Chaturbate Trans Cams Kate Violin

Kate Violin on Chaturbate Trans

I’ve known about this smoking hot, 5’6″ (170 cm) Chaturbate Trans broadcaster from Moscow since 2016. I can’t remember if I saw her doing a cam show first or if Kate Violin on Russian-TGirls was where I saw her first.

After seeing eight of her studio sets produced by Teodor Grekov, and seeing her live so many times, I knew that she played nice in the sandbox with cisgender girls and other trans girls. I couldn’t tell what was going on at first when I saw Kate with two partners.

Blonde Kate had a stocking foot between each brunette’s legs and they smiled profusely as she rubbed away. I could tell one of the girls was trans because one of her smooth, hairless balls slipped out. It took another five or six minutes before I could see what was going on in the other one’s panties.

She eventually got up on her hands and knees and Kate worked her undies and fishnet pantyhose down. Then it was all clear to me and the other viewers. Kate’s unoccupied trans friend reached under the girl to withdraw a stiff cock. Kate worked on the girl’s wrinkled rosebud. I’d never seen Kate engaged in a trans lesbian threesome before so this was my lucky day! They all started out wearing black outfits of some slutty sort.

Not much was left on by the time I’d checked in. Over the course of the next 20 minutes, the girls engaged in more of the foot sex they were having when I first logged in. Giving each gorgeous partner foot jobs had Kate’s big cock swollen hard. When she laid back to jerk off, both of the girls sat up on their knees to rub Kate’s feet.

Most of Kate’s Chaturbate Trans shows involve a lot of foot action when she’s going solo. It was lovely to see that she’s found two other hotties who enjoy indulging in her fetish. Eventually, all three girls removed their stockings and more yet!

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