TGirls.Porn: Evie Eliot & Jenna Creed

Description: TWO site favorites intertwine in an awesome suck and fuckathon for this week’s exclusive – one of which appears for the final time before her SRS. Evie Eliot (Caramel’s TGirls Interview) and Jenna Creed (PornOCD Interview) just couldn’t wait to get their hands in each others panties and get down to some raw bareback, girl on girl fun and we were just delighted when the results landed on our desks here at Grooby HQ. It’s another red hot one here on TGirls.Porn!

Let’s take a look at the SCENE TRAILER and unwrap it. Gorgeous brunette Jenna and stunning post-punk princess Evie get involved in passionate foreplay and fuck each other. I love it when trans girls switch in a hardcore scene! Mr. Dark, the producer, seems to be bringing us deeper into the action faster than ever. In this case, the update begins with Jenna getting her stiff cock by Evie! They share a French kiss and Evie helps Jenna get out of her brassiere and straddles her. Jenna gets Evie’s bra off and pushes the front panel of her panties aside to engulf her boner inside her mouth.

Evie slowly fucks her lover’s mouth and then they have a sexual sword fight. This close-up sequence allows you to consider which kind of girl dick you prefer – one with an exposed head or one with fleshy foreskin. Since I’m having trouble making up my mind, I fantasize about sampling both.

We get more of Evie giving head, a 69, more frottage and POV footage of Jenna sucking Evie’s turgid erection. Then it’s POV Evie going down on Jenna again. At about the halfway point of this update, about 15 minutes in, Evie begins easing her lubricated boner inside Jenna’s tight ass! Jenna jerks off furiously while she gets railed in the missionary position. Evie asks if Jenna is going to fuck her with the boner below as she taps that ass doggy style.

Jenna is getting fucked good, but it’s time to switch! Jenna bones Evie doggy style and in the reverse cowgirl position. Her big dick swings around all over the place and she gets topped off back in the doggy style position. The ending is simply cumtastic! Jenna Creed and Evie Eliot are magnificent and Radius Dark has delivered yet another masterpiece. 201 Photos – 30:52 HD Video on TGirls.Porn!

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EvilAngel: TS Lena + TS Jenna: Decadent Anal Date

MP4 Scene Trailer

Sassy T-girls Lena Kelly and Jenna Creed tease the camera in skimpy bikinis. The flashy, ultra-femme babes playfully fondle each other, and Lena gives her brunette lover a messy, slobber-gushing blowjob. Jenna probes Lena’s asshole with dildos as they share 69. Lena’s stiff prick bounces as Jenna fucks her butthole, and the TS beauties both enjoy hard, intense rear reaming. Their decadent anal romp features rimming, rectal gaping and nasty, ass-to-mouth fellatio, climaxing when both girls ejaculate in creamy, sperm-splattering orgasms.

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This official description of the first scene from Transsexual Addiction #02 sums up one of the best trans lesbian scenes of 2018. I can’t wait until most crucial, career-making trans awards season rolls around.

Lena of and the TS Dreamland favorite from our blog’s PornOCD Interview with Jenna Creed deserve high honors for their performances in TS Lena + TS Jenna: Decadent Anal Date!

Transsexual Addiction #02

This scene goes into sexual hyper-speed as soon as it opens with the girls posing before a floor-to-ceiling mirror and playing with each other. They’re wearing bikinis and stripper heels and both of them have phenomenal bodies that eventually end up totally nude! Dark-haired Jenna develops a boner just being with Lena. She kneels to give Lena a rimjob and then follows her own erection to a massage table. Jenna’s hardon points toward the ceiling and it could not be easier for Lena to give her what looks to be an amazing blowjob.

Lena straddles Jenna in a two dick-raising 69 position sucking. Deep insertion, before the actual fucking, comes in the form of big butt plugs for Lena. Once they disengage from the 69, Lena settles her tight ass down on Jenna’s big cock bareback! Her bouncing hardon swings about wildly as she humps her mate in the reverse cowgirl position.

After that, the sex toy play gets even more interesting, especially when the bubbles start floating! Lena gives Jenna a powerful doggy style pounding and each beauty shoots their cum before this masterpiece comes to an end! Trans lesbian porn doesn’t get any better than this!

Cumshot Monday: Jenna Creed!

