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Kayli Teague: tsKayli on Chaturbate Trans

TS Kayli Teague sittin' pretty in Wyoming.

Kayli Teague of Wyoming

25 year old Chaturbate Trans broadcaster Kayli Teague aka tsKayli has a BA in Political Science. This gorgeous TS also has a YouTube channel that focuses on fashion, natural sciences, philosophy, fitness and nutrition and transgender issues. She also has a website, a blog and she’s on both Twitter and Instagram. Coming soon is her OnlyFans site where she’s been quietly creating her first set of exclusive pornographic videos and images.

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Kayli Teague is on of the best self-marketing talents I’ve seen in the adult industry in quite a long time. To describe how a Kayli Teague show might go, expect her to interact with her fans and tippers. If she finds a guy cute, she’ll tell him. Hell, she’d even painted her toes purple for a serious fan one night. Not on camera, but she came prepared, knowing he’d be there. She’ll stroke her erection naked, or maybe with sexy footwear on, with a keyboard and mouse on her mattress.

One thing that makes her edge for so long is masturbating with a dildo up her cute ass. Some might not get it but I do. Kayli also has an unconventional method of beating off. She sometimes holds the base of her throbbing hard dick with one hand and jerks with the other. One of the high points for me is that she gets loud! I freaking love the she talks dirty loudly and her moans a ultra sexy too.

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Kayli talks about how she’d love to be bathed in cum. She makes chicks like me feel like it’s okay to climax like you’re having an out of body experience. It’s okay for your body to convulse wildly. It’s okay for your face to contort. Kayli also makes it okay to taste your own cum, but I don’t thank that many of us have a problem with that! One thing that’s especially hard for some Chaturbate Trans girls to do is do is keep their shows going after an orgasm. Not only can Kayli do this, but she can also keep it sexy.

After shooting her load one night, one of her foot fans started going in and she removed her sandals for him and picked a dildo up with her toes. This is why she says she’d be good at giving foot jobs. Plus, she’s very flexible. Kayli also looks hot walking around the room naked. When showing how she can kick up clothing from the floor with her feet, I noticed how cute her figure is while standing and in motion.

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On the social media side, she’s also on Zoom, Skype, Kik, Reddit and as I mentioned, her OnlyFans profile is almost live. In summary, Kayli has a lot on the ball and there are probably a thousand other things she could have chosen to do out of porn. We should be grateful she’s in it and since she’s so focused and good at it, I see her going a long, long way. One last thing is she also fingered her tight and did some dildo sucking post climax. On!