TGirls.XXX: Kimber Haven!

Description: Kimber Haven returns! We haven’t seen this hottie since her TGirls.XXX debut in early 2016. Today, Radius Dark brings her back to star in a brand new installment of our “Cumshot Fridays” series!

She gave us exactly what we need! Kimber strips and shows off her big boobs, before pulling out her huge cock and stroking it until she’s rock hard. The she leans back and strokes it until she unleashes a MASSIVE cumshot! Just amazing!

Cumshot Friday February 9, 2018 is still giving many of us shock waves. Mr. Dark re-introduces us to multi-award winning Kimber sitting on a bed all dressed in black promising to have some fun with us. She obviously does not let us down.

First she teases us by revealing her big knockers and an obvious hidden erection in her panties. She withdraws her boner and makes it bounce up and down in a lewd dance with no hands. She also turns around to give us some tantalizing and explicit rear views.

I love the way this scene gets progressively raunchier so much that I kind of wish the cat wasn’t let out of the bag about the results. It think you’ll love the way that Kimber’s heavy hardon lays across her pelvis when its raging hard. Her cock head hits her garter belt until she begins jerking off again.

Kimber’s shaft turns deep red inside the penis pump she applies to it and the head becomes even a darker shade. It turns a bluish-purple. Even the way Kimber cums is special. She gives her erection some abrupt strokes and suddenly a torrent of cum floods out of the tip! This scene will go down in TGirls.XXX history as one of the finest Cumshot Friday’s ever!

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Kimber Haven Dildos Her Ass Until She Blows

Watch The Trailer on TransErotica

When I went to TransErotica to see the trailer of this Kentucky-based beauty I had the honor of interviewing here on TS Dreamland before she became a bonafide porn star, I didn’t expect to actually see her cumshot in the preview, but I did. You can, too! But it’s more fun to watch the full-length video for the build up. Kimber enters the living room area topless in her corset and kink boots asking if you want to have some fun with her. She wastes no time playing with the bulge in her panties and asks, “Do you want to see my big fucking cock?” It’s already hard when she whips it out. She sticks out her pierced tongue a few times making the visual of her sucking you develop in your mind and makes her large dick bounce up and down. She also cups and fondles one of her big tits and the camera zooms in on her stiff prick and smooth, hairless ball sack. She uses her free hand to suck on the big red dildo she’s got, but that doesn’t stop her from talking dirty. Kimber pour some lube on her long-nailed fingers and rubs it into her fun spot, finger banging herself. Her ass seems tight as a vice when she fucks herself hard with the large phallus. Kimber’s cock is so hard at this point that its swollen head touches her latex corset, wetting it with pre-cum. It’s actually about 14 minutes into this TransErotica scene when that big cumshot you see in the trailer blasts out of her big dick. If you were logged into today, you may have cum with her just a few hours ago. She also has her own official website Kimber’s Playroom –

Kimber’s Playroom with Kimber Haven

This is Caramel and since I’m a big fan of Kimber Haven, I don’t have to go into a lengthy background introduction. You can read our interview to learn more about her if there’s anything you might not already know. Her star is rising so fast, I’d be surprised if you’re a serious trans porn fan and don’t know about her already.

This is my invitation to Kimber’s Playroom and I’ve reviewed some of the deliciously sexy content. What everyone likes more in particular, so allow me to just give you a few brief descriptions. “Mistress of the Dark” displays her dominant side with a little smoking and a lot of stroking. Kimber’s breasts look amazing spilling over her leather corset. Her cock goes from flaccid to fully erect in no time flat and she looks gorgeous with a sexy short hairdo while fantasizing about fucking you. You must have a really cute ass, because she cums explosively. In “Smoking and Blowing a Load” Kimber she’s doing what she did in the more recent scene with a totally different look and more naked. I also love “Cocksucking 101” because it’s helpful to those of us who love to suck cock and also for POV lovers who love seeing a fox like Kimber Haven giving head. Now that I’m absolutely sure that I’m a good cocksucker, let’s move onward to “Shower Time” which is self-explanatory. I like this one the best because it displays all of Kimber’s tight body to perfection. “Sucking a Big Black Dick” is a scene that shows you what went down when Kimber met a hung brother at a hotel. How could you have a Kimber’s Playroom website without at least one BBC scene?! And how could I not absolutely love Kimber’s new website?! I knew I’d love it when it was still just a concept. Don’t forget you can see her performing LIVE on Chaturbate! You can also go to Caramel’s Interview with Kimber Haven for more background information about this stunner.

Kimber Haven Cums On The Floor

“Alright you horny motherfuckers. Are we gonna have some fun?” gorgeous Kimber Haven asks at the opening of her latest Shemale.XXX video. This is Caramel and I had the honor of conducting and interview with her that you can read here in case you missed it. Hell, yes she’s a lot of fun and I’m taking the liberty to announce that her official website Kimber’s Playground is now open too! I’ll tell you more about it after focusing on her this Shemale.XXX performance shot by Omar Wax. Kimber can go from glamour girl to stern dominatrix in the bat of an eyelash. In this scene she’s a top with a stiff cock that’s already almost as hard as it can get when she releases it from her panties. She’ll teach you how to be a good boy if that’s what’s needed. As her prick expands in length and girth, she makes it swing before her thighs before sitting down to make it bounce up and down. After jerking off for a bit, Kimber rises to her feet again to give you a devastating view of her perfectly rounded ass. She might be the top in control of this situation, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to get fucked. “Give it to me , daddy” she purrs with one finger at her rosebud and her free hand stroking her erection firmly. Then her body convulses as she beats off, doing everything she needs to do to climax. I think you’ll love the sounds she makes as much as the way she looks when a torrent of creamy white cum blasts from her swollen cock head. When you get to Kimber’s Playground, tell her Caramel says, hello.

Kimber Haven on Wendy Williams XXX

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Here’s a performance I knew would be great before I even saw it. This scorching hot performer had already granted me with an Interview with Kimber Haven and I’ve seen her performing live. You can do the same by following On the megasite, I see the same star power Kimber brings to her Chaturbate performances, only she’s in an interview session while teasing and stripping. She answers the questions while stroking her big cock and allowing it to hover and swing in the air from time to time. She tells us where she’s from and how much she loves to fuck. Kimber even goes into a sexual experience that’s on the wishlist of so many other girls I know. She drives the mental visual home with this sinuous banter and her trademark brand of humor. I’d bet that if anyone could make someone laugh and cum at the same time, it would be Kimber Haven. While continuing to make her large member bounce up and down, Kimber tells us roughly how big it is. About five minutes in, the interview is over and Kimber kicks it up another notch. You can catch Kimber at the BlueGrass Connections T-Girl and Admirers Party at BlueGrass Connections on 942 Winchester Road in Lexington, Kentucky if you’re in the area. For more information and for more of Miss Haven, head on over to