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Jhenna_greey: Susana Velasquez of Colombia

This is beautiful Jhenna_greey of Chaturbate Trans.

I just ran a TS Dreamland website search on Colombia to see how many Chaturbate Trans broadcasters are based in this part of the world. There are quite a few but none rival the beauty of Jhenna_greey aka Susana Velasquez. Jhenna has the prettiest face and the best body of anyone you’ll find on the platform. When I recently logged into one of her shows, she was wearing a lacy and pricey looking white lace body stocking. It left little to the imagination.

She even had white matching soleless footies on to complete the look. Blonde wood furniture and a white comforter on Jhenna’s bed framed her beautifully. Jhenna walked around the room and eventually settled on her bed, spreading her legs widely and closing them again. She was fully in the frame from head to toe most of the time. 80’s rock was playing in the background including Bon Jovi and Aerosmith love ballads and eventually some hard rock by Led Zeppelin.

Jhenna toyed with a narrow pink Lovesense Lush vibrator in her ass that activated with tips. She’s grimace slightly or moan a bit when the frequent tips rolled in. But she didn’t make her arousal seem faked. I was there for about 20 minutes before I saw Jhenna masturbating.

Even then, she hid what she was rubbing. After about an hour, she switched to some upbeat dance music. It was a mix of Latin and American House. Then she began speaking and gave us an unbridled view of her cock stroking. The jerking off and twerking that followed was absolutely magnificent.

I kept telling myself that I thought she’d performed to the peak of perfection, but then it got even hotter! I also could not believe how pretty she is. Go to to check out her page. If you just happen to log into the platform, she might have one of the top channels when you get there.