It’s either got to be comical and/or camp and the only other way to go is with serious acting chops.

Casey and Joanna have the talents to drive this vehicle smoothly into the bareback sex sequences. While this update isn’t your typical BDSM props and gear arrangement, the Domination/submission elements are highly present and effective. I’ve grown accustomed to deem most “serious acting” porn as at least a little bit corny, but not this Kink.com update. This is as good as it gets! The post-coital video interview that wraps things up is beautiful to watch as well. I loved finding out what each actor’s favorite parts of the film were. You can also see Casey Kisses in a Kinky JOI update and on TsSeduction.com. JOIN Kink now and save 65% FOR LIFE!

Happy July 4th!

Catch Casey LIVE on webcam on Chaturbate.com/tscaseyhaze_xxx. Check out joannaangel.com and burningangel.com.

TsSeduction Review: Khloe Kay: Khloe’s Toy

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The full TsSeduction.com description of the Sadie Lola directed “Khloe’s Toy” reads: Draven Navarro sleeps on the floor, chained to the wall, in a dark and dirty room, in only his underwear. Upstairs, you can hear the faint thumps of party music. The door opens and in walks Khloe Kay looking gorgeous and fit in her black miniskirt and crop-top. She wakes her captive boy-toy with the tip of her high heel shoe and he jumps up to greet his Princess. She gives Draven a cookie and he devours it as if he hasn’t eaten in days. She asks where his manners are and he apologizes for not showing enough gratitude. Khloe tells him that she’ll have to retrain him, so she stands him up and locks his leather wrist cuffs to a spreader-bar that hangs from the ceiling. Khloe cuts off his underwear, squats down and puts Draven’s cock between her teeth and bites down.

She gets a handful of clothespins and makes two zippers down each side of his torso. Khloe gets a cane bundle and hits Draven in his ass and thighs. She rips off the zippers and the screams from Draven’s pain makes Khloe’s dick hard. She lets down his arms and takes off her top, exposing her tanned petite natural tits. She takes her skirt and panties off and teases Draven with her perfect ass and hard cock. She tells Draven to crawl to her, and suck her cock.

He sucks her cock like its his last meal, deep throating her hard dick until drool drips from her balls. Khloe bends Draven over and fucks his ass raw. She pounds his hole deep and hard. She flips Draven over and fucks him on his back with his legs spread until he cums all over himself. After that, Khloe has Draven get on his knees and she blows her huge load all over his face, just before chaining him back up and returning to her party upstairs.

You may have skipped that description in spite of how well-written you know it is. If not, I have a few horny thoughts about this production to share with you. First of all and to all Kink.com fans, welcome Khloe Kay to our world! If you’re a true kinkster like me, you know how hard it is for a BDSM newbie to “get it” so to speak. We’re about a year from the time Khloe Kay entered the adult industry and she’s become a superstar already.

Her opening interview with director Sadie and co-star Dave leads to some dialogue that requires good acting skills. There are no problems with that here. Is a hunky body building male being a bottom atypical? It’s not in my world, but it might be surprising for new site members to see such a buff guy performing as a submissive. There’s no doubt in my mind that Dave’s acting chops aren’t required to convincingly play the part of the passive partner here.

To focus on the title of this website, TsSeduction.com, let’s apply that to Khloe and her performance. She is the ultimate seducer in a special way – as a Dominatrix. It’s one thing to be incredibly gorgeous and to churn out one successful glam scene after another. But to make us believe that she’s someone’s Mistress isn’t easy to pull off. I’m sold in this case. Even though Khloe might not be dominant in real life situations, I knew she had it in her. I just had to see it. I hope she will return to TS Seduction again and again and also on TsPussyHunters.com to develop into a supreme Domina.