Let’s allow Jenna Creed’s newly update profile speak for itself because it’s so well written:

“As usual, we are kicking off another week of amazing Grooby Girls updates with a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Monday” series! Today, Radius Dark brings back sexy Jenna Creed to cum for you! Jenna made her debut in early 2016 and we were waiting for her to come back to since then (though she was featured in a couple of hot TGirls.Porn scenes that you have to check out)! Jenna looks gorgeous and she is ready for fun! She brought her penis pump and her fleshlight with her! Watch her playing with her toys until she shoots nice thick white load! She ends up this hot video by eating her own cum! Yum!”

Now that was horny, wasn’t it? I was very excited when TS Dreamland exclusively presented the PornOCD Interview with Jenna Creed. She’d taken a little break and was pleased to see that the interview was still here when she returned. It’s staying until we’re told to remove it and it’s a great read. Anyone who covers the adult industry would be honored to snag an interview with this bright light.

Radius Dark presents the Cumshot Monday update with Jenna introducing herself. She says she’s from West Virginia and proceeds to tells us of High School and College swimming, and more favorite activities like camping, hiking and blacksmith working. Longboarding and snowboarding add to her list of things loved outdoors.

Then she discusses sex and fetishes. Jenna turns up with these details and I’m not even about to spoil that by repeating everything here. I will say I think you’re going to love how quickly aroused Jenna gets while recalling horny pastimes. She develops a big throbbing boner and her jack off session is lengthy and it evolves to total nudity.

Jenna talks dirty throughout this session and busts out a penis pump in the final quarter of this scene. The fleshlight fucking might be too much to take without losing your spunk. Jenna’s creamy white cum shot sequence is right up there with the most astounding climax footage in history!

TGirls.Porn: Jenna Creed & Freya Wynn

MP4 Scene Trailer

Here’s a killer update on my favorite website with two TS Dreamland fan favorite models: Jenna Creed and Freya Wynn. Scott aka PornOCD had the honor of interviewing both models here and I’ll provide links after this brief scene review. Omar Wax presents yet another spectacular production performance and this one provides viewers with a bit of a build-up prelude with two girlfriends getting frisky. It plays not like a first time experience but rather relationship sex. The display of intimacy on TGirls.Porn is one of the elements that makes it my favorite adult website today, plus the hardcore sex of course. It’s not clear which babe takes the lead in the beginning, nor does it need to be. However, it’s redhead Freya who gets her cock sucked first. The blowjobs are deliciously filmed in wide angle, close-up and POV footage.

Each girl’s stroking and sucking techniques are different yet the results are equally successful. In other words, Jenna and Freya have no problem giving each other raging erections. When these beauties get down to fucking, Freya does the humping first and it’s incredible to see how Jenna handles the jackhammer railing she receives. It’s a good thing the leather sofa they fuck on is a sturdy one. This is Freya Wynn’s fifth spectacular TGirls.Porn performance and the second for Jenna! As for the links I promised, they’re PornOCD Interview with Jenna Creed and PornOCD Interview with Freya Wynn exclusively on TS Dreamland.

Freya: “After long day at the office I’m arrive home to find my gf strip down to her unmentionables. Not that I’m complaining, in fact it’s ritual that on my way home from work to stop and get her Red Bull and in return we go a couple of rounds in bed. She had been on my mind all day and as soon as I felt her pretty little mouth around my girl-cock I just knew I had to be inside her….I’m getting tingles just thinking about it!”

Jenna: “Freya arrived home a little later than usual. I had been beginning to wonder where she was and how I may punish her tardiness by holding out, but screw it how can I resist her lean, slender body and gorgeous yummy cock. Within seconds of her arriving we were both naked and caressing each others soft skin. I slid my tongue into her cute little rosebud before we pounded each other silly. Trust me when I tell ya – there ain’t no sex like tgirl sex!”

TGirls.Porn: Jenna Creed & Nikki Vicious

Jenna Creed and Nikki Vicious on TGirl.Porn is an Omar Wax production that I could describe as fierce before I even saw it in 4K resolution! It starts out with some attitude with Jenna keeping herself busy with her cell phone while getting impatient. Nikki is taking forever to join her in bed. After having gotten fed up with waiting, Jenna bust in on Nikki in the bathroom who’s supposed to be touching up her makeup.

As it turns out, Nikki is checking her phone messages or something also. So Jenna rushes Nikki into the bedroom and they put their phones down to get some foreplay going. The way Jenna pushes her visitor against the mattress a bit roughly let’s her know she means business. Jenna tells Nikki she wants to hear her while moving her pretty face across her panty bulge. She touches it briefly, then scoots up above her for more passionate kisses.

