Femout.XXX – Kiersten & Misty: Let’s Fuck!

Kiersten Bunnz and Misty Summers make Femout.XXX history with the website’s first ever all-girl hardcore exclusive! This is the fourth scene for each Florida-based model. The video begins with Misty and Kiersten in progress. Blonde Misty is giving brunette Kiersten head when the action begins. I know Kiersten personally, but only know Misty from a few discussions on a kinky social media site. She’s really nice and I’m really proud of the way she takes Kiersten’s raging hard cock!

Misty also gives Kiersten a rim job following a tremendous blowjob. Then she lays back and Kiersten strokes and sucks her hardon. It’s a lot of cock to take in, but Kiersten does a great job before getting her throbbing boner sucked once again.

The fucking sequence begins side saddle with Kiersten easing her cock inside Misty’s tight ass slowly. I mean it seems really tight because she winces all throughout this railing. Things seem to ease up for Misty a bit when she rides Kiersten’s rod in the cowgirl position. Misty gets her cock stroked while jousting up and down and her cute ass fondled while humping her partner in reverse cowgirl.

When Kiersten is close to cumming, she’s straddled above Misty moaning and jacking off with her bangles jingling. Then her torrent of creamy white cum splashes across Misty’s tits. Misty giggles as Kiersten squeezes out her last drops of spunk and rubs the swollen head of her dick across Misty’s torso.

I’ve seen Kiersten in all of her glory in person and took some of my own photos for the first update of my exclusive TS Dreamland interview with her. Her co-star in my photo shoot included the stunning porn star and friend of ours, Morena Black.

Florida Vixen Kiersten Bunnz

I raved about the Femout.XXX debut here a month ago today. I knew it was coming because of our April 20, 2016 exclusive TS Dreamland interview. On Friday, June 24, I made the short trip from my Micanopy, Florida home to Orlando to shoot my own photos of Kiersten to add to her interview. But I’m no match for the experienced photographer Jack Flash who did her two Femout.XXX shoots. Since I’ve already described the first shoot, let me tell you a little about the second video. One of the first things you’ll notice when her follow-up scene begins is that she’s not wearing panties beneath her floral print dress. When she crawls up on the bed next to the sex toys she’s brought along, Kiersten lifts the hem of her dress. That’s when you’ll be reminded of her last name. She swats that perfect ass hard with a flogger and simulates fellatio with a dildo next. Then she lays back to open her legs and begins fucking herself with the faux cock. Kiersten starts stroking her lubed erection next. Then she does a trick with her ball sack I saw in person and that you may have seen on chaturbate.com/kierstenbunnz. She’s also brought some sex toys to the shoot, including a flogger and a large dildo. She flogs her killer ass hard, simulates fellatio with the phallus and begins fucking herself with it! About 3 quarters into the scene, Kiersten is stroking her fully erect cock with an oiled hand. She even licks her own cock and balls. When I saw Kiersten doing this in person, “I joked that I’d never leave the house… I left it there, but she got it. There are now two sets with Kiersten Bunnz on Femout.XXX and if you haven’t seen it yet, I hope you’ll enjoy our interview!

Enter #GroobyNewbie Miss Kiersten Bunnz

When I interviewed Kiersten Bunnz here on TS Dreamland in April, she’d been booked for a shoot with photographer Jack Flash in South Florida for Femout.XXX. Steven Grooby granted us permission to announce that in the interview and we really appreciate that. Normally that’s not something website owners and producers like to do until after a shoot is added to a site. I normally don’t discuss a scene I haven’t viewed and I’m not about to break that pattern now. Jack opens the video with Kiersten looking gorgeous in a black t-shirt, tartan plaid skirt, white tights and Chuck Taylor’s with her cock exposed between her bare upper thighs. It’s quite an arresting way to start off. He allows Kiersten to talk a bit about herself including that she’s a frequent webcam broadcaster on Chaturbate. She also talks about her sexual preferences with a bottle of lube and a pink vibrator on the sofa next to her. Then she stands up to show off her naughty schoolgirl outfit. When Kiersten spins around topless sand skirt and panties, we see why her last name is so fitting. Then the vibe fucking begins. Don’t miss the super sexy debut of Kiersten Bunnz on Femout.XXX and don’t miss her live in room tskierstenbunnz on Chaturbate. Click on that follow button so you won’t miss her next webcam show. Click here if you’d like to read my exclusive interview with Kiersten.

Vanessa Sky on Chaturbate

Happy Birthday to Vanessa Sky on chaturbate.com/vanessasky88! She’s been celebrating in the wee hours of the night and let me give you an example of one of her finest broadcasts. One of the first times I saw her live, beautiful Vanessa looked like she was about to climax when I logged in. She was wearing a pink top and the view was cut off below her waist, but I could see that one arm was moving fast. When she pulled away from the camera a bit, she was in full view stroking her big hard cock and she had a vibrator embedded in her full, perfectly rounded ass. I thought she was alone, but that hot trans girl Kiersten Bunnz I interviewed here on TS Dreamland was with her. She appeared in the frame to briefly lick one of Vanessa’s succulent looking nipples. They were sharing a cigarette and Kiersten also had a raging erection. All of the sudden, it looked like Vanessa got the spirit again. She started convulsing and had to have Kiersten take the smoke from her. Kiersten eventually left the chat room, but Vanessa continued beating off with her large breasts heaving. She’d stopped pumping the blue toy in an out of herself and just concentrated on her impending orgasm. Finally, the head of Vanessa’s big, uncut prick shot a big creamy load of cum across one of her thighs. Vanessa licked some of it off her fingers and soon she was out. Check out Chaturbate today and you might catch Vanessa Sky broadcasting live and chaturbate.com/tskierstenbunnz also!

Caramel’s Interview with Kiersten Bunnz

Some of the photos in my interview with my central Florida neighbor Kiersten Bunnz looked familiar to me. She’s wearing the same cap and outfit she was in a recent broadcast on TS Dreamland Cams in room tskierstenbunnz. At the time I logged in just the other day, Kiersten was sitting on a sofa fucking a Fleshlight with her panties pushed to the side. Then she put the toy aside and began jerking off. She took a brief smoke break and after interacting with he fans, Kiersten resumed jacking her cock again. She doesn’t always play alone during her broadcasts and on that day, another super sexy trans girl named Vanessa Sky joined her. Vanessa came in casual mode, then changed into a dominatrix outfit. They joked that Kiersten resembled the singer Rita Ora to which the blonde added, “Yeah, but with a dick.” Perhaps it was the mention of dick that got Kiersten aroused again or Vanessa’s deep cleavage and swinging a flogger around. Kiersten began stroking her boner with one leg draped over Vanessa’s lap. Then Vanessa curled her finger around Kiersten’s cock to help a girl out. Ladies and gentleman, I’m proud to present my interview with Kiersten Bunnz who will soon be featured on Femout.XXX. I hope you’ll enjoy it click here to read our interview and thanks again.