Jessica Doll The English Mansion

The English Mansion “Steel Doll” Featuring Jessica Doll & Mistress Courtney

Part 6 of 6 of “Steel Doll” with Mistress Courtney and Jessica Doll was released on on Saturday August 22, 2020!

In Part 1, Beautiful trans girl, Jessica Doll, wakes up naked and horny in bed in the dungeon of Mistress Courtney. Little does she know, the Domme has her under her under constant video surveillance. Jessica is unaware that Mistress with be reviewing the secret slave cam footage later. She will then administer appropriate punishment. Jessica thinks she can enjoy diddling her penis with a vibrator during a late night masturbation session. She’s chained to the with a collar around her neck, but her naughty hands are totally free.

The blonde sub actually likes being chained we see as she tugs at it while stroking her fully developed erection! After enjoying the sight of Jessica jerking off naked, we’re transported to the master bedroom section of the dungeon with Slave Jessica kneeling at the feet of Mistress Courtney. The submissive is now wearing a red bra, panty set with a waist cincher and sheer black stay-up stockings. Dressed in Dominatrix regalia, Mistress Courtney reveals that she’s seen Jessica playing with herself without permission.

In Part 2, She explains Jessica’s punishment once the sub is chained to the bed! Jessica’s panties have been removed and she has her cock and balls pressing into the pillows beneath her. The punishment is to begin! Mistress Courtney obviously admires the bare bottom of the bound TS and the big clit that betrays Jessica’s lust. The Domme rubs the stiff organ before rendering Jessica’s perky bottom red with her riding crop! Mistress also gives slave Jessica a bare-handed spanking before straddling the poor trans girl. Part 3 is where things really get heated up! As poor Jessica’s cruel and creative torment continues, her juicy derrière is cropped beet red and she moans and cries as she takes her correction. Mistress Courtney starts rubbing Jessica’s extended clit again. Then she resumes cropping and paddling Jessica’s sexy red butt. It looks so fuckable and that boner pressed against the pillow is straining and throbbing for attention! Mistress Courtney’s clothed ass is nicely featured in

Part 4 as she flogs Jessica’s poor bottom. She leans down and rubs droplets of pre-cum out of slave Jessica’s hardon. The Dominatrix then sits Jessica up to play with her slave’s breasts and nipples. Then she warns that she’s going to lock up the pink nubbins! Jessica is obviously in pain from the nipple torture, her dick remains hard. Jessica’s pretty head is then forced down on the sheets to lick up her own pre-cum!

In Part 5, Jessica’s hands are then covered and she is put in the metal chastity suit – hands and legs cuffed and spread wide making sure her sensitive nipples and throbbing big clit are tucked away from temptation. The poor TS is reduced to tears as her hands are bound, yet her penis remains rock hard! Mistress then teases her, sitting on her face and sharing her wonderful scent, while using a vibrator to stimulate the metal. This causes Jessica’s frustration to overwhelm her and teaching her a valuable lesson in total control. I’m going to end my updates here to allow you to find out how this spectacular series on ends.

For the best of Jessica Doll, you’ll find ten photo shoots and videos of her since 2015 under Alicia Snow which is her previous stage name. This Southhampton, England native is one of producer Kalin’s finest models on that site. I hope you’ve enjoyed my review!

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