Jenna’s bra is quickly removed to expose her gorgeous breasts and pierced nipples and she arranges the hot blonde on the bed with her back towards her. Nikki seems surprised by a smack on the ass, but responds that she likes it when asked. She gets a few more open palm swats and then gets a brief butt rubbing. Nikki sits up on the bed to lower her teddy, revealing her big knockers next. In the next sequence, Jenna sits astride Nikki getting her boobs and nipples devoured and her ass cheeks fondled. Then Jenna sits back to remove her panties and lays back on the bed. She’s completely naked when Nikki instinctively gives her what she wants – a deep blowjob. “Oh yeah, there you go,” Jenna mewls as she gets into Nikki’s cock sucking technique. Nikki’s teddy is just barely on as are her panties when Jenna has her rest on all fours to get her salad tossed.

She tells Jenna how got it feels then returns the favor. Jenna then has Nikki sit up so she can give her a deep cock sucking. She licks along the shaft and takes it’s length inside her mouth establishing a smooth, steady rhythm. The POV footage of Jenna devouring Nikki’s stiffening rod is incredible! It’s filmed from the front and the back.

While on her back, Nikki shows her flexibility by raising her legs almost behind her head for a moment with her ass ready for Jenna’s cock. Jenna enters her tight ass in the side saddle position. I described this scene as “fierce” for a reason and you’ve got to see exactly why. One way to find out is to check out our exclusive PornOCD Interview with Jenna CreedNikki: “Being with Jenna Creed was the first time I’ve ever let a Tgirl on top. We had met the night before and there was something about her that got me excited. I must admit I was a little nervous at first, having never slept with a TS woman before, but the next day when we were in bed everything felt so natural. She was adorable, I loved her eyes, and she has the cutest little butt. It was fun to explore my Bi side a little more, I forgot how playful girls can be. That…, and when she was fucking me from behind I was having the time of my life. I’d love to shoot/makeout/bang with Jenna again, she’s totally my kinda lady!”

You can Watch the Free Trailer on TGirls.PornJenna: “In my first girl on girl scene I was not nervous in the slightest considering it’s what I enjoy doing in my personal life, when I’m with another girl there just seems to be more connection and chemistry. Nikki was a great scene partner she’s hella gorgeous, soft skin…and tall! We instantly hit it off the night before the shoot and everyone came prepared. Doggy style with that girl is something gods only dream about. Nikki is a wonderful kisser and an absolute joy to work with. Even I personally cannot wait to see this scene!”

Jenna Creed: Sexy Trans Girl Is On The Loose and Wants Your Sticky Love Juice!

“Hi, I am Jenna Creed. I am a wild and sexy West Virginian T Girl. I am talented switch and cock sucker. My favorites are anal, facials large insertions, bondage and cream pies! I have a hot and hard joy stick ready and waiting! My love balls are swollen and red just thinking about how you want to penetrate my tight and accommodating asshole! Think about fucking me hard and ramming my tight and taut ass. Watch me work my magic till I pop some hot white love juice for you!” Jenna Creed is absolutely magnificent in her debut! The statements above are those she opens her scene with while filmed from the waist up in her sparkly bikini. She talks about fun things she likes to do and announces her Twitter account which has since changed. I’ll take the shameless plug opportunity of leading you to the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Jenna Creed to find out what her new Twitter handle is.

Jenna is filmed laying down as she discusses her transition history. Although her transition has been nothing but good to her in itself, job discrimination she experienced makes me furious! This is an example of how great this opening interview is, however. It helps us connect with the model as so many Shemale Strokers confessionals do.

As the dialogue from Jenna turns sexual, one of her sexy legs is open and some of her goodies have escaped her panties. Do you think she’s a top, bottom or verse? You’ll find out as the scene plays on. She tells us what her primary kinks are next. Then she begins to rub her panty bulge. She warns us that one of her sexual experiences might sound cliche, but this black guy she was fucked by had an enormous cock and he knew just how to use it.

That erotic account is the reason why you see Jenna in the photos with a large black dildo. Look out if you have a thing for sexy feet because while Jenna simulates giving a blowjob, one of her delicate soles will be right before your face. The tight closeup on her face reveals just how beautiful she is. But the first sex toy she sucks on doesn’t really match the size of her stud’s BBC, so she reveals a much larger dildo. Okay, it’s not really that big, but a closer representation.

More simulated fellatio and foot teasing follows along with the exposure of Jenna’s gorgeous cock. She switches stroking it fully erect and it’s bulbous head points toward the ceiling while she’s seated! She makes the throbbing shaft bob and sway with her cock looking like you could just reach out and touch it. That sums up about half of this update and Jenna’s climax is incredible too!