Joanna Jet Review: Me and You 350 – Fluffy and Sheer

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Joanna Jet says, “Fluffy and sheer make for a great combination on a babydoll when you are not of a shy disposition. 😉 xxx”

2015 AVN Hall of Fame inductee, Joanna Jet has a new scene available in up to 4K resolution if that’s how you’d like to download or stream it! “Fluffy and Sheer” is also known as the Me and You Episode 350 update.

Joanna Jet starts this one dancing around in a black baby doll, panties and tall slingback sandals. She asks if the lingerie looks better with her panties on or off, promising to show you the before and after, of course.

Although she says she doesn’t need a reply, when she takes her panties off, I think her big cock enhances the sheer fabric. She crawls upon the bed and gives us a spectacular rear view with the baby doll riding above her curvy ass. As she lays back to touch herself, her penis grows longer and thicker. Joanna then bares her breasts to flick her hard nipples.

Then she fully exposes her large erection and finger bangs her tight ass. I lose count of the incredible array of positions Joanna goes through in this dazzling session of self-loving on! Watch this super hot full video to its creamy white cumtastic finale.

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Joanna Jet Me and You 305 – Morning Mom

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In this “Me and You” update on your stepmom is making up her bed wearing a blue silk robe and slippers. You’ve decided to enter her room naked with a raging erection and she’s pleased to see you. In fact, just looking at you like this has caused a big, juicy boner to grow beneath her nightie!

Well, you can’t see it naked yet, but she takes hold of its substantial bulge. The points of her nipples are obviously stiff and she finally releases her cock which is in the same state. It points toward the ceiling when she’s not stroking it. A penis cannot possibly get any harder! She stands up, still masturbating, but now with just her nightie on. I don’t think it’s an accident when her rod touches the silk. Then the base of her cock holds her nightie up and she allows you to stare in fascination for a few moments. Then Joanna sits on the bed and bares her ample breasts along with her hardon which stands upright.

The telephone suddenly rings and she crosses the room with her tits jiggling and her erection swinging. Oh no, it’s your dad! She continues masturbating and talks a little dirty to him. He asks about you and she says you’re in your room studying. Wrong room. You’re studying your stepmom’s cock which is now pointing directly upward as she and your dad continue speaking.

She then gets back to jerking off with nothing on but that single lingerie item. But then she retrieves a tube of lubricant and offers you some for your cock. She then applies a generous amount to her cock too. Soon, the beautiful British MILF is on her back doing everything she needs to do to make herself cum. One dollop of creamy white cum after the other soaks her pretty blue lingerie. features full-screen streaming and downloadable video in up to HD 1080p quality and 4K 2160p!) in a variety of formats including MP4 and WMV!

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Joanna Jet, Liberty Harkness & Holly Kiss

This trio is a sight for sore eyes on! Joanna, Liberty Harness and Holly Kiss are a porn version of a film or stage actor’s ensemble. When a formula works, change it up but keep it up. That’s exactly what they do in this torrid bareback scene. It comes with a delightful and comical story of landlord Holly busting into the bedroom of these roommates who are behind on the rent. They have absolutely no money and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out how they’ll get her to back off. Holly warms up to their offer and strokes their big cocks to raging hard erections. Joanna helps Holly undress and positions herself on the bed so the sexy landlord can sit on her face. Libby jerks off while watching them 69 and then Holly gives her a blowjob while Joanna tosses her salad. Next, she slides her big bare boner inside the blonde’s pretty pussy. After this powerful spitroast, Joanna gives Liberty her turn at fucking Holly doggy style. Holly then rides Libby’s big dick in the reverse cowgirl position and then she gets double penetrated! The closeup footage of the two large erections sliding against each other while drilling Holly’s quim is exquisite and so are the full body views. If that’s not hot enough for you, Liberty fucks Joanna while she fucks Holly in a fast and furious daisy chain! I’ve only described the first three quarters of Shemale Meets Female #6 – Holly Kiss on

Joanna Jet Me & You 208

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

Woodland Whites is easily what I’d describe as the most beautifully filmed videos from the prolific Joanna Jet islands series. Her high production values are erotic extravaganzas that bring you into the action as close as you can possibly get without actually being there. The British beauty looks like she could be in a documentary about the Great Outdoors until she lifts the hem of her skirt. Joanna’s bare cock and balls dangle freely and she finds a nice spot on the grass to sit down. She pulls down her halter top and exposes the jewels between her lovely bare legs and starts jerking off, or wanking as she’d call it. You can see her winking rosebud as she makes her cock expand to what always seems like the most rigid erection in trans porn to me. Joanna pleases so many viewers at once in this scene. She wiggles her red-painted toes for foot lovers and gets on all fours for ass admirers. What an ass she has to offer, too. It looks especially enticing with her plump balls drawn up and her big cock bobbing and swinging below them. When Joanna rises to her feet, her erection stands at a ridiculously high angle for it’s obviously heavy weight. Her dirty talk never stops while she brings herself closer and closer to climax. Joanna’s orgasm is yet another tremendous one with big blasts of creamy white cum. I have nothing more to add than to say that this set is absolutely exquisite.

You can watch the Scene Trailer on

You can watch the Scene Trailer on

Twitter: @tscaramel

Joanna Jet Me & You 201 – Leather Casual

If you haven’t seen the scene trailer of Me and You 201 – Leather Casual on the official Joanna Jet website, I urge you to check it out. To go into a bit more depth as a die hard an rock hard Joanna Jet fan, the Bahamas series video opens with the AVN Hall of Fame recipient checking out the temperature on a hot, rainy day. You can see a snippet of how she makes it rain across her luscious thigh in the video preview on her site. Joanna has a rare Monday off and she’s glad she doesn’t have too much on because of the heat. It’ obvious by the big bulge in her leather skirt that she must be wearing one of her skimpy thongs today. Yep, I was right and soon she lets the garment drop around her ankles. Caressing her full breasts gets Joanna increasingly horny and she exposes them next. Her bare cock is now making a tent out of her skirt. She fondles it through the skirt for a few moments before letting it spring out into the open air. Joanna moves to a chair and props her high-heeled foot upon it for some finger banging. Her smooth ball sack is drawn up tightly and her big dick arcs skyward. The sight of Joanna Jet walking around the deck full frontal with her boobs spilling over her bra cups and her stiff cock bobbing and swaying is something I don’t think you’ll be able to unsee. You won’t want to either, trust me! I urge you to stream or download Joanna Jet engaging and masturbating until she coats her sexy leg with a stream of creamy white cum today.