TsSeduction Review: Kendall Penny Punishes Task App Guy With Her Cock

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Description: Kendall Penny sits at the edge of her bed wearing long leather boots and a short skirt. She waits impatiently for her Task App guy to come over and fold her laundry. Corbin Dallas knocks on the door and when he enters, is immediately apologetic to Kendall for his tardiness. Kendall scolds him for being late and tells him to get on his knees. She grabs her clean laundry and dumps it on his head and tells him to start folding. She sits behind him and makes belittling comments as Corbin, who really wants that five star review, just grins and bears it. She leaves the room for a moment and Corbin folds on the floor at the foot of her bed. He notices metal shackles attached to the bed legs and gets caught examining them. Kendall sits on her bed, kicks one long leg up and tells Corbin to worship her tall leather boots. He licks her boots all the way up and she pulls her hard cock out from her lacy panties. Corbin swallows her whole cock and sucks it with enthusiasm. She buries his head between her ass cheeks then puts him over her knee for some hard ass spankings. Kendall puts him on his back, pulls his head to the edge of the bed and shoves her hard cock down his throat and fucks his mouth. She gets Corbin’s ass in the air and fucks his ass raw. After pounding his hole fast and hard, Kendall blows her load in Corbin’s mouth and makes him eat every drop. After Kendall cums, she’s feeling nice and jerks Corbin’s cock, letting him cum as well, but as soon as he blows his load, Kendall rolls him off of her bed and tells him to get out of her house.

Review: I knew from the moment I laid eyes on this pair’s names on the latest TsSeduction.com update that the full-length video would be magnificent. The trailer is here just in case you missed it. The Corbin Dallas factor was a given for me after seeing him previously on TS Seduction twice and once on DivineBitches.com. He’s been the bottom in all four Kink.com productions because that’s simply the way this cutie gets down.

As for Kendall Penny, I know her primarily from my favorite webcam site Chaturbate.com. “Known as ‘The Voice,’ I am a Dominant switch who enjoys being a little rough,” her profile reads .” I love degrading males. I may play innocent at first but that is only to lure you in so that I may devour you whole. Always looking for new males to use and abuse on film.” You can register free and catch her on Chaturbate.com/Tgirloneguy.

As a lifestyle trans dominatrix, I must say that there’s not a better domme working in the adult industry live arena than Kendall Penny. I was excited about seeing her sadistic side captured in a studio production. She’s magnificent on TS Seduction, but I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see her on the Kink sister site TsPussyHunters.com. It’s not impossible, but I’ve never had an inclination that Kendall is into sex with cis or other trans women. However, I’ve been surprised a few times before by actors’ versatility. Let’s get down to what happens between Kendall and Corbin now. Kendall gives me dominant vibes just sitting still. When she actually goes into action, it’s absolutely breathtaking. I’ll just state the high points of this video rather than repeat the above description. I love the D/s (Domination/submission) storyline, but 15 minutes transpire before we see Corbin sucking his new Domme’s erect cock. She let’s it spring forth from her panties already stiff. The verbal humiliation is as hot as taking in Corbin’s cock sucking skills!

The sight of Kendall standing up and stripping with her full breasts coming into view and her upright hardon swaying is simply to die for. Soon, Corbin’s beautiful body is totally naked and he’s spanked and having his ass digitally explored. The forced frottage is amazing and Kendall is fucking Corbin’s tight ass bareback in the next sequence. This video is over 50 minutes long and the butt fucking begins at about the 30 minute point! To say that Kendall Penny has great staying power would be an understatement. One would have to be an extraordinary bottom like Corbin Dallas to even think about being topped like this.

TsPussyHunters: Exquisite Anguish: Dee Williams Opens Up For Natassia Dreams

Director: Fivestar

MP4 Scene Trailer

TsPussyHunters.com Synopsis: Horny, voluptuous damsel in distress, Dee Williams is laying tied up on the floor of Natassia Dreams’ dungeon. Her dress can barely contain her round juicy ass and heaving bosom. As she whimpers and moans through her ball gag, Natassia Dreams walks in taunting her with the threat of what her day offers. She pulls her tits and ass out and proceeds to suck and bite her nipples while she smacks her perfect ass. Natassia takes devilish delight in licking her ass and cunt while she also doles out the pain, spanking her ass red. Dee is in heaven! She takes everything Natassia does to her and begs for more. The insatiable slut is then brought to her knees to worship Natassia’s huge ass and cock. After the frantic, spitty blowjob Dee is laid out on the floor and fucked deep in her cunt. She screams in pleasure as Natassia pounds away. Eventually Dee is put face-down, pleading to be railed in her hungry asshole. To her delight Natassia puts her hard cock deep in her tight hole while rubbing her swollen clit. Dee is allowed use of a vibrator as she writhes in orgasmic ecstasy while Natassia drills her ass, then pulls out to cum all over her pretty pink pussy. With her hands clenched around Dee’s throat, Natassia tells her she will have to wait right there on her dungeon floor, dripping with cum until she returns to play with her little fuck toy again.

Review: March 11, 2008 marks the debut of the legendary hostess of NatassiaDreams.com on Kink.com and more specifically, TsSeduction.com. About 3 dozen scenes later, she’s incredible with gorgeous cisgender female sex pot Dee Williams, another legend who has been in several Kink.com productions since April 2004!

Dee Williams is a pornstar who was most well known as Darling until a few years ago when she met famed porn director Matt Williams and decided to marry him and change her name officially.

Natassia Dreams is an extraordinary Domme to watch and learn from and she obviously wears Dee out in this scene! Fivestar goes over the highlights in the closing interview of this torrid TsPussyHunters.com scene.

I should have known that this scene would be a 10 out of 10 because of the talents behind it. But I had to see it for myself anyway! Take the Kink.com tour.

Sexsomnia: Amilia Onyx Dreams of Hot Trans Lesbian Nurse Kayleigh Coxx

MP4 Scene Trailer 

Description: Amilia Onyx is a busty beauty who is in dire need of Nurse Kayleigh Coxx’s help. She can’t stop rubbing her horny pussy while she sleeps. She’ll wake up fucking whoever is laying next to her. She has no control over her crazy nocturnal sexcapades. To get to the bottom of this, Amilia participates in an eight-hour sleep study under the close observation of Nurse Kayleigh Coxx. The minute Amilia slips into sleep she wakes up in the same old familiar fuck fest dreams she visits every night. Amilia is bossed around by the big-titted, latex clad nurse. What starts as sweet deep kissing and slow seductive breast licking quickly escalates to a sloppy spitty cock sucking. As she gets roughly throat fucked Amilia gets incredibly turned on. Kaleigh licks her wet, pretty hole before fingering her while holding a vibrator on her eager clit, pulling multiple orgasms out of her. Amilia’s eyes roll back in her head as she moans and cums over and over again. Kayleigh bends her over and fucks her deep in doggy style, filling her entirely with her throbbing cock. Kayleigh flips her over and watches while her rock hard dick is ridden by Amilia’s dripping wet cunt. She continues to drill the sweet pussy as the soft pink pussy lips wrap around her shaft. Amilia’s huge natural tits shake as she’s fucked relentlessly. After falling to her knees she takes the nurse’s sweet lady cum on her tongue. Amilia jolts awake, out of breath, sweaty and with her panties drenched. She is more freaked out then ever. Could the hot nurse have seen what goes on in her filthy mind? Her desperate pleas for answers are met with the nurse’s mischievous smile and coy denial.

Review: Both Kayleigh and Amilia have worked on Kink.com before, but not together. A lot of fans are so used to Kayleigh bottoming in her hardcore scenes, but she confesses to TSPussyHunters.com director Sadie Lola that she really enjoys topping, too. Believe me, it shows.

Sadie describes this impending scene as full of “sensual domination” “Sexomnia” action unfolds with Miss Onyx explaining her problem to Nurse Coxx in the medical office. I think you’ll love the way the discussion sequence evolves into the sleep study in which Amelia is topless and barefoot on the exam table with the nurse snapping her latex gloves on. Amelia’s body is so luscious and it’s such a tease seeing Kayleigh with her uniform still on.

The transformative sequence comes with Amelia falling into her sleep state having the very type of fantasy she described to Nurse Kayleigh. Only now, Amelia is dressed in lingerie and Kayleigh is in a more of a fetishistic latex nurse’s uniform.

The moment that gets my she-cock pulsating is the first kiss between Amelia an Kayleigh. On top of their beautiful contrast comes Amelia raising the hem of Kayleigh’s latex dress. An already stiff cock emerges and gets sucked with wild abandon. Kayleigh goes efficiently muff-diving next and Kayleigh drives Amelia nuts with manual masturbation and the help of a magic wand vibrator.

After the second fellatio sequence, I’m pretty sure that Kayleigh is soon to ease her stiff cock inside Amelia’s pussy. Then it happens! Kayleigh delivers an incredible, multiple position changing fuck until she can no longer resist cumming! Between the Upper Floor and Families Tied, this is Amelia’s 4th Kink.com performance. Kayleigh has been on TsSeduction.com twice before but this is her TsPussyHunters.com debut! Check out Kayleigh’s profile out here: https://fancentro.com/kayleighcoxx84!